Little Snooki Junior

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yes. It is official. Its the buzz everyone has been talking about for, oh… only the last 24 hours.

But yes, it is official that there is a rumor about Snooki being pregnant.

There’s no official word that I’ve read or heard about at this moment in time to tell if whether or not the story is real. But it’s not going to change how I go on about my days and nights if whether or not she is pregnant. I really don’t care if Snooki gave up her cookie.

But from what I have read, is that a giant percentage of the general public is now living in fear that it could be true. And they are ready to run for their lives once possible child is born. And others are expressing their opinions about how this is just another stroke of creating a buzz just so she can earn money, literally comparing the rumored incident with the wedding of Kim Kardashian. Both in saying, it’s just for money.

The 24 year old, 4 foot 9 inches tall (1.45 m), Chilean born Nicole Polizzi , only was shoved in our faces by MTV and the apparent media back in December of 2009 when she was cast in what? Of course, Jersey Shore.

A television show in which I must admit (and proudly do so) have never watched a single second of.

But because of the force feeding by the media and television, I feel like I know all about her and her life. Whether public or private. AND whether I want to or not.

She’s been bashed in the face. She’s had sex in places that were so public that it would make any sex therapist in the world tremble in fear, and she’s been arrested but later had charges dropped. If that had been any of us, there wouldn’t have been dropped charges.. that’s for sure!

Everytime the woman sneezes, we suddenly have to know about it.

Anyone remember the buzz about the photograph of her WITHOUT make-up? Did anyone really care?

Then she has dyed some of her hair red. Not all of it though. Did anyone’s life receive an epiphany? I doubt it.

The only thing that it had done for me when I first saw the photographs of her, is that my body had to make a decision of where the blood should flow. THANKFULLY, it all went upstairs to the brain rather than downstairs.

'Someone please take her away and spare the world!'

I will say it again, she is a puppet of the media. A “slob-rity”. Famous for joining the cast of a show that is aired on MTV.

And come to find out after researching because I’ve never watched it, there’s only a handful of episodes. Far less than one would think. But it is enough that her famous status keeps popping up for one stupid thing after another. I cannot say that the show became famous because of her, or if she became famous because of the show. That’s not any kind of mathematical equation that I want to waste any time on anyway.

Buzz, buzz, buzz… and it’s so sad. Snooki is on more people’s minds than the people who suffered through last nights storms which produced tornadoes and killing nearly a dozen people throughout three states as it roared in the middle of the night.

Or the fact that Davy Jones from the 1960’s group THE MONKEES passed away this morning in Florida from a heart attack at the age of 66.

Dear media, where the hell are your priorities?

If she isn’t pregnant, I’m not going to care. If she is pregnant and has a baby, I don’t have to care about that either and I won’t.

Hold on to your Jersey Shorts, the truth will eventually come out. One way or another.

Happy Leap Day everyone, see you in four years!


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