A Paralympic Experience

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”~ Napoleon Bonaparte
The weekend has proven to have been quite exciting for me. And it isn’t even over yet at this point.
Yesterday I participated in “A Paralympic Experience”. And entire day of playing sledge hockey, which has been my favorite thing to do in the past few years.
I will admit, that I am a bit rusty. I’ve not been on the ice in over two months. But as they say, it’s like riding a bicycle.
There was a very good turnout of people there. Some who have played and others who have not, but were interested. So they split the participants into two groups.
The workout was extremely intense, having to go up against those who obviously either get a lot more practice than I do, or have been playing longer than I have been playing. But with that experience, I think brings me up to a higher level of the game.
Let’s just say that some who have never met me or seen me play, fear me on the ice! Or at least have that respect, more or less.
The day was filled with all sorts of surprises. I’ve met new people and actually ran into a few others that I had not seen in a couple of years. People that I never would have thought I would run into again. Small world, and all of that…
But everyone who was on the ice came to find out the hard way why some of my teammates call me “the scoring machine”. During a drill of shooting at the goal, I was the last one standing. If you missed, you moved to the side. If you made it, you did it again until you missed. I never missed.
When the day was said and done, we had about three hours to kill before most of the participants would come back to watch a hockey game played. And even the game was thrilling as it was tied and had been decided by a shoot out.
But I was a bit disappointed as I had been working hard on the ice, sweating and everything. And I was on the verge of a nonuple date for that hockey game in the evening. I wanted to return home to shower and get dressed up. I mean, it was a date!
That would not happen as the people who had brought me to play refused to go back home. Mainly because they were scared of getting stuck on a toll road. For whatever reason, driving on a toll road for them is the scourge of evil. I don’t get it.
So I settled for a ton of cologne, some new deodorant, and other stink pretty products. It would turn out to be overkill as some unforeseen circumstances caused some people unable to attend the hockey game. But those who did not make it, that date will be made up in March.
Nonuple turned into quadruple. But hey, I’m not going to complain. Especially now that I have made you go look up the definition of “nonuple”.
The most disappointing bit about the weekend is that my transportation fell through the bottom as I was supposed to be on the ice this morning. The puck was going to drop at 8:00 AM. Which meant, I should have arrived no later than 7:30. And the fact that it is a 40 minute drive to where I needed to go. Well, let’s just say that those who were supposed to give me a ride there were not enthusiastic about getting up and going that early in the morning, especially on a Sunday.
It was going to be my debut experience of having officials on the ice, with HUGE functioning scoreboard and ambiance to boot. But because I couldn’t find anyone willing to take me, I had to stay home today. However on the positive side, I got to sleep a little more and rest. Trust me, my back was killing me last night. My back has since calmed down, and now its the rest of my body!
Sacrifice in the name of sport. And I take it every chance I get.
Generally though, with me just coming back from Houston last week and now having this sledge hockey weekend, it’s been crazy busy. Fun, but busy. It helps with the distraction of the minutiae of life. And I cannot wait to get back on the ice. I’ll probably get severely picked on because I didn’t show up today. One of the team members called me “team star”. A nickname I am less crazy about. There’s no “I” in “TEAM”. But sometimes in life, things happen beyond our control. And this did. The team and I will just have to dust off and move on.
Plenty of more opportunities happening in the coming months. And if you know me personally, you know that I am going to be all over that like white on rice.
Stay tuned.


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