Meeting New Friends

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I realize that my blog has sort of taken on a sort of negative feel because of the need to vent. I mean after all that’s what this is for, right?? But this entry has a different subject matter and a happier feel to it.

If you have kept up with my blog so far, you already know that this year has  probably been so difficult. Starting with the assault just days before my last birthday.

But now, I have the desire to share this brief story with you, although it will be kind of cryptic as I do not wish to get into specifics so that I may keep other people’s anonymity for the sake of their safety.

Its hard to say that a couple of weeks ago, I had made a new friend. I say that it is hard, because it just never felt that that it has been two weeks at this point. I’m not saying that I felt I’ve known this person for forever, but it sure doesn’t seem like it has been as long as it has.

When meeting new people, it is always a bonus to find that you have so much in common with them. These things being the bonding agent that glues the friendship together. The more things in common, the stronger the bond, I believe.

I’ve taken my time and done what I could to know as much as possible about them as I can, with days and nights of correspondence. Personal e-mails, private message boards, you name it. And with each new message received from this person, it feels like Christmas morning all over again. Each time, every time. That, I would have to say is a very happy feeling.

So eager to open the message to see what it is that they had to say to you. Because they are taking up an interest in talking with you. So far, it has been so intriguing that I catch myself wanting to quickly reply to them so that they can reply back again. Have you ever had that feeling?

With each new piece of information shared between I and them, its a wrinkle in the brain. I adapt, I absorb, and then I respond. Hopefully they don’t find me to be foolish at times. My sense is humor couldn’t be better explained than “warped”.

In previous times when I have met someone on the Internet to talk to, I always felt that the trick was to keep them interested. Sometimes that can be very hard to do. Yet in this new relationship, there are no tricks because there really isn’t a need for them. With having those main things that I aspire to and having those in common? Yeah, there’s no real good excuse for trying to keep their interest because there already is something there in place that is more solid and less trivial.

I have felt no pressure. And this is good. At last, this is a situation where I am able to relax, speak my mind, and just have fun. The opportunity to be honest and personal came rather quickly. I pray that I have been able to prove myself worthy through merit. It is not something that happens to me a lot. I can only speak for myself. I do not know if it has been as easy for them.

From what I have been able to tell so far, this person is very funny, very passionate, and very sincere. As much as they can be on the Internet. Yet again, the things that they are funny, passionate, and sincere about are the same things  that I am very passionate and sincere about.

I think that in general, it is very possible for two people to build a very good relationship through correspondence without the need or scare of it being weird to where you are coming off creepy towards the other person. Besides, a budding relationship should always be low key. You may or may not agree with that.

Life though will sometimes get in the way. And that’s just how the cookie will sometimes crumble. What will make it successful and more meaningful is not to get totally bent out of shape when you are unable to hear from the other person in a while. Even if its a matter of a few days. A person must take on their own responsibilities in life. Work, family, etc.  A better relationship would mean that you are still there for when the time comes when they come back and write you again. And you don’t think anything of their absence.

That’s not to say that sometimes I have not had the desire to hear from someone and then I don’t. Its all a matter of understanding the other person’s situation. The most important thing is letting it go for those days when you do not hear from them and that you refuse to hold it against them.  Besides, you would not want the other person to hold it against YOU when YOUR life becomes suddenly occupied, right?

They will eventually come back and be there for you. I firmly believe in this. If their attention is still drawn with so much curiosity, then they will write again. Have patience.

You cannot expect a new born puppy to be able to fetch your slippers and newspaper, and do 15 other tricks in less than a week.

I have had patience with this person, I know that with work and family and other friends, it can get a bit overwhelming to the point where they have missed a chance to talk to me. But I also have been totally understanding.

So now, I’ve found myself very happy in 2011 for the first time. Honestly and genuinely happy that I have this new friend in my life. These few weeks have definitely caused a sense of jubilation within me that I just cannot seem to hide, no matter what I do.

It definitely beats out the fact that 2011 has not been as kind as I had hoped for. The fact of things seemed to be going wrong for me for whatever reason. I have been able to pull myself out from the ashes, as it were. I think that is why we have friends in our lives in the first place. To help us along whenever things are down and you are feeling that it is impossible to move on. They are there to help show you that simply is untrue.

I am the happiest both inside and out than I have been all year long. Its an incredible feeling. I catch myself just thinking about them and wondering how their day is going when I am sitting here at home. I send them nothing but positive thoughts. I sometimes have to laugh when I catch myself wondering what they are like in person? What are they like in conversation over the telephone? So far, these kinds of things have not happened. If they are going to happen, then they will. I’m not going to push the issue. If that’s something that they want then they will tell me if & when the time comes I just have been overwhelmed with pure emotion of joy and a sensation of floating through clouds. Yeah, that might sound really lame or tacky. But so what? The bottom line is that I AM HAPPY!

And I want it to stay that way.

And if my new friend is reading this, I want to say this to you:

These past several days have been so much fun. I am so full of appreciation for you and all that you have done for me that I am beyond words. You are a wonderful person! And I hope that you have become as happy as I have to be able to write to you. I want nothing but the best for you each day. And you’re always in my thoughts. It goes without saying that I am so glad to have met you. The inspiration is overflowing and I am so lucky. With each new day that dawns I am ready to begin that journey all over again with you. Now and in the future. THANK YOU!!!!!

  1. That’s so sweet. I have made some amazing friends online, too! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog. 🙂

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