.45 Versus 15 Year Old

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“Spare the rod…”~ Proverbs


Okay. I’m just going to go ahead and hit the Spoiler Alert button right now. But you can go ahead and click on the link above to see what I am talking about.

A father with a heavy heart and an angry head, found a post on Facebook that was written by his 15 year old daughter. He then printed off the post and then recorded a video message for his daughter and her friends, for those who thought the daughter’s post was so cool.

The message that was written by the 15 year old was pretty much her flowing at the mouth. Being sick and tired of doing chores and being told to find a job. The daughter used a bit of vulgarity towards her parents, and basically toldher parents to piss off.

The father however, took this message and read the entire thing. And then he proceeded to comment about his daughter’s words.

The video was about 8 or 9 minutes in length. I don’t remember now. But I pretty was much sympathetic with the father for most of the video.

At one point, I kept thinking that this teenager was just talking out of her butt. But then I wondered what in the world could be going on that she continues to be “grounded” by her parents for previous infractions??

The teenager sounds like a terrible, ungrateful brat to say in the least. What a wicked child.

But then at the end of the video, the father changes the camera view and pulls out a .45 caliber handgun. What happened next seemed to be that he emptied the clip as he shot up the child’s laptop. The very same piece of equipment that the teenager used to bash her parents publicly, while believing that they couldn’t see or read it.

Some are speculating that the video is fake when the father put holes into the laptop. It looked pretty genuine to me though.

The parents were humiliated and yet tired of the child’s behavior. So the father turned around and got ONE UP on the child by doing this.

Was this a lesson in humiliation and respect or was it something that went too far??

I suspect though that this story is going to buzz heavily for a while. Perhaps gain the father a bit of a quickie celebrity status. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on television in the very near future.

And as much as I believe that the 15 year old child was horrible… one must take the lesson of “Beware of what you write on the Internet”. You may think it is private and you can hide it. But that is not always going to be the case.

I hope that this family is able to stay together and not fall apart because of this.


  1. Vampiress of Metal says:

    What he did was justified — especially since HE bought the laptop and had just spent an entire day of his time and $130 of HIS money to update it for her to have her turn around that SAME day and completely bash his parents for OMG making her do chores. She gets a roof over her head, her own bedroom (with a lock on the door), free meals, free rides, A FREE LAPTOP. There are so many children in this world that don’t even have a roof, much less their own room, or one meal a day, much less the three she probably has. Ungrateful little brat. And on top of that she’s a dumbass. Really? Your father is an IT person and you thought he wouldn’t see your little rant?

  2. CKS says:

    What happened is that Mr. Jordan outlined some rules based on his daughter’s past behavior. His daughter wrote a message on Facebook that was full of vitriol and hate towards her parents, complaining about things that weren’t bad or even difficult, and cursing her parents. However, her father works in Information Technology, so he was able to read her Facebook while he was repairing and upgrading her laptop – a laptop he had bought himself, upgraded himself, and paid for the upgrade himself. So he recorded a video response, posted it to YouTube and linked it to her Facebook page. In the video, he chastised her, read her letter, explained the situation and the punishment, and then put her laptop down and shot it with a pistol, 7 times plus one more time for his wife/the girl’s mother, on the mother’s request.

    I think what he did was justified, but I do think that it was a little too much with him obviously invading her privacy (if she had the post set to only a few friends could see it, he breached her privacy).

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