Texas Wildfires

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It has been one full year since Texas has experienced any substantial rainfall. That means ever since Tropical Storm Hermine made landfall into Texas in early September 2010, that was the last time the area has received anything that was worth noting.

And then you add the heat that has been so unbearable, that it has broken the record for the hottest year, with 80 days of temperatures 100°F or higher.

When Tropical Storm Lee failed to come into Texas, then when a cold front came through, it most definitely lowered our temperatures. But because it has been so dry there is now the threat of wildfires. And now we are dealing with them.

The biggest wildfire that is still burning is the fire near Bastrop, Texas. (Or about 35 miles southeast of Austin.) The smoke that fills the air can be seen in the Austin city skyline from downtown Austin.

The Bastrop fire is consuming over 34,000 acres! That’s a huge fire!! And sadly, it has been reported that there are two fatalities.

Yet there are other fires burning all around the city of Austin. Steiner Ranch and even one in or near Cedar Park. 

Even though the temperatures are cooler, the humidity has dropped low as well and that’s not helping matters at all with these fires that are burning. And there’s no sight of rain to come any time soon. It is reported that “substantial rainfall” will NOT show up until next year in the spring.

And it appears as if this small reprieve of hotter temperatures is only temporary as the weather models are predicting temperatures to return back into the triple digits by next week.

My heart goes out to all of those who are directly involved. Those who have lost homes and property, and those who are working their hardest to help contain these fires and get rid of them. Thousands of homes have been lost or damaged.

Since December of 2010, the amount of land that has burned from wildfires equals the entire state of Connecticut. If that gives you any perspective.

There is an unofficial report that broken powerlines started some of these fires. But a fire that is burning north of Austin, has been reported as ARSON, set by teenagers. Local authorities are looking for them currently. And I just don’t understand that at all. Those who would INTENTIONALLY set them.

But perhaps the other fires are due to other natural causes. And hopefully they will be all contained and put out before any further life or property is lost.

If you are reading this, and wish to help then please visit the website below:


Donations via the Red Cross are now currently being accepted, and I understand they are accepting all kinds.

(I am currently safe and away from the fires that are burning. But it is so dry that most anything can happen. Thank you for your concern.)

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