Self-Defense Mechanisms

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well, needless to say this blog is now officially open for business. I don’t have balloons and I don’t have any free giveaways. It is what it is.

I received the idea by reading another person’s blog that I have been keeping up with for some time now, and I wondered if he would have been open to the idea of using something that happened to me as a topic for a blog. But I felt it would be better if I had just done my own.

First things first. Question: Why do criminal morons believe it to be okay to prey upon those who are physically disabled? I.. being a person with a physical disability and having the use of a wheelchair have apparently been no exception to this so-called “rule”.

In the past 24 months, I’ve been accosted three times. Not once. Not twice. But three. The first of which I found myself struggling and defending myself from some crackhead who wished to steal my cd player from me as I was getting off of a city bus. Needless to say, I defended myself and found myself in a struggle and the altercation turned physical. To which, I was able to come out on top.

This third one, the last one, I was prepared because I remembered what I had gone through with the first one. Armed with a broken off hockey stick. And yes, I tore into this guy and he paid the ultimate price for his actions.

I did what I had to do, in order to defend myself from this drunk clown because he wanted my wallet.

Whether or not you believe what I had done was the right thing to do or not, my question still remains. Why?

I am just unable to correctly recall how many different times something like this has happened to me. Starting with a homeless person to a crack-addicted punk to someone silly under the influence of alcohol. And not even the good stuff, BEER!!

Each time this has happened, I’ve always resorted into the thought of “I need to move to get away from this.” Which in theory, would seem to be the right thing to do. But crime is everywhere.

But I am fed up. Pissed off. My self-defense mechanisms within me are now on standby. I feel sorry for the next guy who dares to try something stupid like this again.

  1. millsap says:

    It is unfortunate that scumbags will prey upon those “precieved” to be weaker. I’m glad that you were able to show that asshole that he was mistaken. All your points are valid…but you are right… unless you move to some small pissant bible belt town you will face this. OF course, even in Levelland where i’m from (pop. 14,000) a gas station attendant got his face blown off. I think you should invest in a concealed hand-gun and the next time someone wants your silver…give him the lead instead.

    Welcome to wordpress Joel. Have fun with your blog.

    • dambreaker says:

      With as many times as this has happened to me, I’d be lying to say that I have not thought about grabbing me some cold steel. Yet the price tag is higher than I can handle at this point. Guess I’m not going out on the street corners enough.

  2. Vampiress of Metal says:

    Nice blog! And, wow…I don’t have to proof read it…I can just enjoy it!! 😉 Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question other than people in this world are cruel, stupid, crazy and lazy, and you are right — there is crime everywhere.

    Maybe get a big, scary dog? 🙂

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