Shattered Justice

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
……….So True
……….So Real” ~ Metallica, “And Justice For All”

This afternoon was a collective gasp and sigh of global proportions. The verdict was read in the Casey Anthony murder trial, and I would have to say that the world held so silent and still in those moments when those words were spoken.

There are now millions of people horrified, sickened, confused, and dumbfounded that Casey Anthony would be found “Not Guilty” of murder in the first degree.

But let’s look at all seven counts in which Casey Anthony was charged in the dealings of the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony:

First degree murder: NOT GUILTY

Aggravated child abuse: NOT GUILTY

Aggravated manslaughter of a child: NOT GUILTY

And FOUR counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer: All four counts with the same verdict of GUILTY.

In other words, a jury of seven women and five men did not find Casey Anthony guilty of murdering her daughter, but did find her guilty of lying to the police? Really now.

There are many, many people in this country and across the world who are simply outraged at this verdict. Women in particular. Mothers and fathers alike. Parents. And I would have to say that I would not blame them.

I thought for sure when I heard that she was not guilty of first degree murder, that she would get it for manslaughter. But I was wrong. I believe that the prosecutors in this case did not believe that they had a slam dunk case against Casey Anthony and therefore added the other charges against her, in case she was acquitted of the murder charge. In which she was.

A lot of prosecutors are doing that nowadays during a murder trial. If they don’t feel 100% confident that they can put someone away for murder, they will also charge them with manslaughter which is a lesser offensive. Serious nonetheless!

Had the jury decided she was not guilty of first degree murder, they could have decided that she was guilty of either second degree or even third degree felony murder. Similarly, the jury could have found her guilty of child abuse rather than aggravated child abuse.

But none of this happened. The jury simply found her innocent of the charges which dealt with the death of Caylee. However they kicked her ass and threw the book at her for lying.

So then what does this mean? In the state of Florida, providing false information to a law enforcement officer is punishable of imprisonment UP TO one year per each count. Doesn’t not mean that she will automatically receive a year of incarceration for each charge, which would total her time in prison to four years. Only “up to” a year.

Also, this does not mean that if she is to serve one year for each count, that they will be consecutive. The judge could decide that she could serve time concurrently with the charges. And that means that Casey Anthony will be spending less time in prison. Then, she will be free to walk the streets along with the rest of us.

I have a feeling that Casey Anthony will not be spending the next four years in prison. She probably won’t spend much time in prison at all. Considering the fact that she’s been incarcerated since 2008. She was set free on bail for these charges of murder, but then was arrested again for a theft charge and that took away her chance of walking around until the murder trial started.

I have a feeling that the judge is going to order that she’s got time served. Slap her on her lying butt, and then let her go.

If I could say one thing about it to Casey Anthony, it would be that I think it would be very wise of her once she is a freed person, to be very cautious and careful, because there are A LOT of angry people out there right now. And I mean A LOT!!

There’s going to be a chance that someone is going to seek retribution in their own ways which could cause harm.

Casey Anthony was far from being in the race for “Parent of the Year”. Like many others, I did not believe that she was a good parent during the times where Caylee had been missing, and then found dead. Casey’s choices were less than of a prudent person who could have and should have been grieving and seeking justice for their child.

The family has problems. Casey definitely has problems. Eventually, this will all catch up to everyone involved. I do believe that the jury made a mistake. But what is done is done. Casey Anthony CAN NOT be put on trial for the murder of Caylee again, as is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution dealing with what is called “double jeopardy”.

Even if Casey Anthony confesses and admits to killing her own child, there’s nothing that can be done about it. At least not in the sense of putting her on trial for that murder. Perhaps though, there is some kind of state law in Florida that prosecutors may be able to charge her with, and then bring her to the rightful justice that she deserves.

And though she was acquitted of murder, she’s still in jail until this coming Thursday where she will be sentenced for lying to the police. Again, the world will be watching and waiting. My money now is that the world will react in the same manner as it did this afternoon.

Time will tell.

For all that I believe, the jury got it wrong. The ONLY way that I can see that the jury would vote NOT GUILTY is because of the lack of hard evidence. I did not watch the trial nor was I there, so I cannot say whether that is what happened or not. So many people in this world would’ve been so ready to flip the switch on Casey Anthony. But these twelve jurors were not. And its final.

We can all hope that the sentencing phase of the trial, will go over a lot “better” than expected.

What are your thoughts??

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