Kindness Comes With A Price

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“But men are so full of greed today, they’ll sell anything for a little piece of money. “~ Little Richard
I was going to start this blog by saying, “I am speechless.” but then again that wouldn’t make sense because then I wouldn’t have the words to say to write. I’m nutty like that.
Somehow or another, I am absolutely struck senseless to the point that my mind is blown about how people’s greedy nature can strike so effortlessly.
I’ll provide a few experiences that I have recently gone through as examples.
My friends and neighbors are more than willing to bend over backwards to help me out whenever I am in need. But lately it seems that their kindness and generosity to help me is now coming with a price.
Now I should probably point out right now that I do understand that “nothing is for free” in this world. Even though they are willing to help, it is coming at some kind of cost or sacrifice. Commonly though, it is the use of their vehicle and that would mean the use of gasoline.
So it would make sense that I would pay them back for the gasoline that they had to use in order to help me in the way that I had requested. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot reimburse them monetarily. So when those times come that I cannot, I do my best to give back in some way that is above and beyond the cost of their used gasoline. Like, taking them out to eat and paying for their meal.
Let me get back to my original point. There are some times when they have called me or come and told me that they were going to the store or going out to eat or whatever and they ask me if whether or not I want to go along.
Almost immediately, the question comes to mind “Who’s paying for it?”. As I would come to learn, each time that they decide to go out to eat that I am responsible for my own meal. And that is fine. There are those kinds of people in the past that have asked me if I wanted to go out to eat, and they would pay for it. After all, they did ask me if I wanted to go out.
So then we go out to eat. We enjoy our meal and the time together and everything and then we return home. Then… greed hits!!
After departing ways once we are home, I hear behind me: “ARE YOU GONNA PAY US FOR GAS?!??”.
Umm… what?? Seriously?
YOU asked ME if I wanted to go out. I didn’t ask you for a favor to take me out. You thought that it would be nice if I joined you… now you want me to pay for gas? Don’t you think that should have been discussed in your proposal prior to our activity??
I am left to wonder. Whatever happened to kindness and friendship and doing things together because you want to and not to worry about “being paid back” for anything?
Do people still do this anymore?
Another person just recently has been coming by to visit and they ask if they can have something to drink. As I try to be a gracious host, I offer them whatever it is that I have and not think about whether or not they are going to pay to replace it.
So then I turn around and have been doing the same thing. But then someone else comes up and says, “You gonna pay him back for what you took?”.

'no dough, no blow, baby!'

Again, I am left with only to ask “What the heck are you talking about? If you wanna get nasty about it. HE is the one that owes me. So we’re trading the favors.” And to be accosted by someone who isn’t even involved in the bartering is even more ridiculous… and quite frankly, intrusive.
Why don’t you let him decide and mind your own business!!!
Maybe its the kinds of people I am dealing with that I go through these kinds of experiences. Perhaps I should find some other people to hang out with. Someone who is willing to give you a little bit of money if you are needing it, and then won’t be breathing down your neck six minutes later about when you are going to pay them back.
This is a huge reason as to why I don’t like asking people to lend me money. I understand that it is a loan, and that I will have to pay them back. But those who get so uptight about when they will be paid back… it just drives me insane.
I’ve gotten to the point when someone is offering to pay for me something, I tell them right then and there that I probably won’t be able to pay them back, so if they are looking for reimbursement, they probably shouldn’t pay for whatever it is that they are saying they will pay for.
If I am able to pay them back, that’s a different story.
People in general who come with a price often are the real greedy ones. And it is probably a good idea to stay away from them if at all possible.
It just rattles my cage and bugs me to death that people actually have the depth to be that greedy.

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