1,000 Views! Yay!!

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

As of 9:30 PM local time, I logged on to this blog to see my view stats were. It stands 1,004. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:53 PM local time, I saw that the views were at 1,001. I couldn’t have been more thrilled or excited than this little girl. (Okay, I maybe a little more animated than she but you get the point.)

I honestly could not have imagined that this particular blog was going to receive so many views in the time that it did.

I started this blog on the 3rd of February, 2011. I had hoped to use it as a sort of personal journal to let out some of the frustrations that I was feeling at the time. Along with being able to share them with a few friends along the way, who knew what I was going through at that particular time in my life.

And now, it is the 26th of May, 2011. And there has been over 1,000 views. Pretty amazing! So I’ll toot my own horn here for this one.

I think that the beauty of having a personal blog, is there are absolutely no rules to what you can write! You can write about anything that you want and nobody can tell you differently. I can write about something that happened to me as a child that is too funny not to share, and then in the next post I can bitch about my ex-girlfriend if I wanted. Either you read it, or you don’t.

To date, I have five subscribers. I will always show my appreciation and love to those people. Without the knowledge of their subscription to this blog, I do not think that I would be as successful as I have been. I know that some of it has helped, and others it created such a laugh riot when they’ve read particular posts.

If you have been reading my posts, and have enjoyed them. I encourage you to subscribe. It helps more than you think possible!

But enough of that. I will continue to do my best with this blog. Emotions and feelings are top priority here. As well as sharing with you life stories of who I am and where I’ve been and who I am becoming. So until then, all I can really say to those who have read this particular blog (and on purpose).. is “THANK YOU!”.

  1. Congratulations on your 1,000 milestone! That’s very exciting! I really enjoy your posts and I wish you continued success on your blogging endeavor, mon ami!

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