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YouTube sensation and Internet celebrity, Marina Orlova  has become quite popular with her own stylized versions of etymology lessons. Her catch phrase is “Intelligence Is Sexy”. 

Enter today’s etymology from Dambreaker’s cornucopia of eclectic vocabulary words. Sapiosexual.

Origins: From the Latin root sapien, wise or intelligent, and Latin sexualis, relating to the sexes.

So now I am thinking that perhaps Marina Orlova has a point. Intelligence just may be sexy.  Even though I had basically been turned off at the fact that she was using her own sexuality in her YouTube videos. Sex still sells. I don’t think that there is a day that has gone by where someone on YouTube has made some kind of vile, sexually charged comment to her because of it.

Nonetheless, it appears that the sapiosexual person is becoming more and more evolved into the 21st Century. More and more it seems like that men and women are looking for someone who can challenge them intellectually.

It also appears that the days are gone in which men are looking for a woman with big breasts and just enough intelligence to hand them a beer every once in a while. And the fact that women are no longer just seeking buff men who can carry half of a skyscraper on their shoulders with engorged muscles and a tight butt.

I’m not saying that men and women don’t appeal to that sort of thing, but it is becoming more and more the story that men and women are looking for something more than just simple “eye or arm candy”. The beauty is only skin deep. Intelligence though, lasts a lifetime. 

Or I could be wrong. It could be just a certain age group of people who seek to be the sapiosexual. I cannot say that is for sure. But this definition isn’t all that well known in today’s culture. Up until this point, it was just a label that a man or a woman chose a partner that is “smart” over sexy.

I would like to believe that for those people who seek out the intelligence in others, that if they were to find that certain sex appeal in a potential partner, that it would become an added bonus for them.

Intelligence however is defined and weighed on so many different variables. Just because I do not have a Masters Degree in something, doesn’t make me stupid. And it doesn’t make me less intelligent. It just mean that I excel in other things. Such as music and language. And you never know, there may be someone out there who thinks that is sexy or an attractive quality. To be able to excel with that kind of smarts and intelligence in those areas.

It all boils down to what a person thinks is smart and intelligent. And if those things that they find, makes them sexually aroused, then they are a sapiosexual. Whatever that may be to the person who finds it stimulating because it is intelligent.

So this is your lesson of the day. Go forth and educate and be intelligent. Because someone might find that to be attractive and as a result find YOU sexy!!!!




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