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I have a fun story to tell. Some probably already got a glimpse of this on Facebook. 

I noticed a few days ago that several copies were printed off of my blog post of “The Donut Dollies”. I knew who had done it, but at the time I didn’t say a word. But this morning I noticed that the stack of copies of my printed off blog post were fewer and fewer. So I am guessing that people were taking them to read.

Then the person who was responsible for printing it off and sharing it with the rest of the people here walked in and so I finally asked her about it.

Of course she admitted to doing it and then she explained that she had e-mailed the URL of the blog post to her family and close friends and their families.

She reported that one of her best friends had printed it off and shared the story with their children. And she also sent it to her son, and her son printed it off and shared it with his child as well.

I thought that of course the story of The Donut Dollies was a very interesting one. And apparently they did too.

The children that were told this story actually took the blog with them to school. And they discussed it in their class.

For that, I was amazed and a little flattered.

I know that sometimes my blog as whole gets passed around. That is evident to the amount of total views. Yet I do not really know who else is reading it and I do not know to what extent my blog posts gets shared and passed around. I do however, think that its cool!

And I also know that people are reading, even though they do not come out into the public and tell me “Hey, I liked your post” or whatever. They sit in silence and they read.

I never know which blog post is going to make either a wave or a big splash. But I think that as a writer/blogger when it does happen, it’s something that I become very proud of.

A lot of people seem to enjoy the personal experiences of life that when I look back, is just so funny or silly. Some call me a comedian, but I’m still not on stage or on television talking about my experiences and stories. I’m not sure that’s something I would do. Still people seem to enjoy it.

This post though, seems to have really spread like wildfire, going viral.. statewide.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here. And for those silent readers… thank you. And thank you to all who visit and read my blog.




This morning,  I was hanging out in the community room when I decided to go give some grief to the apartment manager.

As soon as I walked into his office, he alerted me that there was something that I would want to see, that was walking on the sidewalk outside of the apartment complex.

By the time I found an open window, the alleged eye candy was gone. I saw the back of the body and never saw what the apartment manager was hoping that I would take a glimpse of.

My first thought was that she was going to the corner store. I figured “what goes up, must come down”. So I went back into the community room, poured what was probably my fifth cup of coffee today, and waited to see if whether or not this woman would walk back again.

The other neighbors were watching me watching the window. They finally asked what I was doing. When I explained it to them, one of the ladies just rolled her eyes at me and opened up her coin purse and threw about $1.50 at me in coins. She told me to go to the corner store to see whether or not my theory might be true that this woman that I was supposed to see, might be sitting at the bus stop at the end of the block, or if she was inside the corner store. All in the hopes that I would stop looking at women and start talking to them.

Either way, I was sent out on a mission to chase skirt.

But the hunter would turn out to be the hunted.

As I approached the corner bus stop, I didn’t see any trace of the woman of whom I was chasing. Instead there was another woman sitting quietly and patiently at the bus stop with her back turned to me.

I didn’t bother pay attention. Instead I passed by her and looked. Her eyes caught mine as I zoomed by her and she smiled.

I continued on going into the corner store with my $1.50 and bought something quick and cheap. But the first woman was never found. I don’t know if I wasted too much time to go out on this hunt and she jumped on a bus or if she kept walking. All I know is that I never saw her again.

This other woman however, would turn me into the person being sought after.

As I was on my journey of returning home, the same attractive woman was sitting there quietly. When I began to pass her by again, she stopped me and asked me what time it was.

I stopped and gave her the time and she thanked me. And then asked me the most unusual question. A question that I didn’t see coming.

“Do you like to party?”.

Without thinking it through, I lied through my damned teeth and said, “Hell yeah!”.

Suddenly, this woman was asking me if I wanted to party with her. 


Abort! Abort! ABORT!!

I moved away from her. She kept giving options of where she and I could go to “party”. And even she asked me if I lived around in this neighborhood. By that time, my common sense finally caught up and I just had to tell her “Are you crazy??”.

As I said, the hunter became the hunted. This prostitute was trying to make a sale, but I declined.

Its only Wednesday. And its been crazy needless to say.  My journey to The Oasis is still days away.

I think that I should focus more on being with my family rather than trying to talk to women.

“Life is as tedious as twice-told tale, vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.”~ William Shakespeare

As of lately, I have been noticing this bombardment of television advertisements for online dating sites. More specifically,

It is one of the more popular and well known websites for singles who are looking for dating and relationships.

But this commercial has annoyed me since the first time I noticed one of the actresses giving a “testimonial” to the website.

She says something similar to the following:

“I’m not looking to date a bunch of guys. Just the right ones.” 

Simply annoying. After all, the whole construct of dating is to FIND the right one. Whether or not a person does when they date is clearly a personal choice.

I am not a member of and I probably never will be. I’ve only signed up for ONE dating website that was supposed to be FREE, but really wasn’t. And truthfully, I didn’t find anyone that caught my eye.

But I am going to safely assume that takes you through a journey of your likes/dislikes and then “matches” you up with someone that has given the same answers as you, believing you are a good fit.

It is a business and they do what they do. But still, if you are “dating all the right ones” then what in the world is the point to continue to use an online dating service? If you found the right one based on your matches, isn’t that enough? Why would you continue to date if you have “found the right one”?


I’m not saying that people who use these websites are lame, but what I am saying is that this commercial that I see over and over and over again… IS lame. Or am I wrong?

Yes, is a business. And they do what they do and offer the possibility of dating and relationships. And I know that sometimes things work out in the end and two people who have found each other have fallen in love and get married and have their happily ever after. Most certainly, has its own ways of measuring their business with success. And that’s fine. I believe that they say 1 in 5 find matches that they are happy with. Sounds like pretty good odds, right?? I just think that the marketing tool on television is a little FUBAR. Just the one commercial.

Naturally, will want to continue in gaining business by having people join the website. I have no idea just how many have joined, neither do I know how many couples have successfully found one another and it lead to a happy life of marriage. I am sure that it has happened. I won’t dare say that it hasn’t because that is not something that I know.

It is my personal opinion that the woman that they’ve probably hired to give that kind of statement, honestly isn’t all that attractive physically. I know that they try to make things full of glamour and what not. That’s the point. Attract as many potential members as possible.

But its a little nuts to have someone say, “I don’t wanna date guys, just the right ones.”

Dating has come a long way. Most certainly things have changed from what I believed worked in the world.

I was sharing a story with someone just yesterday about how a few years ago,  I would go to the club and when I found some woman that I thought was attractive, I would buy them a drink. I would tell the waitress that I wanted to buy them a drink, and I would watch from beginning to end. From the pick up at the bar all the way to the delivery of the drink to the woman. Anticipating that the woman would at least sit next to me and have a conversation. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. 

But that’s how I thought it worked. Geez, how wrong was I? To me, that was money well wasted. And after a few times of that happening, I quit doing it and saved my money in the long run.

Whether or not online dating works, is not the subject for this blog post. It’s the fact that I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve rolled my eyes into the back of my head hearing this stupid commercial. And for those who are successful at it? Congratulations.




Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead~ Charles M. Schwab 

If you have ever flown on an airplane before, you know how they always seem to take their time going through all of the safety procedures.

But some people actually fail to either hear or understand why they instruct you to place the oxygen mask upon yourself before administering one to a child or someone who is needing someone else to do it for them.

I’ve spoken to plenty of parents who get frustrated and downright angry and they say, “I’ll put it on my child before I will put it on myself. I’ll let myself die from lack of oxygen before I let my child die!”.

Well, that does seem noble. And even though I am not a parent myself, I can understand why they would want to help and protect their child.

There is a reason why they say to give yourself the oxygen mask before trying to help someone else. Because if there comes a situation where neither one of you can breathe… then how can you help your child? YOU need to be able to breathe first, otherwise you become useless in helping that child.

Now, I’m not trying to cheese off anyone but if you stop and think about it… it is all true. You need to help yourself before you can help others.

The same application can be used in daily life. If it seems to be hitting the fan and you want to help others, you need to make sure that you are okay and able to handle whatever situation it is that causes you the desire or need to help someone else.

It becomes wise to make sure that you have the strength and fortitude to help someone, if that is what you are wanting to do. If you are not happy, how in the world can you possibly cause someone else to be happy?

Because of our imperfect nature, we all have problems, faults, issues, and what not. And I could be the first person to tell you that it is a great feeling knowing that you have the ability to be able to help others in their times of crisis. I’ve written about it so many times before in previous blog posts about how good of a job I can help others by simply listening. So many that it could seem like to the reader that I am boasting and/or bragging.

However, how can I personally expect to be helpful to someone else if I am not happy?

Ladies & gentlemen, readers and subscribers… lately, I haven’t been happy. And I’ve almost come to the point where I have shut myself off to those who are so used to me just simply being there and offering a salutation or sentiment for the sake of getting them to either laugh or smile. I do feel bad about not being there, but I would would have to put on the oxygen mask of life upon myself before I can help anyone else.

My younger brother and his family are coming soon here from Europe to be with my sister and her family. And I personally am getting excited to see them again. From that point, myself and my brother and sister and their families will leave out of town for about a week. And then when my brother and his family leave to go visit my parents, I will be leaving my own way to go to Houston that weekend to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY perform.

It is my intention that at the time I am gone away from home, that I will be doing a lot of self-reflection on all of the issues that have been causing me to be unhappy. And I will also take that time to figure out what I am going to do about it so that I am once again a happier person.

I will be with family, and I believe that to be a good thing. Even if things get rough with them (because we all sometimes have problems with family), I am even more thrilled to know that I will be able to hang out with people who have always caused my worries to disappear, even for a little while. It will most likely be so good to hang out with Dr. Froth and his wife again, among the rest of the band for one night and those in the band’s circle. Looking back at each time I have done so, I can honestly say that during those times I have never had a care in the world. And I was able to just calm down and enjoy myself. The worries of the world will just have to wait until I get home.

And so that is my personal relation to the content of this blog. I know that soon I will be able to have the time to fix what is wrong and begin to do better of what is right. And after that, I can be available for those who have used my shoulder to cry on before so that they could do it again- if necessary.

Remember, helping others is always a good thing. Being able to fix yourself before you can fix the problems of the world must come first because if you don’t, your efforts will become futile.



This is a story that I came across just the other day that I found fascinating.

The story of the Donut Dollies, and their roles throughout wartime in United States history.

The history begins in World War II that the United States Armed Forces asked the American Red Cross to set up assistance to its troops. These were women who volunteered to make, prepare, and serve coffee and donuts to men on the frontlines of battle.

The name “Donut Dollies” stuck, but their roles in other wars changed.

They served later in Korea, and most notably in Vietnam.

The women who volunteered through the American Red Cross had to be at least 21 years of age, have graduated college, and unmarried. They were trained for several weeks and then taken over to where there troops were at that time.

During the Vietnam War, their jobs consisted of setting up recreational buildings. While wearing their powder blue dresses, they provided assistance for USO shows, played board and card games with the troops, and overall gave them moral support when other soldiers were killed or injured in the line of duty.  Some articles that I read, said that they were there when the troops would receive and read “Dear John” letters from back home, and they would be a soldier’s shoulder to cry upon.

Even though their job was to be there for the troops and always have a friendly smile on their faces, it didn’t come without its dangers. There are documented reports that some Donut Dollies were killed in Vietnam. There is a place in Washington D.C. that honor those who were lost. And the Donut Dollies are  considered by the United States Armed Forces as veterans of the Vietnam War. Even though they did not engage in any fighting, they still were there alongside the troops on the battlefield in camps and military bases all over the world. 

Many have said that they had not suffered any sexual misconduct from the troops. Sexual harassment and assault from the troops were virtually non-existent.

After the war, they had their own hardships that was very similar to what the troops had endured.

And now, several decades later, those who are still around actually get together and meet with one another at many Donut Dollies reunions each year.






“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”~
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Some would argue that I become fascinated with the smallest of things in life. Others would say that I don’t become stimulated enough when certain situations come my way.

We all have our own little things that cause our happiness and and our sorrows.

Through the blog though, there are definite factors that I notice that actually makes me stop and believe that I just might be doing something, and doing it well. Encouragement is one of those things.

WordPress now has something that they like to call “badges”. I got my first one last week. Throughout this entire blog, I had received my 50th “like” to a blog post. I honestly had no clue that throughout the pages of blog posts that I have written over time that I actually had that many individual “likes” to specific blog posts. And its spread out, indiscriminately from post to post.

I then went to see my blog stats. Today, I have over 17,500 views since the beginning. That too, is something that I have always found encouraging. And it shows in a  few blog posts when I have written about how excited I was to have reached a certain number of total views.

Especially after months and months of self-doubt that “anyone was paying attention” to the blog, regardless of how many people were either following or subscribed. I do sometimes, write with those people in mind though. Often, I never think about those who are the silent readers or those who are looking for a specific topic and stumble across my blog. Thus, the entire advantage of using “tags” because it does work!

Yet with being unsure of either the success of the blog, or lack of the definition of “success”. Or it just might be the insecurity within myself that would lead to the doubt.

What has always worked for me in the past, is the feedback. I know from receiving both negative and positive feedback where I should focus attention or begin to work on other things to make things even better and more enjoyable for anyone who may be reading.

I think what I find interesting and just a little funny are those who end up giving feedback without them knowing that’s what they are doing. Their admitting to have read my blog or certain blog posts is sometimes just enough to know that I want to continue writing. Some (or most) having something comical or funny to say about what they had read or how they enjoyed the stories of experiences in my life that I often include in my blog.

And yes, some even admitting to the fact that they like the eye candy that often comes along with my blog posts. An effort that I started in order to gain the attention of male readers once I learned that a large percentage of readers, subscribers, and followers were actually female. I knew that I was taking a bit of a risk with female readers by including such images, and hoping not to offend… I think so far, I have been able to accomplish that.

Perhaps I am sounding like I am making excuses. But that isn’t what I am striving for.

When a person tells me in one way or another that they’ve read my blog… it is totally encouraging for me to keep it up and keep going.

This morning, I received feedback. It caused a glow to my heart in a sense. They said:

“You are an amazing writer.  I love how you talk to the reader as if they are sitting at the table with you in conversation.  Which is what a good writer does.”

I didn’t know what to say, other than to thank them for their words. And with those words, that was even more encouragement for me to continue what I am doing. I don’t get that every day, and neither do I expect it. But once it is offered, I definitely ponder it.

I used to think that the more subscribers and followers that I had meant that I was having more and more success. But honestly, success is defined in so many different ways that one specific definition can’t hold up. So… that means that I have to define for myself whether or not I am being successful in what I am doing.

If I have helped someone in some way and they’ve learned … that is success.

If I have shared a life experience, and they have laughed until they cried… that is success.

If I caused someone to smile, and they haven’t done that in a long time… that is success.

And that is just how “I” measure my own success with this blog. With that success, I am honestly grateful and appreciative of those who do read, comment, “like”, follow, subscribe, and leave me feedback. Without all of it, I probably would have quit a long time ago. Thank you for being the encouraging support in this continuing endeavor.

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”~ Abraham Lincoln
So I’ve held on to this story for a while now, a couple of weeks. I’m not too entirely sure why as I know that some might find the tale rather interesting.
Other times when I have thought about writing it, I was always interrupted. So I locked the door, unplugged the telephone, and have tossed the cell phone into the toilet.
Never in my lifetime to this point did I think that I would actually be an eyewitness to an actual “cat fight”. But it did happen, and within the walls of my own home.
I had a nurse coming by to check on me that day. That still is full swing, although sadly the physical therapy is not.
But I had also set up services with a second home agency. And that second agency was to be responsible for hiring an attendant to help me with those personal needs that I am unable to take care of myself in my home. And not so much the medical side of things which require attention.
Because of the fact that the second agency had nobody to hire right away, they were insisting on sending people to my home to help get a start on things. And boy, did I need that!!
My only problem was that one day…. I was not told that anyone was coming. With the nurse already in place, it set the stage for the entertainment purposes of this blog post.
The nurse from the first agency has actually stood in my home and called the other agency to find out what was going on, building on the desperate “need” that I had to get someone to even come out. Weeks prior she had begun to get frustrated with this second agency that nobody was coming out to help at all.
The surprise visit of this “specialist” coming to help clean and do laundry and what not during the same time of this “go-get-em” nurse was rather explosive.
The nurse began to jump down the throat of this particular volunteer. She said that she had been here about a week before, but they had sent so many people in and out that I couldn’t remember them all.
The nurse got on to her and started talking about how poor this second agency has become. She focused on the fact that the agency and its workers failed at communicating with themselves and their clients. She went deeper to even explain it that nobody within the agency knows how to pick up a telephone to tell the clients which day they will and will not be there. On and on and on.
The woman just sat there stunned. Each and every time the nurse would speak she would point the finger directly at this woman. But when the woman would respond, she would look at me and not the accusing nurse.
I would have to say that I fully agreed with what the nurse was saying. I was surprised that the nurse didn’t start yelling and screaming and carrying on. The accused sat there frozen on my couch.
Then one word was uttered by the woman who sat so still: “Bitch.”
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd in this corner…. DING! DING! DING! DING!!
They both moved at each other at the same time, grabbing and swinging and everything a person could imagine. I had two professionals from two separate agencies at each other’s throat. ALL professionalisms were out the window.
It went on for several minutes before I actually had to somehow get in between them and break it up. Dangerous. I’m not sure how I am surviving today to be honest.
Men: NEVER attempt to break up a cat fight. You’ll get sucked into the whirlwind of it all.
The only reason why this was broken up so “easily” was at this altitude in a wheelchair, when I reached up to grab an arm and pull it away… I had misfired and instead grabbed a breast. Although by now I don’t remember which one. And I don’t want to, to be honest.
Once I got them separated, I told the “specialist” that I honestly had NOTHING for her to do that day and the nurse was SUPPOSED to be there so with those weighing factors, including the fact that she had started the confrontation, she had to leave.
The nurse gathered her things and prepared to do what she had to do and I walked the other one to the front door. I made sure to lock it behind her so there was no threat of her coming back for more. But I never did think to walk the nurse to her car, “just in case”.  Oh well. Lesson learned right there.
So there was no baby oil, chocolate pudding, or even mud. But the cat fight happened anyway. I knew that there would be someone who would just happen to walk by and then they would call the police and then EVERYONE would be in trouble and I did what I could to prevent it.
Never seen a cat fight until then. Hopefully I never will again. Unless I’m kidnapped by my friends and they make me pay a $20 cover charge to get into somewhere. And then… just maybe then…. there will be baby oil, chocolate pudding, or mud.