Wheelchair Cemetary

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today, I must say farewell to my trusty friend. It truly was my companion. It took me wherever I wanted to go. I had some good times with it. But now its time to carry on without it.

My wheelchair broke this afternoon. Fortunately I was not in it when it decided to give up the ghost. It was in the process of being loaded into the back of a truck when it spun its last revolution.

It suddenly had become wobbly and so when it was set back down on the ground, parts of it had come undone and the X-frame was no longer in its capable position. Rather though one of the bars came right through the bottom of the wheelchair.

We gathered that I definitely would have fallen at the time of its collapse, and it probably would have done some very serious physical damage to my body as I sank with gravity to the ground. Some way, some how, I would have been impaled. I am just thankful that I was already inside of the truck when it happened. So, no impaling today. Vlad Țepeș must be so disappointed in his grave.

I actually laughed when I saw it in its warped state. I didn’t panic because I knew I had other older wheelchairs stored away, but after a few hours of sitting in the secondary chair, its not so funny anymore to me.

Now I am sitting in a wheelchair where the front right wheel shakes like that same old grocery cart you always seem to find at Wal-Mart. It never stops shaking!!

The one that bit the dust was in fact a newer chair. I’ve barely had it for a year, maybe a year and a half. Now its only good for spare parts. It is true what they say, “Don’t know what you got, until its gone.”

I think that it sucks because I have to find one of the older chairs now and try to get used to them and adapt to how they work. The one I am sitting in at the moment really hurts my poor little butt!

So sad today could have been. But I am fine and in good health. No injuries or anything like that.

Now if only the apartment manager will loan me a shovel so I can bury the one that died today in the yard.

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