Hang On, December!

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“We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice.”~ Jean Shephard

If you are reading this, congratulations. You’ve made it through the first day of December.

But it is not over yet. You still have thirty more to go.

The temperatures are getting a lot colder, shopping is become a hassle, and parking is nothing but an urban legend. Just remind yourself: “This will all be over soon.”

December is probably the most stressful month out of the calendar year than any other month. After dealing with turkey, football, and drunk relatives. You know that in five short weeks you’ll have to do it all over again. But this time, the entire atmosphere has its own feel. Those silent nights that you dream for, with snow-capped rooftops and joy and peace doesn’t come until far later.

Each one of us deal with so much more stress over the holidays, it is no wonder why people lose it by the time Christmas Day arrives.

All of the shopping, the gift wrapping, the wasted rolls of tape, and dysfunctional gift bows just can’t compete with the hair-pulling, the headaches, and the lack of sleep throughout the entire month. The candles and wreaths in the windows burning brightly through the crisp cold evenings give way to a heart-warming feeling that soon, Christmas is coming.

And with all of the things that drive us crazy, because we are running around all over town like chickens without heads, December begins a sort of unspoken season of gratitude and love towards our fellow neighbors. Well, at least it USED to!!

Children long for their wishlists to be fulfilled. Parents bite their tongues so that their secrets are not exposed. On and on and on.

Welcome to December. Welcome to the Christmas season!

Each and every one of us, I am sure, has something going on this time of year. Keeping us occupied. Planning or traveling. Or even both. Trying to reach every relatives’ house before the 31st! Those of us who are successful, ought to write books on how to successfully complete a holiday marathon.

A lot of us fizzle out before the first week of December comes to an end. Those are the ones that find themselves out of Egg Nog when Christmas comes, and they have to either continue to buy more, or serve something else and hope that nobody notices that the liquor cabinets were emptied out long before.

The others will find themselves victorious to mid-December. Just about a week and a half short of the goal. Tensions rise and all we can think about is having a “Christmas do-over”. All because great-grandfather dropped his Johnny Walker on Aunt Charlene’s 1900’s antique rug, and creepy Uncle Hank found himself up to his eyebrows in vodka and ended up hitting on your nineteen year old cousin Susanne.


Pack up the kids, honey! We're outta here!!

What seemed to be a 3-day time of celebration to be around family ended up being 72 hours of pure misery and you can’t wait for the ball to drop before they all get the hell out of the house!

And that only feels like everyone has left a chore that will last until New Year’s Eve and you say to yourself: “I’m glad I’m not Aunt Gertude! Her New Year’s Eve party is going to be a bomb.” And then you find yourself being the life of the party a week later. With missing memories and soreness in muscles that you forgot you had.

But it is not all pain and grief. Knowing that you’ve been able to see those in your family that you don’t normally see every day becomes a sort of victory. Friends from way back when coming by and the wild amusment of Christmas Carols sang by groups of people who don’t have a musical bone in their body.

Suddenly, all of the stress. All of the money. All of the pain and heartache: It becomes worth it and you wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world. (Naturally, when it is all over and you reflect back at the next office meeting come that first week of January and that stupid jackass down in accounting will whine about how bad their holiday was and by comparison, yours was an ultimate paradise for  those last two weeks of December.)

Someone is gonna get a new car. Someone is going to get a brand new diamond ring.

It might not be you. Or it might be. Either way, you’ll know about someone receiving such an extravagant gift. Just bite your tongue because you have your health. And even though it might be totally awesome to have a new car, it is not you that has to worry about higher car insurance and new car payments.

Your health keeps you going through and through, and when the 1st of December comes again, you’ll be stronger and last longer.

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