The Show Must Go On

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“The show must go on.”

So my time back on the ice was “pretty good”. Bittersweet perhaps?

We had eight come out this time. It was far better than the last time when only five of us show up on the ice.

I think that it was a great showing of our sport. I know that a lot of us who were there talking in the locker room when it was all said and done that they had a lot of fun. And yes, that is the important part. However, it wasn’t without difficulty.

Having to place on ice that is dirty and chewed up, is a constant struggle when you are playing on sleds. It was so hard to move that many times I found myself unable to simply turn around.

We played in front of 4,734 people. Not quite a sold out crowd. But still, that is a lot of people.

I still see the need for heavy improvement with our team. And I’m not quite sure how to go about taking it to the team to explain to them what we can do to make ourselves better. And it isn’t necessarily on the ice skills. But rather the cohesiveness AS a team that is crumbling and falling apart.

When we’re given specific instructions to be at a certain place at a certain time, and we’re stuck waiting because one person didn’t follow instructions… this makes for those of us who are passionate about the sport, being a team, and doing things right– a time and a place to just growl in frustration. It makes us look horrible when that person, is our very own team captain.

The other assistant captain and I only wish that he’d take things more serious than he has ever in the past. He not only represents our team, but himself. And when he pulls stupid crap like what all he did last night, his own reputation as a sledge hockey player goes down the tubes.

It shouldn’t have been any surprise to anyone involved with the team why I was throwing things in the locker room when it we were done. I didn’t speak to anyone. I didn’t look anyone in the eye. But I would cringe to myself when I would hear “Good job guys! You looked great out there!”.

Really? Well… I should take the compliment, so thank you.

But this team presses on. “I” will press on. We will have yet another appearance tonight. Hopefully a better result than last night.

If it sounds like I am putting a lot of pressure on myself…. I am.

After being off the ice for two months and having to bounce back from surgery, it was hard for me to sit there and say “That was great!”.

But maybe it was. So who knows?

And still throughout all of this “stinkin thinkin’ ” I AM proud of myself for doing what I needed to do last night to show the crowd just who we are and what we can do. I look forward to the next time.


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