A Lesson To Share

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Tonight, I read the most intense, most descriptive, and most emotional blog post that I had ever read in my life. 

The blog post comes from Dr. Froth, author of the blog “Frothtonomy”. Better known by THIS blog as the bassist of SIX MINUTE CENTURY. Personally though, I call him the “Father of Dambreaker’s blog” as I have been reading his for quite some time now and by reading his blog, it had convinced me to start a blog of my own.

The post talks about one of the most personal and difficult times in his life.

I had briefly heard this story before. But never in such vivid detail. I have met him before in person. I’ve seen many of his shows, I’ve met his family, I’ve spent time with him inside of his home, and was even invited to his wedding last year.

I think that his recent post though, explores the one side of him that not a lot of people know. And not a lot of people would think that it would define or describe him, as those fans of SIX MINUTE CENTURY have become to know him as a strong-willed, crass, and profane. As well as extremely funny. That of which, can NOT be left out.

To have read his story would probably shock the pants off of some people, and leave other non-believers into a dizzy spell.

Like I said, I knew a little about this story as he told me face to face one day. And as I read and was able to fill in a lot of the blanks by reading this, I was overwhelmed with so much emotion and passion that I simply began a deluge of tears and crying that I could not control.

I had only read one-fourth of the story and I could feel my body tremble. So I began to read it out loud to myself in order to some how distract the rest of my body from doing what is natural and attempting to prevent the tears from coming.

It was unsuccessful.

However I could just imagine how difficult it may have been for him to have to re-live this part of his life in order to tell the story and share it on his own personal blog. Throughout the times reading and hearing my voice narrate, I had a visual sense of “being there” as the story progressed. Even though I knew what the ending was going to be.

But alas, I did not know. I was wrong. And no, I was never REALLY there.

Near the end, Dr. Froth presents a wonderful lesson that he had shared along with his story. And because I was able to get through to the end of the story, I found that message. I found that lesson. And it turned on the light bulb inside of my own head.

Message received.

As I finished up with the last few tears that I shed, in my heart I just have to believe that Dr. Froth know the love and respect that I have for him. Not only as a professional and a musician. But also as a human being and a friend.

I find that “Frothtonomy” has changed my life for good, for the second time. And I am most grateful for that. I cannot say that a lot of people (at least in the recent past) has been able to do that, and more than once!

So I share with you his blog post in the hopes that you too, can learn the lesson that is found within to make YOUR life greater.




  1. millsap says:

    Thanks bro…I’m glad that you and many others were able to take the good things that Harmoney left behind for us when she left.

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