Bulletproof Emotions

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“If at first you do succeed try not to look too surprised.” ~ Anonymous

Many times I have used this blog to express a number of emotions. I would say that a majority of the time that I am posting something on this blog is because of emotion. And probably this post is no exception.

Plenty of you who read this blog regularly have read of my highs and my lows. And those do swing fairly wide it would seem each time I review my blog as a whole. Then others who read this blog end up being some kind of silent therapist as I am just writing to get things off my chest and off my mind. And there’s really nothing wrong with that.

But since the end of the Labor Day weekend, there has been things that seemed to have unphased me. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but certain things either have happened or have not happened in the past several days, and I find myself amazed at the fact that I have not gone through much emotion. Many things that I know that have either frustrated me or caused me to be sad and upset, didn’t do a single thing!!

So many times before in the past when these similar situations would occur, I would get upset and frustrated. But this time, I didn’t. Up until last night I wondered, “Why am I not upset?”.  It has been completely unusual.

It would seem that any other human being would go through the emotions. Perhaps there are a million and eleven reasons why I have not.

Perhaps deep down I knew that situations that were rising, were just out of my control and I knew that eventually they would resolve itself. Or maybe it was because I knew that I would go crazy if I allowed the cognitive distortions to take control, and I never allowed them a chance.

Or perhaps I have been distracted so much that I’ve not had a lot of time to dwell on these things enough for it to bother me. Whatever the case may be, my mood has remained constant as well as positive.

There’s been a number of things that have kept me busy as of lately. Sled hockey season has started and practices will begin soon, the fact that some major important decisions will have to be dealt with and I am doing all that I can to make sure that I have all the information that I need in order to make the decisions that are right for me.

So it really could be the distraction. However it doesn’t change the fact that these smaller things that would usually eat me up inside haven’t done a single thing to my mental state. The only thing it has done, is caused me to be surprised that I have not been down. Even though I am full of confusion as to why exactly.

Change is inevitable. How we deal with it is what makes us who we are. This by far, is a change that I haven’t really recalled experiencing in many, many years. And I won’t complain.

Our own mental health depends on how we are subject to certain circumstances. Those who are weaker, find themselves falling down and unable to get back up. Those who are a little stronger, find themselves falling down but then try to figure a way to get back up. I on the other hand have seemed to find myself already standing back up, but then asking myself, “Did I just fall?”.

My point is this: If I can do it, you can do it.

It may not be through the same ways as I have, but the end result remains the same. If you fall, get back up. Find your way to stand up again. When you find it, then do it! After you have done so, then you can worry about dusting yourself off. But always remember how you have done it, so that you can do it again and again.

Nothing can make a person more proud of themselves than to find a way to advance through adversity and come out smelling like roses on the other side. It causes your self-image to become more positive. It encourages your self-esteem, and your confidence levels can go sky high. The trick is to repeat the process whenever something or someone has you down.

And we can take my example. I probably should’ve been down. Probably at this point I should be blogging about something different. More about how upset I am that things didn’t turn out how I would like them to. But instead, I am writing about how I’ve been able to keep positive some how. And I have no idea why that is. I just know that it is what it is. It is a nice surprise indeed.

The more we learn from the lessons of life, the easier things become, the stronger we are, and the better the quality of life we have in front of us.

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