Five Minutes To Curtain

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Reality still sinking in. Nervous. Scared. Curious. Thrilled. Excited.

It is the moment that I have been waiting to happen for many, many weeks. And it comes tomorrow, the 16th of March in the evening.

What am I talking about?


The last week has been so frustrating as I continue to deal with healing from surgery. My curious and anxious nature, so scare of what will happen once I get into that sled. Will I be able to play? Will I experience anguish beyond what I am comprehending right now? What’s going to happen.

I do know that for myself and the rest of my team, it is a very important event. We as a team, have not done this in or near our own city for a couple of seasons. The last time we had done so, we performed in front of over 6,000 people in the stands. I can never forget that rush when a collective gasp filled the entire place when we were so close to performing a goal in front of these people. Even if it was a very brief exhibition.

The last time, was a bit humiliating. There were urban legends told that our head coach went right into the bar and got drunk afterwards because of the humiliation of us being there, able to represent our team and show people what sledge hockey is all about… only to have but five people there. And therefore, being forced to put on a display of 3 on 2. Of course, I was part of the team of 2. The selected teammate for that exhibition, probably not the best person to select in the world. But we made it through.

I remember that I had my own cheering section as at least a dozen people came to the game, just to watch OUR team play during an intermission of an AHL hockey game.

It was a feeling that was unmatched, until our team went to Houston last November, where we performed yet another exhibition in front of a much larger crowd of over 9,000 people.

But its our turn again to be at home. No need for long travels just to show up and get on the ice for a few minutes. We will be there the entire evening.

This year, my cheering section will be absent. My sister who had attended the previous time, will not be there due to work. I’m representing the team (as well as myself, but doing it alone.)

Many things must go on during the day before I am able to leave to go play on the ice. Errands must be ran, chores finished. I’m hoping to get them done early so I am not feeling that I am rushed and have the feeling that there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything completed.

The task at hand however is quite simple. But it has been a pain in the ass to get to this point. Not only because of the time I have been needing to heal, but because of the hardships our team has faced just in this season alone.

Not enough practices, losing our ice rink at the end of last year, not really getting a lot of opportunity to get on the ice. It’s going to be an interesting evening to say in the least. The rumor of losing our team captain, other players who have been on the team in the past, just simply dropping out of sight because they wanted to travel a long time ago and gave up on that. And the fact that we HAVE to pay for a game ticket just to get on the ice. Which is totally ridiculous in my opinion! And there was no monetary contributions given to us privately through donations so that others could go and watch, as it had happened the last time. A lot of struggles we have endured.

It is our turn to yet shine again. It will be less than 24 hours from the time this blog post has been written. And yet, I just want to throw up!!

This has been known to be our one event to show that there are sports out there for the physically disabled. Hockey isn’t any exception to the rule. It sure isn’t any exception to our rule. We have gained support through this event time and time again, and it’s very important we do our best.

Our former guy in charge has promised to be there and he is going to be taking the position of “head ref”… this will be interesting. He’s also promised, via text message, that if I make one false move on the ice he’s gonna take my ass out. We’ll see.

If we do fail to represent ourselves well, this is what I am referring to by getting a head start on the former head coach. I think I’ll just make a straight path for the bar. I don’t know.

I’m nervous as heck. But I want to play so badly! I’ve not been on the ice since January of this year and then of course last November before that. This sport is pretty much my life, and I want to take advantage of every moment and opportunity that comes my way.

Nothing can be so thrilling, exciting, and totally scary all at the same time.




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