Tales Of The Hunted

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This morning,  I was hanging out in the community room when I decided to go give some grief to the apartment manager.

As soon as I walked into his office, he alerted me that there was something that I would want to see, that was walking on the sidewalk outside of the apartment complex.

By the time I found an open window, the alleged eye candy was gone. I saw the back of the body and never saw what the apartment manager was hoping that I would take a glimpse of.

My first thought was that she was going to the corner store. I figured “what goes up, must come down”. So I went back into the community room, poured what was probably my fifth cup of coffee today, and waited to see if whether or not this woman would walk back again.

The other neighbors were watching me watching the window. They finally asked what I was doing. When I explained it to them, one of the ladies just rolled her eyes at me and opened up her coin purse and threw about $1.50 at me in coins. She told me to go to the corner store to see whether or not my theory might be true that this woman that I was supposed to see, might be sitting at the bus stop at the end of the block, or if she was inside the corner store. All in the hopes that I would stop looking at women and start talking to them.

Either way, I was sent out on a mission to chase skirt.

But the hunter would turn out to be the hunted.

As I approached the corner bus stop, I didn’t see any trace of the woman of whom I was chasing. Instead there was another woman sitting quietly and patiently at the bus stop with her back turned to me.

I didn’t bother pay attention. Instead I passed by her and looked. Her eyes caught mine as I zoomed by her and she smiled.

I continued on going into the corner store with my $1.50 and bought something quick and cheap. But the first woman was never found. I don’t know if I wasted too much time to go out on this hunt and she jumped on a bus or if she kept walking. All I know is that I never saw her again.

This other woman however, would turn me into the person being sought after.

As I was on my journey of returning home, the same attractive woman was sitting there quietly. When I began to pass her by again, she stopped me and asked me what time it was.

I stopped and gave her the time and she thanked me. And then asked me the most unusual question. A question that I didn’t see coming.

“Do you like to party?”.

Without thinking it through, I lied through my damned teeth and said, “Hell yeah!”.

Suddenly, this woman was asking me if I wanted to party with her. 


Abort! Abort! ABORT!!

I moved away from her. She kept giving options of where she and I could go to “party”. And even she asked me if I lived around in this neighborhood. By that time, my common sense finally caught up and I just had to tell her “Are you crazy??”.

As I said, the hunter became the hunted. This prostitute was trying to make a sale, but I declined.

Its only Wednesday. And its been crazy needless to say.  My journey to The Oasis is still days away.

I think that I should focus more on being with my family rather than trying to talk to women.

  1. Kids these days…


    Apparently, “Do you like to party?” is code. I’m glad I read this, as I may have never known.

    Except something tells me I’m not the right gender for being the recipient of that question.

    Good job on your great escape!

    • Dambreaker says:

      “Do you like to party?”- Yeah that was something I already knew because I had heard stories about prostitutes. I SHOULD have known that when she asked. And that would have in turn- made me realize who and what she was! But no. Brain wasn’t as quick as the mouth was. Luckily, it caught up to me just in time!

  2. Sharon Chuvala says:

    I have to admit kiddo, I kinda thought you were joking about this. Wow! It’s good to know that, as tempting such a proposition such as that could be for any man (I chose gender specific because it seems to be the rule rather than the exception), you no doubt saved yourself from a variety of God knows what diseases, not to mention probable regret (among other things) later on!

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