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Everyone’s life is full of joy, love, good times, bad times, heartache, agony, and everything in between. I constantly hear some body say, “Your life would make a great movie or book.” That may be, however I think that everyone’s life has moments where it would be wonderful to share with the rest of the world.

So let me share this story with you. A story of what I consider to be a bit of comedy and a bit of human ignorance.

Fact: I have calluses on my hands. They come from years and years and years of using a wheelchair for mobility. That’s just the way it is.

So I took off on an adventure this afternoon in the warm, humid weather of the day. I would guess that going back and forth, was probably about a mile and a half. When I got home (or at least on the property to where I live), I noticed and brand new callous on my right thumb.

Right now, it kinda hurts. Its new and eventually it will harden like the rest of them on my hands. But its fresh right at the moment and so … yes, I’m a bit annoyed about it because it’s a bit inconvenient.

I ran into someone on the street, asking if I needed help pushing myself to where I was going. With me having difficulty moving with this new development on my thumb, I was not moving as fast as I was when I first started out today. I suppose that this person was only being considerate and trying to be helpful.

I respectfully declined their assistance and thanked them. I told them that the only reason why I was not moving as fast as I could was because my thumb was hurting. I showed them the source of inconvenience and then they suddenly had a list of questions to try to solve the mystery of my newly developed “injury”.

They were curious as to where I was going and where I have been. I told them that I gone up the hill, down the street and back. I DO have weight lifting gloves that I wear whenever I leave the house, but the fingertips are not covered by the gloves and therefore the thumb ended up getting it.

But what I had actually SAID, was “I walked up the street, over the hill and walked back.”

They dared to correct my story. Saying that I did NOT “walk” at all.

I was therefore baffled. Who is this person trying to correct and edit a story that did not happen to them personally, but only to me? What in the world came over them to insist upon that I did not “walk”? OF COURSE I DIDN’T!!

These kinds of things just really are amazing to me. What university did this person go to, that hands out degrees to allow them to correct other people? Now if I had said something totally in error grammatically, I would have understood that.

People with disabilities who commonly have the use of a wheelchair, just commonly use the same pattern of speech as anyone else. Yes, we do say “I walked to there.” We don’t need anyone to tell us that we actually didn’t! Its something we already know!!


I believe that this is a very good example of someone who does not have a mouth filter and doesn’t realize what they are saying could actually be offensive. To some people with disabilities- its almost insulting.

To be fair though it could be that I am a bit over-sensitive about it. And should really just blow them off. It gets exhausting though to roll my eyes at these things because it happens so frequently. My eyeballs start to hurt! If it happens enough times, I will probably have my eyes stuck in the back of my head. Then I’ll have to go get that corrected and then I will be able to post a blog about what the back of the inside of the skull really looks like to the “human eye”.

So maybe this particular event is not really “film worthy”. I would personally tend to believe that my post, “Man vs. boy” would rather be more fitting to that description for some wild laughs and humor. Drama is not my best or favorite forté.

Think before you speak!

Well, ain’t I something special? I guess you just figured out that now I have a few online stalkers. So far, its nothing that is violent. However, I will not allow it to get that far because I will not allow them to control the situation.

But they slipped up, if they’ve been wanting to keep their identity hidden. I now know #1- that they’ve been sort of tracking me online and #2- I know exactly who they are. Someone tattled on them.

All I can truly say is- it sucks to be them!!

Now, I know that some people have a lot of problems with stalkers. It really ruins their lives, particularly women. But this “news update” for a lack of a better term, just goes to show that its not just females, but males as well.

I do not know what these people truly want, but I can only guess. I just know who they are and where and how I know them. That is the whole point of it, to not let anyone know you are doing it.

I suppose they are looking for information that is specific. Thinking that they are keeping me within their guidelines. Their problem, is that I am not giving out enough information as they would like to have. And you know what? Tough shit!

The Internet isn’t the best model forum to be an open book. There are way too many crazy and dangerous people out there. So of course, whenever I have posted something somewhere, if I have posted about an event or something that I did, I have ALREADY DONE it. So yeah, I could mention that I am going to the local bakery that is three blocks away. And that moron of a stalker could follow me there. But they won’t find me because I’ve already been there and back.

Now I know of several people (generally women) who have had their fair share of dealing with these kinds of people. And my heart goes out to them, it really does. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to have a man trying to control their every move. Some of the time, its not even a case of it being online.. its personal and in your face.

Yet in MY situation, its online. I’m sure it could become personal if they wanted it to. They know where I am at. But I highly doubt that they have the brain capacity along with intelligence to want to spend the money to do it. I’ve recorded everything they’ve done in my direction, and I’ve also made a note of information from third parties. Once something happens that is illegal, it will be reported and I won’t back down.

The whole point of stalking is to make the victim feel small and helpless. These people are NOT going to win!

So to you out there: I SEE YOU TOO!!!

Speaking about not winnning. Not that long ago, I received an e-mail from my ex. This person, I just don’t get.

It was not personal, there was no note attached to it. It was just a simple forwarded message about something in particular that she knew that I would enjoy. Something that has been circulating in inboxes for months, even years now. I’ve seen the damned thing 10 times already. But now I get it from the ex. Obviously she’s used a different e-mail address to be able to send it because she clearly would realize that I would block her.

Nevermind all of that though for a moment. The question I have is: WHY BOTHER?

What’s the point of communicating when it is over? She doesn’t owe me anything and I do not owe her anything. What’s the point of corresponding with me like this?

It has been over since September of 2008. That is when I left her. So yeah, it boggles this poor little brain of mine as to why. Done is done.

And of course me attempting to reply back to tell her to go away isn’t going to help things. It only gives her that opportunity for a false hope that she can latch on to.

Anyone else have that problem? It all seems just a little bit redundant to me.

The ways in which society evolves around itself never ceases to amaze me. How we as human beings treat one another seems to be in a constant state of change.

But there are some things that I have noticed that remain the same. And that is that we all demand respect.

In the past two weeks, I have heard several women tell me that they’ve felt disrespected both in the past and by others who they’ve chosen to surround themselves with today. Not just one, be several. There are many, many sob stories out there to be told about how (in general) men are totally disrespectful towards women. And they get away with it.

Perhaps I am already jumping on the issue that is a double standard. But personally, men crave respect as well. It just seems to me that men still do not respect women as much as they should. And they can get away with it. But if a woman is disrespectful towards a man, then suddenly she is sent to the gallows.

I do not think that there should be much of a difference between men and women respecting one another. Perhaps I am just one of those kinds of men that are so far back behind on what is socially acceptable in this day in age that I am  considered a dinosaur for my personal beliefs.

About a month ago, I was hanging out with my buddies, at a local restaurant. One of my friends decided to bring one of his own personal friends along with him and introduce him to everyone in the group. It was one of your typical “guy’s night out”.

So the ‘new guy’ starts talking about women and sharing his score card with the rest of the group and bragging about who he had slept with, and who did what to him and how. The guy was pretty aggressive in his sharing of his personal sexual conquests. Not a lot of us said much to him about it. A majority of us just nodded and said “yeah” whenever he spoke.

Not only that, but he was speaking loudly about it, to the point where I was personally becoming uncomfortable. But since I did not know the guy personally, I decided to let it go in one ear and out the other.

Quite clearly from the tales that he told, he had no respect for women at all. It was all something that he was proud to boast about gaining for himself. This guy truly had “Man of the Year” written all over him. But by the time he finished talking about it all, he then went into this somber mood and started to ask the questions of life and wondered why it had been six years since he had a steady girlfriend.

Umm, really?

Within a couple of hours of hanging out, the same man who was spewing his “love stats” with anyone within ear shot noticed an attractive girl that had walked in by herself. He got up and went to the bar and ordered her a drink. Then he sat back down with the rest of us and just kind of stared at her while the waitress was bringing her a drink.

He admitted that he had never seen her before and wanted to know who she was. I watched as the woman smiled at him, giving a nod of appreciation towards him. Then she began to go about her own business.

It pissed him off. Perhaps she just wasn’t interested in him. Maybe she was only there to satisfy her hunger. But he didn’t recognize any of these as possibilities. Only that she had disrespected him.

Eventually, he would order her another drink.

Finally, the woman looked in his direction and smiled. She got up from her table and came over to thank him personally for the drinks. The rest of the group watched in silence. My friend who was sitting next to me whispered that he wished he had popcorn. It would’ve been a little fitting to have available for what was about to happen.


After the proverbial name introductions and mini-background stories of where each of them came from and what they do, this new guy in the group had the testicular fortitude to literally ask this strange and lovely woman, “So, are you beautiful all of the time or is this your night off?”

The person sitting to the left and to the right of him immediately shoved themselves away from the table as far as they could scoot their chairs and as fast as they could do it. They were right in doing so because the new guy ended up wearing that second drink he bought her.

She immediately walked out of the restaurant without paying her bill. The new guy just sat there in shock as the cold liquid absorbed through his clothes and on to his body, giving him chills.

Then he called her a “bitch”. And a few other names as well.

He carried on and on about how disrespectful it was of her to throw that drink on him. But the rest of us sitting there with him could not fathom his reasoning of why he would think that way, when we were the ones trying to figure out why he did not realize that it was he that disrespected her!

I guess what I do not understand is how people think that they can be rude and disrespectful towards another person and expect to advance in the relationship. What is it about men that makes them think that they can act like pure animals and expect a woman to want to be around them?

When you meet someone for the first time and you want to get to know them better, you do not act like an idiot. Because the person you are trying to get to know will see this and think that you ARE one, instead of just acting like one. I’ve never been so disrespectful towards women (or anyone for that matter) in all of my life.

Like the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” I heard that from my parents all of the time growing up. By the time I was out of high school I understood what they were saying.

I don’t refer to a woman as a “bitch” or a “whore”. Not even in anger. I don’t even go that far to be so disrespectful when I am referring to an old relationship or a past lover. Regardless of how the relationship might have ended. I do not see the point or merit of it.

Heck, I won’t even use profanity in front of a woman, unless they’ve used it first. And by that time, I would really have to get to know them before I would dare use such language. At least in general. I know that I have slipped a couple of times with others but I survived because they didn’t think anything of it. But seriously using such demeaning terms towards someone as complex as is the opposite sex does not mean any real sense to me. That’s just my opinion.

I know that every person is different. Some treat others with kindness, the others just do not have a mouth filter. I am the person who treats others with respect because I want to be respected in return.

But there are those who don’t. And those are the kinds of men who make socializing with women so difficult for me. Chances are before I have met any woman, they have had some kind of bad experience with disrespecting jerks, and it lays fresh on their mind as I began to talk to them. I end up having to struggle with showing that I’m not “that guy”. I am not “just another slimeball.”

And I am gathering that it is because I choose to behave in a civilized manner when it comes to talking with women, that I am always being called “sweet” or “charming”. And I get that a lot. Hey, I don’t get it. I’m just me!!

Men (and women) who do not know how to actually behave in public, probably shouldn’t be in public. But its difficult to manage that because we are all different.

I on the other hand, will remain who I am. I will treat women with kindness and respect as they deserve. And if that gives me some sort of label to the members of the feminine world then so be it.

The whole point of social interaction is to get to know a person better. So it does not make sense to me to go out there on the first try and act stupid because there’s probably not going to be another chance to get to know someone after that. Especially if I am genuinely interested in that person. I commonly use the phrase “One, and done.” And I hate that.

Why limit myself to only one chance on making an impression and talking with someone while trying to get to know them personally? I strive for that second, third, fourth, fifth time. That next opportunity to talk to someone I am interested in. I am not interested in playing Beat the Clock. I would much rather move towards endless possibilities.

One thing is for sure, your reputation does get spread around. The guy that wore the drink, we’ve not seen him since that night. I’ve been asked before by other associates of that woman who dumped the drink, why I was hanging around with such a moron. I was just simply there and I explain that to them. They’ve literally come off the streets to ask me what my problem was. But after I explained that I was just part of the audience, they back off.

Clearly, this guy’s reptutation is in the mud now. But he did it to himself.

I do not know how my own reptutation stands with women. Outside of what I just mentioned about being called “sweet” and “charming”. But whatever it is, I hope that it is optimistic.






Since the invention of the electronic mail and instant messages, the various ways of communication have been better and more convenient in times past. Or has it?

Nothing says it faster than typing up some random message and having it sent to the person it was intended for in less than a few seconds. Its quicker, its faster, its “instant”.

So then why is there so many problems? It is because of the absence of a real person in the flesh that you are supposedly corresponding to. A person can be as insignificant as the next one when it comes to dealing with communication via the Internet. Or they can be as large as any moonlit sky in the night.

We should all know by now that “faster” does not necessarily mean “better”. Not in this case. The Internet has reached its way to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The opportunity for them to sit down, write an e-mail, and then be on their way again has opened the doors to what I call, “Fast Talking”.

But there is a huge problem. Almost to the point where I would dare to say that the Internet is flawed. The messages we are sending to one another doesn’t always carry its point across. It gets mixed up and then havoc appears. That one message that you just sent to carry on your conversation, just turned into the first bullet fired of World War III.

And all of this happened inadvertently. Have you figured out why yet?

It is because you are talking to “nobody”. Actually, you are talking to no body.

A few nights ago, I was reading a message thread that got really heated. Several people were involved, but”no body” was there. And I could see, as the outsider of all of this mess just how it came to be. And then in the middle of it all, I read this post (paraphrased):

Without anyone there, to show body language or voice inflection, a person’s ‘tone’ can come off totally different from that person’s intention, depending on how the other person receives it and reads it. It becomes particularly difficult especially if one person does not truly know the other in which they are engaging in conversation.”

Okay that is grossly paraphrased, but still the point gets made. And I honestly could not agree with the statement any more than I do!

For years, I had been struggling in communication with a friend. Whatever I would say, I would receive back the answer, “whatever”. To me, that was just about as mean and cruel as it could get. I felt as if whatever I was telling them was only falling upon deaf ears (or eyes in this matter).

But as time went by, I started to get to know them better and better. Eventually, I would find myself in the same position of actually talking to them, using our voices to communicate. And then, with inflection, I heard them say “whatever”. Suddenly, it did not seem so mean to me. I knew what they were intending on communicating and I did not take it as personal as I once had.

Amazing, isn’t it? Something as simple as a voice that is missing from a conversation can totally turn the tide in which the waves have been crashing. One simple component of a voice. That’s all it takes.

We have got to be careful what we say, and just how we say it on the Internet. I have actually reached a point to where if I am writing an e-mail, I will go back and look it over. Not only will I correct any typos or grammatical errors (if I catch them), I will read it to myself and see if it sounds how I had originally intended it to sound. If I find just the slightest doubt within myself that whatever I wrote may not come across the way I would like it, I edit the whole passage.

I’m not saying that is what you must do. I am saying that is what I do. And a lot of the times, it works out better. I do still get snagged from time to time because I am still learning more about the person with whom I am communicating with. Commonly it DOES matter whether or not you know the person and how much you know them. If you’re a smart ass like I am and you are constantly using humor to express yourself, well… your humor often may be missed and the next thing you know you are on running damage control, trying to save yourself and the conversation from collateral damage.

Does anyone remember what it was like WITHOUT the Internet? With each day that passes by, many of this younger generation has no clue what it was like to have to either sit down and write a letter and affix postage. It was either that, or you would have to pick up the telephone and dial that person. At least then, you had voice inflection.

Now with cell and mobile phones with the capabilities to chat, send e-mails, and everything else in between- a majority of us still get caught up in this tricky and delicate situation of either misreading or being misread.

Personally though, when it comes to communication, give me the telephone and I will dial someone that I want to talk to.

1,000 Views! Yay!!

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As of 9:30 PM local time, I logged on to this blog to see my view stats were. It stands 1,004. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:53 PM local time, I saw that the views were at 1,001. I couldn’t have been more thrilled or excited than this little girl. (Okay, I maybe a little more animated than she but you get the point.)

I honestly could not have imagined that this particular blog was going to receive so many views in the time that it did.

I started this blog on the 3rd of February, 2011. I had hoped to use it as a sort of personal journal to let out some of the frustrations that I was feeling at the time. Along with being able to share them with a few friends along the way, who knew what I was going through at that particular time in my life.

And now, it is the 26th of May, 2011. And there has been over 1,000 views. Pretty amazing! So I’ll toot my own horn here for this one.

I think that the beauty of having a personal blog, is there are absolutely no rules to what you can write! You can write about anything that you want and nobody can tell you differently. I can write about something that happened to me as a child that is too funny not to share, and then in the next post I can bitch about my ex-girlfriend if I wanted. Either you read it, or you don’t.

To date, I have five subscribers. I will always show my appreciation and love to those people. Without the knowledge of their subscription to this blog, I do not think that I would be as successful as I have been. I know that some of it has helped, and others it created such a laugh riot when they’ve read particular posts.

If you have been reading my posts, and have enjoyed them. I encourage you to subscribe. It helps more than you think possible!

But enough of that. I will continue to do my best with this blog. Emotions and feelings are top priority here. As well as sharing with you life stories of who I am and where I’ve been and who I am becoming. So until then, all I can really say to those who have read this particular blog (and on purpose).. is “THANK YOU!”.


So here I am writing late in the evening, and I can’t budge. Only enough though to write this blog post, which is bound to be lame.

Writer’s Block has loomed over me like a cloud. But not in the ways that people commonly think.
I’ve been quite surprised and overwhelmed about how this blog has been coming along. I would think that its starting to show signs of progress and success. At least, that’s what all bloggers would like to believe. Trust me, when I see how many times this poor website has been looked at, I take notice and become absolutely grateful and appreciative.
My problem is not really knowing what exactly to write about. I do have several key ideas on topics that I wish to address. These topics to be concerned on a more serious level, rather than my blundering ranting and raving about something that is just bugging the crap out of me.
What I think the problem is, is the fact that once I have set my mind on a specific topic, I begin to go through everything that I want to say in my head until I can get a clear outline of what I will write about. But as of lately, All these different topics are still running around in my head, but they are blending in together. So by the time I prepare myself to write, I have to sit and think about what it was exactly it was in the first place that I had intended on posting. Because clearly, the thrilling thought that gets spun around in my head just before I get set to write was not the original idea in the first place.
When I was writing erotic short stories a few years ago, I would always get that blasted Writer’s Block from the start. I would stare at my computer screen and just have no clue on how to begin my tales of the flesh. I knew what was going to go on, but I could not master a simple beginning. Maybe it is not so simple… generally speaking?
The same goes with my poetry. An idea comes to mind, and here I am stuck trying to find those first few lines before I get greased up and flowing with prose.
I know that other writers feel the same way. They all get to that point where their minds just seem to shut off like a light switch for a while before they are able to get back to work on their projects.
The wonderful thing for me at least is that I know that eventually the clouds and the cobwebs will eventually clear. And I will be able to go on and write my posts and share them with the world. I do appreciate everyone’s patience, who actually is waiting on my next post.
But for now, good grief!! Major “headdesk” moment in 3…. 2….. 1………………………

Today being the 23rd of May, in the year 2011, my heart is very troubled and broken over the news that the recent severe weather that has caused so many tornadoes to form, has taken the lives of scores of people.

Mainly in Joplin, Missouri where the death toll is at 116. I do not know if that will rise. But I certainly hope not. Its hard enough to fathom that so many people have lost their lives during the storms.

And now, they are saying that the storm that hit Joplin is one of the top ten deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history.

Also taking into consideration the massive outbreak that occured just last month in April, which wore on for several days in a row, totally beating out the Super Tornado Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974 where 148 tornadoes were reported and hundreds of people dead.

The wild part is that I love severe weather phenomenon. Tornadoes are my key interest. Ever since I was a child, tornadoes have always found their way to capture my attention. True, when I was younger it would scare me to death whenever I would hear those tornado sirens start to blare. It got so bad that whenever there was a thunderstorm and it had a lot of thunder and lightning, I was trying to prepare myself that at any moment I would hear those sirens.

One time in particular that I will never forget for the rest of my life was when I was a child. I was playing at a neighborhood friend’s house at the time the storm hit us. It is significant to me in my mind because I was with my brother and we were inside the house, without prior parental permission. That definitely would have met the death house for me and my social life for about a week!

The thunderstorm intensified and my friend’s mother came into the bedroom where we were playing and simply said, “You have to leave.” Then she walked out.

I was horrified that my friend’s mother would just simply toss us out in the rain. Even though we lived directly across the street and one house over. I figured she knew about my issues with loud noises, including thunder. And to just send us out into the rain like that was cruel.

But she had laid down the law of the house. Time to go. So I got up from the floor and walked into their den. My intention was to plead for a stay of execution until the storm had passed. When I looked over at their TV, the National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning for our county! Earlier days of radar back then was showing that the tornadic storm was basically right on top of us. So I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

My friend’s mother called my name and said, “Your mother is calling for you. You need to go home.”

After that, my brother bailed on me. I guess it was every man for himself at that point. Especially if the mother was out on the front porch, calling for us. Some way, some how he was able to cross the street after my mother went back inside to get out of the storm. He darted across the street, into the front yard, up the stairs and through the front door where he ended up going downstairs in the house and located himself into our shelter for when we had tornado warnings in our area. He never got caught.

I on the other hand, was not that stealthy. By the time I came out of my friend’s house and walked down their driveway the storm was terrible. I froze when I saw my mother had returned to the front porch, frantically calling for her two sons. I decided to hide behind the neighbor’s vehicle and wait her out. It didn’t take long at all because the storm was getting worse.

When I saw that my mother had once again went back into the house, I began to hear that dreaded noise of the wailing sirens. Because of my decision to wait before crossing the street, the loud sounds of thunder crashing hurt my poor young ears. My body soaking wet from the downpours of rain.

But I saw my chance to do the same thing that my brother had done. I continued my way down the neighbor’s driveway and stopped before I ventured out into the street. After all, school was doing me some good. Keeping safe before crossing the street by looking both ways.

After that, I remember that I was about to take my first step down from the curb and begin to cross the street. That never happened!!

In a blink of an eye, I felt light and free. I recall sitting the roof of my house for just a fraction of a second, before I realized I was laying down in the dirt, mud, and leaves. But I was also in my front yard.

What actually had happened, that I realized years later was that the outter bans of the tornado had picked me up from the ground. It lifted me into the air. Throwing me across the street and then slammed me into the front yard. I was not harmed.

All of that took less than two seconds to occur. Needless to say that when I went up the front steps to go through the front door, I was met on the inside of the house by my mother. She yelled at me for two things: One- that I was not in our hiding place where we were supposed to go when we heard the tornado sirens. Two- I was covered in mud. Accused of playing in it prior to.

I slithered downstairs and joined the rest of my family until the storm had passed. Like I said, it took years for me to realize what had happened. But at the time, I was just glad that I was okay. But couldn’t figure out how I had gotten there so quick. And why in the world would I see the top of my house like that?

In case you are wondering, I was in fact grounded for the rest of the night after the storm had passed. But not for being in someone’s house without prior permission, but for “being foolish to play in the mud”, and not coming directly home when being called upon. What I thought was going to be at least a week of grounding, was only for one night. My brother as I said, was free and clear to go back outside and playing with the neighborhood again once the storm was gone.

We would find out that an elderly man lost his life in the storm, who was residing in a mobile home only one block over. So who knows what would have happened to me if I had been directly within the tornado, instead of being engulfed by the strong outer winds!

From that point on, I became fascinated by tornadoes and its awesome power. To be able to take something as small and simple as a playing card and slice it through a tree was incredible to me.

Naturally, it would take years to get over the original fear of thunderstorms. The constant picking on by older siblings never helped much. But now its laughed at. I would come to realize that not ALL thunderstorms were a prelude to a tornado.

From that point on, I think that the last time I had any involvement in any severe weather phenomenon that was particularly including in a tornado event was the Hesston Tornado on March 13, 1990. I was not actually in Hesston, but I was in the area where the weather was dangerous enough to prompt tornado warnings for a large area of the state. I had to seek shelter then too.

And even in the late 1990’s I correctly indentified four different cloud formations that would eventually spawn tornadoes in other parts of the state. One of which was only 35 miles away.

My fascination led me to study them on my own. I learned about weather and clouds and what they commonly mean for the weather forecast. I can tell which is a thunderstorm and which has the potential for producting tornadoes.

I’m not bragging. I’m simply explaining just how deep this fascination really goes! My family has told me for many, many years that I need to study and have a career in meterology. But these conversations only happen in between the months of March and June, which is “tornado season” for Tornado Alley.

I have yet to see a tornado from a distance with my own eyes. I have been in many situations where the tornado sirens were blaring and instead of going outside to look, I seek shelter. I find that these people who run outside are very foolish. Even though you are not any where near tornado, if you are able to be a witness to one, that means that you are within the storm’s realm. Lightning is capable of striking you. The same with hail. So I don’t run outside, I stay safe.

I’ve never been on a “tornado chase” either. I know that there are many tornado tours that are available. I’d like to try one, but haven’t yet.

And I absolutely HATE tornadoes that come during the night! You cannot see them coming. You don’t know what’s going to happen.

On December 24th, 1982, a night time tornado struck our area. On Christmas Eve! All I could think about was “Christmas was going to be cancelled.” Especially if this storm hit our house and blew it to pieces. It hit at night, and hearing those sirens blaring in the dark was horrifying. (Christmas was not cancelled that year, and as a matter of fact only a day or two later from that, there was six inches of snow on the ground. Go figure.)

But going through all of these experiences really has caused this wild fascination. I still feel so bad when I hear that there has been fatalities. It is a horrible feeling. And my heart and prayers goes out to those who have been affected by ANY tornado. Whether it is a loss of life or property.

And today, my thoughts are on Joplin, Missouri. I hope that they will be able to recover from this deadly storm very soon.