The Other Side

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either”~ Aesop 

It has brought to my attention that I might, have to recant a previous blog post in which I had told a sad story about a neighbor and had expressed an pre-determined opinion about them.

I was told that the neighbor in which I had previously described as a whore and a prostitute, had left her apartment and was gone off of the property and yet had left her company behind inside of her home and was frolicking with someone who actually IS known to be a prostitute across the street.

So I bolted out of the door, not sure of what I would see or find. When I reached the other side of the complex, I did not see my neighbor at all. But what I DID see was that there was a strange black man sitting on her couch. The front door had been left open and from an angle, I could see directly inside. My neighbor though was nowhere to be found. The information that I received that she was across the street and goofing off in the alley, turned out to either be false or outdated and she had moved on somewhere else. But the fact remained that a strange man was inside of her home.

Naturally, it is none of my business of who goes in and out of her home and who she selects to have as a house guest. However in this case, she had left herself prone to his will. He could have either stolen something or destroyed her personal property. Anything was possible.

I did call the police.

To my amazement, there were two policemen on the property and getting ready to investigate the unit within five minutes of the completion of the telephone call. But since there was no crimes being committed at the time of their presence, they were in and out and gone in under three minutes.

Sounds awful, I know. But hey, they were here in almost no time at all. That had actually made me feel better. As the policemen had left, I noticed when I went by to hang out at her neighbor’s place, the strange man was STILL there. He was talking on the telephone, excited and spirited. Someone who had escorted me across the property said that he could hear the strange man scream about how someone called the law on him.

By the time I had returned home, which was a full 90 minutes later, that strange man was STILL THERE!!! I could hear sounds of a conversation, but could not make out any intelligible words. He was still alone. That neighbor that we have deemed to be a “whore” still hadn’t come home.

Even though this man might not have been doing anything suspicious or illegal, what is the problem is that the resident, my neighbor, abandoned him inside of her apartment. And that’s against the lease…. I think.

This calling the police that I have done against my neighbor for the first time in probably a couple of years got me to think about what I was doing and what I had done.

I know that this woman has the police called on her a lot. And its done by her close and next door neighbor. But really, what is it exactly that she is doing that is causing everyone who lives here to want her to be evicted by management?

Is it because she has a weird STD and is still having sex with strange men or is it because she is becoming a complete irritant towards her neighbors and others who live here? 

There’s nothing illegal about her having sex. She is definitely of age to be sexually active, and an adult and old enough to make her own choices. It’s definitely not against any rules here. Yes sure, there are people who believe that what she is doing is immoral. But there are some questions raised from neutral parties about this manner.

Her next door neighbor has constantly called the police and turned in reports to management about her activities after office hours. Complaints that would stack up several miles high.  It has come to the point where she no longer desires to call the police because she has done it so many times and she feels that nothing is getting done about it.

But I personally have NEVER seen her in the midst of these alleged activities that others have claimed she has involved herself with, in the last twelve months.

She feels harassed and I am started to believe in that. If she is making so much noise when she is having sex and keeping up her next door neighbor, then why haven’t the other neighbors on the other side of her or in back complained as well? Where are the voices of others who can verify that she is in the middle of all of this illegal activity?

There’s always two sides of any story. And unfortunately when I wrote about her before, I did not have nor consider her side. Plus the fact that I never have been a witness to any of the allegations brought on by her next door neighbor.

I do know that she is an alcoholic. I do know that she is taking prescription drugs. I do know that I have seen her keeping company of men that of ill repute. But I’ve never witnessed anything that would be considered illegal.

It is scary that she has so many strangers coming in and out of her home. That to me, is a safety issue for others as they could easily go to another apartment building and steal something, break something, or harm someone. But management cannot evict her just for having company. Management cannot tell her that she cannot have visitors.

And when something happens that is legit, and the police must be notified… those who have called (which are only a hand full of people) fail to take all the information and don’t bother to even get a case number and have that report given to management.

Those who have repeatedly called the police on this woman never have anything to back up their claims when they report their stories and issues with the apartment manager. And with no case number or name of the officers on duty who came to investigate, it just ends up being a bunch of “he said/she said”.

I did report tonight’s events to the police only because I DID SEE it.


If they TRULY wanted her to get help, or just be told to leave, they need to be doing a better job than what they are and what they have been doing.

Thinking about this woman and HER side of things, I can see why she thinks she is being picked on. And the reality is that’s all it is. Its not pro-active to get her help. Nor does it help them in their desires to have her removed. She’s living a lifestyle that anyone can see is detrimental to herself, and possibly towards others.

But what she does isn’t illegal. With the exception of the times in which police were called for the smell of marijuana coming from her home. And by the time the police showed up back then, the odors were gone.

It is never a dull moment living here.



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