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“Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom.”~ Hannah Arendt

As I was saying my farewells to the physical therapist, I began a series of jokes as I was picking on her.

But one thing came to mind. Inside my warped head, it sounded really funny and still along the lines of only poking fun.

When it came out, it wasn’t the same as it was when I was saying it in my mind. In fact when the picking on was actually verbalized, it truly came across as rude and inappropriate.

The physical therapist then proceeded to inform me that my words were very inappropriate. To which I immediately issued a quick form of an apology.

I had time to ponder on it. And five hours later, I sent a text message to her and apologized in the manner that it needed to be. Her response though was more of a sign of what I believe true forgiveness is all about.

She said to me that it was not a big deal and in fact that she had forgotten what I had said that was inappropriate.

To me, that was clear and cut “forgive and forget”. Something that you don’t usually hear being practiced or used a lot any more. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, you just don’t hear about it too much.

As I sent the text message I began to feel better because I did what I thought that I had to do in order to make things right. Having her actually not remember and be confused as to what I was talking about was the other end of the transaction of forgiveness.

It is my own personal hope that when we say that we forgive someone, that it is genuine and honest. Whatever that person had done or said to you that required the admission of regret, that it would be in the rear view mirror from that point on. Instead of holding the grudge to use it as ammunition for when we mess up and they are the ones that we need to apologize to. And to use it when we feel that they are not letting it go or forgiving us.

It takes a very strong person to say “I’m sorry”. But it takes a stronger person to say “I forgive you.”

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