No Guts No Glory

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.”~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ladies & Gentlemen. Disciples. Happy Followers and readers. I give to you the winner of the Overgrown-sized Testicular Fortitude Award for March 2012.
I present the brief story of:
Michael Stone.
Michael Stone, aka “Mad Mike” is an 18 year old high school student from Minnesota. Being that it is almost high school prom season, Mike took his chances and used his Twitter account to contact hundreds of porn stars and other people in the adult film industry and asked them if they would escort him to the prom, provided he paid for their transportation to reach him.
Over and over and over again, one after another: Mike’s requests were denied. An endless flurry of women not seeming to be interested in the event and declining his invitation.
Mike however, didn’t give up. He did the best that he could (with the 140 character limit that Twitter has) to make his supplications known that he was in fact, dead serious.
More and more rejection. But Mike seemed to have been immune to it.
And then one said “YES, if you pay for my way to and from.” … paraphrased. The name of the adult film star, you will have to find out for yourself.
Mike couldn’t have been any happier. However, the school board couldn’t have been more displeased.
They’ve told Mike that the adult film star could not attend the prom with him. That he could not have her as his date. And they’ve even gone as far as to pull up some stupid rules to back up their decision. And what’s even more ridiculous is that they’ve threatened to have the adult star arrested if she shows up.
Again, Mike is within the legal age of his state and area. I personally don’t see this adult film star corrupting the entire prom. I am sure that there would have been very strict rules and guidelines that Mike would have had to follow if this would have been allowed. And probably Mike would have had to sign some sort of waiver and a written statement that she was not there for the purposes of sexual activity.
But still… he totally had the testicular fortitude to sit there time and time and time again to ask several women out as his prom date. It had seemed that his patience was going to pay off. But not anymore.
All I have to say about it is…. Where was Twitter when “I” was in high school?? I could easily see myself doing something like that. Knowing that eventually every rejection that  came through would turn into acceptance.
But no. There was not a Twitter to be had. Instead, I had to do it “the hard way”. I wrote a letter to a famous singer at the time to ask her to join me at the prom. But I did not offer to pay for her transportation costs.
I also had to write it twice. The first time, there wasn’t enough postage on it because I had forgotten that the price of stamps went up. And then the second time, my parents caught the letter in the mail as I was on my way to school. They caught it, and then threw it away. A few years later, I would find out that they had done so. Talk about mad!
But I have to salute this guy. He’s 18 year old. He knew what he wanted to do, and he set off in such a grand style in order to get it.
I think that the school board though, is kind of over doing it juuuuust a little! It’s a prom date- not a Caligula style orgy.
I’m sure that the adult film actress would’ve had herself so protected by her management, her agent, and many more measures of security that if Mike would’ve tried to pull something that she would have had him land in jail before he got his zipper down.
I hope that Mike gets his prom date. Actually, I hope he gets ANY date. But now that he’s becoming viral, I am sure that there are going to be all kinds of females ready and willing to date him. Just for the sake of him going viral.
I feel bad for his inbox, his Twitter, and for any other social network site account he might have.

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