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Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Nobody Rides For Free”.

Well, apparently nothing else in the world any more is free either.

As it is still in the month of April, and April is National Poetry Writing Month, I received this offer.

It came because I had entered a poetry contest last year, and according to those who held the contest, it was okay for them to let me know that even though I didn’t win their contest, I am still one of the “chosen” authors to be published in a book of poetry that will be distributed nationwide. According to their e-mail, its a “big deal”.

I wonder how many millions of other people received the same e-mail as I did?

But wait, there’s more!!

I can get these really neat pins, for FREE! But that’s only if I spent about $60 (US) on their products. Mainly if I buy two or more of their upcoming published books of poetry.

I was told that my poem was especially chosen, and therefore I had until the end of next month, in May, to submit my poem. After all, $10,000 will be shared!

So I was beginning to think, “Why not?!?”. And then I clicked on their link to submit the original poem that I had entered into the old contest. But, what happened to the old poem? I had 37 maximum lines of poetry to write in order to make my submission.

Shouldn’t they have already had my poem in hand?

And what of these really neat pins? Yeah, I think that they are really cool looking and all. But you want me to spend money in order to receive them? Since when in the history of mankind and language is this “FREE”??

Not only am I now stuck with these random Poetry Contests just itching to get me to enter, since I’ve already done it once. I didn’t think that my contest entry from the first time was going to win anything. But my mailbox and my inbox both kept telling me that I’ve won. I wonder how many of those that they sent out because when it kept showing up in my mailbox, the postage said “Bulk Rate”. And so you know that I was not as special as they were saying that I was. Someone else was getting the same message as I was.

I didn’t buy the original published works of the contest in the first place. I wasn’t going to pay near $50 (US) just to see my poem published. I could have just as easily posted it here in this blog and voila!!… published. All I would have to do then is hit the “print” button.

But it just kills me to the point of getting my eyes stuck rolled in the back of my head when I see those words: FREE with purchase. If I have to purchase something, then you can bet your last penny, ITS NOT FREE!!!!

So here’s my poem submission, and my thoughts about your “special offer”.

Roses are red

Horns are made of brass

You can take your poetry contest

And kiss my butt



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