Ridiculous: Like a BOSS.

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”~ Benjamin Franklin

Facebook remains on top of the mountain. King for a plethora of assorted drama. A nest of narcissism. And I’m going to begin a mission to blog about it whenever it comes up and amuses me.

Recently I have found myself straying away from the idea of keeping the amount of friends l0w. I had thought that I was doing well. And maybe Facebook had a glitch again.

But I’ve found myself adding some new people and I’ve noticed that the total number of people of “friends” has been soaring.

Needless to say that some of the newer ones haven’t been all that bad. It will take some time to get to know them, and for them to get to know me. That’s just what its all about.

But I’ve also experienced some wild and ridiculous deletions, if you will.

I had stumbled across a comment feed, and I thought I saw someone that I knew long ago. I went to check their personal Facebook profile, but there was nothing that I could see because of privacy settings. It was a case that I could have sworn that this was someone that I knew. So I had sent a friend request.

A few moments later, I receive the notification that they had accepted my friend request. Yaaay!! It was time to go and investigate whether or not I was correct.

By the time I clicked on to their profile, I couldn’t see anything. All these error messages came up.  They had REMOVED me as their friend.

So I sent another request. Again, they accepted it. And then again, they removed me just moments later.

What are people trying to prove by doing something like that? I thought that this was a “social networking” site.

I didn’t bother with it, and I moved on. I later returned to Facebook to share some information with someone, and it was then that I realized that I had a hidden message in the inbox. It was that person that had accepted and deleted me twice.

“Do I know you? Who are you?”.

Okay, when that happens people….. chances are that they have NO freaking clue what they are doing and they do not know who you are. And they’re not that willing to add you to Facebook.

This story however, was a little insane. I had been off of Facebook for a substantial amount of time before I came back and then I found that message. And there was all these questions. “You wanna add me but you don’t wanna talk to me? What is your problem? Who are you?” and so on.

Then I looked and it said that I was unable to reply to this person. They went for the full-on block.


They ask me a bunch of questions. They were assuming that I was sitting right there on Facebook and ignoring them. So then they block me. Whatever. It obviously was not the person that I thought was, because they wouldn’t gone to the lengths that they did to act like such a jerk. If it had been the person that I thought it was, I would imagine that it would have been questions like “Don’t I know you from?” and so on.

I had another example in which someone had added me. They LOVED to talk! They LOVED the attention!! But as I continued to talk with them, and I searched through their profile, I found out for myself that they were pretty fake. But I said nothing about it to them. I started a series of questions to get to know them.

That apparently was not good. And they said that I was getting out of line and they didn’t need that and so they blocked me.

I was not getting out of line, I was finding them out and they didn’t want me to.

I guess that society will forever have their idiots who wanna be fake, hide behind a computer, and cause mass hysteria for others and not care what happens.

So all of this has become funny to the point that I am going to make an effort to share the stories of these stupid people. And who knows, maybe you know a few of them yourself.


  1. Alex Jones says:

    I always ask why people bother to share their privacy and personal details with complete strangers.

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