Happy Birthday, Frontman!!

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I want to take this time to personally give the lead singer of SIX MINUTE CENTURY, Chuck, the best birthday wishes possible!

He and I have grown as friends over the last year and I am thankful for him to be one of the important role models in my life. Not only does he have such an amazing voice, but he’s also got so many talents and great qualities that makes him so awesome as a person. I am glad that he is who he is. He is someone that I do not mind looking up to.

I know that the band will have a show to celebrate his birthday tomorrow evening, and unfortunately I will not be able to attend. But instead, I wanted to give him this public shout-out and be in hopes that he’s had a terrific day. And to know that soon, I will be able to attend another show in the near future.

So until I am able to get there again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!

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