Dear Dumbass…

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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If you are reading this relatively close to when this was posted, I hope that this finds you well. Or at least better than when I met you last night at the bus stop near Cherrywood and Manor Road.

Although you are probably wondering what in the world happened last night.

I cannot help but feel that there were some things that you were unaware of that caused you to leave empty-handed from your bold request to give you money. You were probably very confused, so I’m writing this to you to explain just how in the world you got your ass kicked by a man in a wheelchair. I hope you pay attention:

You clearly did not know who I was, otherwise you would have addressed me by my first name, instead of “hey man”. You obviously did not know as to the reasons why I am in a wheelchair. But instead, you thought that I was going to be an easy target. I hope that last night I have cleared that confusion up for you because you thought very, very wrong!

Perhaps you should have just asked me for the time first before you came along begging for money. That could be your first mistake when you are pandering.

Did you know or are you aware that there was a woman about fifty feet in front of you that had asked me the same question that you did? I turned her down as well. Perhaps your super-sonic hearing doesn’t work after the sun goes down. If you would have heard that conversation then you probably would have been able to walk by me without bothering me. But maybe I should give you a break. Not all bums have that super-sonic hearing.

Although I do not believe that it is illegal for you to come into physical contact with me, it is probably not a very intelligent move for you to ignore my request for you to remove your hand from my shoulder. Especially after using the profane and vulgar vocabulary that I used in order to make that request. And your obvious stance to disregard my request and grip on to my shoulder tighter in an aggressive manner.

How is your stomach feeling? I know that you lost a lot of breath when I pushed my fist into it. And while we are on the subject of asking how you are doing- how is your jaw? I imagine that too was a surprise for you once you recovered from the air escaping. I sure hope you didn’t lose any teeth. That would be bad, especially since its so close to Christmas.

Too bad you were standing too close to the edge of the sidewalk. I think that’s why you tumbled over and fell into the street. But all of that fancy foot work that you did while trying to remain standing was probably just bad timing as that vehicle was driving down the road that you fell in front of. Luckily you were not hit by it.

But I understand that because I told the driver of that car what you were doing that they went to go talk to you. Did you have a nice conversation? I think that it is always nice to have pleasant conversations with strangers. Especially if it ends happily. When they drove off after you, I heard them come up with a cute nickname for you. However, I don’t know how cute a “motherfucker” is. At least not in my experiences.

I just don’t know how that visit went because once they took off after you with their tires squealing, I got on the city bus and came home. Maybe it was a fun time. Who knows?? Perhaps you should have asked them for money instead!!

All in all, I think that a lesson could be learned. Never underestimate someone in a wheelchair. I mean after all, how could you have known that I have incredible upper body strength, and the fact that I play sledge hockey, and pretty much have large biceps from pushing the wheelchair wherever I go. And the fact that you are not the first person that I have dealt with in my life, nor even this year alone who have come up to me in the same regards as you and ended up with the same result, or worse.

How else were you to know that I was going to let you have it and ultimately kick your ass?

Perhaps if those pieces of information about me where available to you- you probably could have made the smarter choice of leaving me alone. And then you wouldn’t have had to deal with what you did as I protected myself.

If you are going to continue a life of pandering, maybe it will make you think twice about even THINKING about bullying someone that is in a wheelchair or someone whom you think is weaker than you and would be easier prey. I might suggest getting a job somewhere or asking a family member for a cash loan if you are that desperate for “loose change”.

One thing that I will include additionally is the fact that I am tired of this. This kind of thing happens far too much and frequent for me. So who could blame me for “giving you the business and kicking your ass” when you refuse a simple request to get out of my personal space and leave me alone.

In conclusion, Happy – WHATEVER you celebrate.

A grandmother that I met this morning has this to say for you. I agree with her sentiment:



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