9 June 2012: The Oasis within Six Minute Century

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“Most moist.”~ Dr. Froth 

And the crowning jewel of vacation. Going to see the SIX MINUTE CENTURY show at Acadia Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas for the R.N.I. Fest.

SIX MINUTE CENTURY played the second night of the event, and unfortunately I was totally bummed out that Decimation Theory threw in the towel and did not play.

Lonestar Metal Magazine put together this event to have bands from Texas play. It was really cool. Yet, I was there for one reason and one reason only.

Even dealing with being just a little bit sick, I carried on because I was already there and it would have been a disaster to have missed this show. Fever and all, I carried on and got there. Although by the time they got on stage, I was feeling better.

Instead of dealing with a stage that was at chest level, which is the way it is at BFE Rock Club, the band was only a couple of feet from the floor at Acadia. And so I had absolutely NO problem getting “up close and personal” with the band.

Still, this was definitely a show that should have been seen, and I’m overjoyed that I made it.

I had the opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Froth his wife, alongside lead singer, Chuck Williams and his wife. Just hanging out and laughing and talking about various stuff. They still feel comfortable with me being there whenever they talk about “band stuff”. That’s always been on my mind that they would feel that comfortable with me. But I do not take it for granted.

SIX MINUTE CENTURY now has a new drummer, and it was his first show to play for the band. And as a matter of fact, he still hadn’t met Chuck Williams before that night. Chuck had undergone surgery and was recovering. So with the new drummer now in place and the front man overcoming surgery… well, the show couldn’t have turned out any better.


That’s how I would characterize it.

And when they played my favorite song, “Zero Hour”, they gave me a shout out. I love when they do that, I will admit it.

Lead guitarist, Don LaFon (aka The Frenchman) told me a few months ago “That’s YOUR song!”. I could have just died. I noticed that Don reminded Chuck about me before they played it. Yeah, I was that close to the band and stage.

Near the end of the set, Don moved over towards the side of the stage where Dr. Froth was playing bass. Then Don moved forward and I remember just how close he was to my face playing his guitar.

I kept wondering a million questions in less than a second- “Do I touch him? Do I touch his guitar? Do I yell? What do I do?”, and so on. But alas, I froze and did nothing and he moved back to his side of the stage.

I think that their set was just under an hour. Probably more like under fifty minutes. But it was worth it.

Yet with my camera being stupid, I never got any pictures of the band in action. However, Vampiress of Metal (VoM) made sure that a picture was taken with her and I. And a picture with myself and Dr. Froth (her husband). I’m thankful for that opportunity. I can still say now that I was there.

Don LaFon allowed me to take a copy of the set list for the show. And then VoM suggested that I have the band autograph it. She made sure it got done. Including from the new drummer. Now I must go forth and find a frame.

One of the more memorable moments of the evening was throughout the night, I was introduced to a lot of people who are in the Houston music scene. And depending on who was introducing me to people, I was announced as … “he is from the Austin area and comes down to the shows. He is the band’s biggest/greatest fan.” It was either one of those two.

Flattery anyone? More like modest honor.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, without allow it to inflate in the process. Because that would be bad juju.

Then at the end of the night, with an autographed copy of the set list, and meeting the new drummer, and a great show… the band members began to leave. Chuck gave me a really big hug and I told him that I would try to make it to their next show, which would only be about an hour away from me. (Although I’m having doubts that I will make it.)

Chuck said to me, “YOU’D BETTER!!”. I was like: YES SIR!!

It was great to see them play again. It was even greater to be able to be around them for a night. Even though I originally hadn’t planned to be there… until the last minute– thank you, family vacation for being so close that I could make it to the show!!

And thanks to Dr. Froth and Vampiress of Metal for helping me out to make sure that I could be sure to be in attendance!


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