Breaking Free

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“I have learned to like myself for the first time and to have some serenity. ~Keith Miller
So I decieded that I would tell the story first about my funny experience with a Chinese restaurant first before I posted this blog. Hopefully, someone is getting a really good laugh.
But none of that would’ve been posted at all, had I not taken a break for myself this afternoon and left home for a while.
I decided that enough was enough and I needed to break free from what I am calling “daily chaos”. (Thanks to romance author Jessica Trapp, and her idea to classify it as such as I had a wonderful and fun phone conversation with her this evening.)
But I needed to get to a place where it was accessible for me, as well as peaceful as possible. I chose the Chinese restaurant that is nearby. Its tucked away in a corner. Some people miss it and don’t even know its there.
So I took off in the light misty weather. It had been raining all morning. And it is supposed to rain all weekend long. Knowing the drought that we suffered during the summer, I didn’t care much about the rain at all.
I went in and was seated at a table similarly described in my previous post. But this was right in front of a flat screen television. I ordered and sat patiently. What I found very funny is that the waitress kept saying repeatedly that she was going to turn it on, and she didn’t for a while, eventually though she kept her word.
Looking out the window at the cold, wet earth that was there is when I began to ponder deeply. I truly have had a terrible year in 2011. But there definitely is a silver lining to the clouds: I’m alive and I’m well.
Can’t beat that!!
I knew that even though I wasn’t able to get TOO far away from home, that it was the best that I could do and I did make the best of it. And when I returned home, I felt more calm. More relaxed.
I think that we all should have our places of serenity, whether it is a trip to the beach or a drive up into the mountains. I think that all people should have their little “getaways from the chaos of life”.
Being that able or that strong to do that, only helps our mental status and we can just simply relax and “reboot” if you will, our lives and come out of it smelling like roses and ready to face the daily challenges.
I do not know if I will go back to the same Chinese restaurant again, the next time I just “wanna get away”. Even though it was pretty quiet. There wasn’t a lot of people there.
The waitress is cute, but I recall the last time I was there someone was talking with her and she mentioned she had a millionaire boyfriend who lived in Dallas. So that was out!
Having that time though to destress allows me to think: One day, it will happen.
Since then, the evening has gone well. Aside from the fact that I realized that there is just NOTHING on television during December. Kinda sucks not having cable or satellite. But I abide.
So yet another day in December comes to a close. Another day closer to the 2012 year. And that excites me. And I know that eventually soon here, I will have 5,000 total views to this blog. And that too excites me. Before I began to write this post, I was sitting at 4,999!
Either someone will have read something by the time this is posted. OR someone will read THIS post and make it 5,000. But still the same- I am grateful and humbled for all of the views that I’ve received in this short period of time. And I’m definitely thankful to all of my subscribers and followers now here to this blog.
I keep joking with myself with that quote from the show “Seinfeld” where the father of George was screaming “SERENITY NOW!!”. I could’ve titled this post that, but ehhh…
At least for now, I’m calm and at some level of peace. The rain will continue throughout the weekend. I’ll miss sledge hockey practice  this weekend due to the Mercedes-Benz incident. But I’ll be ready to go in January for that. I’ll be cheering on Team USA as they battle Team Canada for the GOLD in the 2011 World Sledge Hockey Challenge up there in Calgary.
I’ll probably sleep in. Do some other stuff and just shake off the bullshit of daily living and be happy. And I hope that you find your place of serenity as well.
2011 sucks. Yes I can complain and yes I have complained. But things ARE definitely getting better. Just one day at a time.


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