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“Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn’t even the star of his own Halloween special. “~ Chris Rock

As Halloween 2012 comes to an end and I am sitting here in the dark and sharing text messages with a sexy Vulcan, I thought that I would pause from that and share the story that I was explaining to the rest of you.

It has been wonderful not having to deal with random strangers knocking on my door and begging for candy and treats. I’ve not had to deal with that for many years. Either I have lived on very private property where the practice of Trick-or-Treating was frowned upon or lived inside a gated community. It has worked to my advantage.

The point of this post is to tell the story of the last time that I did have someone knock on my door on Halloween.

They were not small children, they weren’t even teenagers. They were full grown adults dressed up in homemade costumes. And they were going door to door looking for beer.

The smell of the beer that they had already consumed was heavy. Some of them couldn’t even stand up on their own… they were that drunk!

I sent them away. And told them not to come back. BIG MISTAKE.

They did. But because they were so intoxicated, they made so much noise that I knew they were coming up the street. And so, I prepared for their return.

Let me set up the scene here. Halloween night in Kansas. Snow is already on the ground. It was around 12:30 AM. The air temperature was 25-30°F. And a thunderstorm was in the area. Actually it was approaching. But it was raining with a little bit of lightning and thunder.

I ran outside and waited in the dark, trying not to wake up the neighbors. The drunks had gone to the local grocery store which was on the other side of the fence from the property that I lived in, and bought a bunch of eggs to take their revenge.

Yep, they were there to throw eggs at my home. Two of them got a few off, but it did very little damage as the shattered eggs landed on bricks. Nothing that I personally had to worry about.

But what they did not realize was that as it began to rain softly in the brisk and cold night air, I was in the dark with a garden hose. And I hit them all with the water coming from the faucet that was on the side of the building through a garden hose that was laying across my patio area. It had been there already and so they didn’t realize it.

I soaked their drunk asses to the point of pure moistness.

They all ran off into the night, cursing me and threatening that they will come back to finish the job. But I was ready.

It was about 3:00 AM and half of the determined group had in fact, returned. I had put away the garden hose but had made some arrangements for company. The local police department.

Sure enough, the eggs began to hit my home, and I called the direct cell phone to the officer nearest me. Within a few minutes, the police officer came up on them in the dark and rain and night and got up right behind them before turning on his swirling lights and the siren.  Some of them were arrested for trespassing. Others were charged with damage to private property or intent to cause damage. The others who ran got away with it but I never heard from them ever again.

So yes, that was the very last time I had ANYONE knocking on my door on Halloween. I hope all of you who celebrated with Trick-or-Treating and attended parties were all safe tonight. And I also hope that you had a lot of fun.

Until the next time.


Scared To Death

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“I’m obsessed with zombies. I like watching zombie movies and I read zombie books.”~ Kevin Bacon

When I heard about this story I was totally shocked and then on the other side of things I could do nothing but nod.

If it is true then it is terrible and tragic.  But since I heard about it by word of mouth then I do not know whether or not I am going to believe that it is.

As we come closer and closer to Halloween, everyone who celebrates are getting excited. And some of us are the kind of friend that will exploit the fears of other friends.

Such is the case that I heard most recently.

A group of friends were wanting to go visit a haunted house. But one of the friends had a really nasty fear. They didn’t like being scared and all of that. They didn’t watch horror films and they didn’t participate much in Halloween. The problem was that they just scare too easily.

Well the rest of the group were minus one, and they just didn’t feel right about it. They wanted to include their fear struck friend in their hijinks some how.

Rather than spending their money for admission to their favored haunted house, they decided to use the money to dress up with costumes and make-up and go scare their fearful friend at his home.

The group was described to go to the nines. They even learned how to be a zombie after hiring an instructor. So the group finally got ready with their scary outfits and had a few zombie actors tag along with them to go scare their friend.

They waited until after 11 PM at night and they came up to the house and started pounding on the front door and windows all around the house. 

Their friend was asleep when they arrived. When he heard all of the noises, he went into a panic. He reached under the bed and pulled out his loaded pistol and started screaming at the people to go away.

The zombie party continued to stay in character, until the first shots were fired through the bedroom window.

In his half-awake state, the victimized and pranked friend went ballistic and fired upon everyone who was banging against his house.

Even after the scary party realized what was going on and they fled for their lives and coming out of character, the guy charged out of his house and kept firing upon them.

It was never told whether or not anyone had died in this horrible incident. But I think it would be safe to say that someone got seriously hurt.

I’ve been searching and searching online for any story or article written about this. I have not been successful in finding anything. So, this could just be a Halloween story for fun. If that is the case… that’s messed up!!

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, no matter how you celebrate it. Be mindful and respectful of other people, keep it clean folks.



“Here’s something to think about: How come you never see a headline like ‘Psychic Wins Lottery’? “~Jay Leno

First of all, Happy Birthday, S.K.! Much love to you on your birthday!

Today I bring to you two different tales of lottery winners. Both of them unique and impressive if I say so myself.

Andy & Nayel Ashkar from New York won a prize of $5 million dollars on a lotto ticket that they bought…………. SIX YEARS AGO.

That’s right, in 2006 the brothers had the winning ticket to that much money. One of the brothers however, was soon to be married and he wanted to make sure that his wife-to-be was going to marry him for his love and NOT for his money.

The brothers had eleven days before the winning lotto ticket was going to expire. So they finally turned it in to get their winnings.

In my opinion, I think that the engaged brother had the right idea to make sure that his bride would marry him for him, and not for his millions of dollars.

I also believe that waiting for a long time before turning it is a good idea. That way, you can estimate just how much you are going to receive and take the time to plan and budget on what you are actually going to do with all that cash. I think that it would help with dealing with the pressures of people coming to you asking for loans or monetary gifts. If you have decided what you are going to do with it all, and you have nothing to spare then you might not feel as bad when you tell people that you are not going to help them. And that is because you have already made your decision on what you are going to do with it.

On the other side of the lotto coin, so to speak, Sandeep Singh from Hyannis, Massachusetts recently won $30.5 million dollars playing the lotto. His story is a little more unique as apparently his girlfriend had dumped him just prior to him winning the huge amount of cash.

When the media asked him how he was dealing with the break up, he mentioned that he had been having a hard time with it. But he also mentioned that since he found out that he had won the lottery, he’s been doing a lot better and has been feeling so much better about himself. He’s not mentioned whether or not his former girlfriend has attempted to contact him or reconcile since the news broke of his winnings.  I just get the feeling that most likely his girlfriend MIGHT try it? But I cannot say for sure. Whatever he decides, will be totally on him. 

Personally I do not believe that I would allow someone back into my life. Especially since I was the person who got dumped. They obviously had their reason for it, so then why take them back? At the point that I was dumped was that moment that they had decided that they didn’t want it any more. What makes anyone think that they would change their mind that they wanted it again… ESPECIALLY if I have won the lottery??? I just would have a whole lot of suspicion about it.

What about you? Would you take back someone who came crawling back after the moment that they found out that you were suddenly richer? What would you do with your winnings?

And do you agree with the brothers to wait for six very long years before they turned in their winning ticket? Why or why not? It would be interesting to hear what you have to say.





There are so many different causes that have Awareness Days or Months that it is often difficult to keep track of.

On the day this blog post is written, it is Homeless Awareness Day.

We all know or are at least aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The pink has been showing up in a lot of places.

Each of these awareness campaigns are significant and important to all of us in a way. Naturally for this month, its Spina Bifida Awareness, and that would be significant and important to me!

But here’s a list of other campaigns that I found for just the month of October:

Black History Month (UK)
Computer Learning Month
Cook Book Month
Country Music Month
Disability Employment Awareness Month
Diversity Awareness Month
Diarrhea Awareness Month
Filipino American History Month
Family History Month
Gourmet Adventures Month
Hunger Awareness Month
Italian-American Heritage Month
LGBT History Month
Nonprofit Career Month
National Kitchen and Bath Month
National Bullying Prevention Month
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Car Care Month
National Caramel Month
National Book Month
National CyberSecurity Awareness Month
National Depression Education and Awareness Month
National Dessert Month
National Health Care Food Service Month
National AIDS Awareness Month
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month
National Pasta Month
National Pet Wellness Month
National Pickled Peppers Month
National Cookie Month
National Cosmetology Month
National Country Ham Month
National Crime Prevention Month
National Pizza Month
National Apple Month
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
National Applejack Month
National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
National Pork Month
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
National Pretzel Month
National Restaurant Hospitality Month
National Roller Skating Month
National Seafood Month
National Spinach-Lovers’ Month
National Squirrel Awareness Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
National Sun Dried Tomato Month
National Toilet Tank Repair Month
National German Heritage Month (Celebrated from September 15 to October 15)
Polish American Heritage Month
Spina bifida awareness month
Vegetarian Awareness Month

Day – Week:

October 1 – International Day of Older Persons (Recognized by the UN)
October 1 – World Vegetarian Day
October 2 – International Day of Non-Violence (Recognized by the UN), observed on M.K. Gandhi’s birthday
October 3 – World Smile Day
October 4 – World Animal Day
October 4 – eDay
October 5 – World Teachers’ Day
October 5 – Poetry Day
Second Wednesday of October – International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
October 8 – World Humanitarian Action Day
October 8 – World Egg Day – 2nd Friday of October every year
October 9 – World Post Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – Global Jamie Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 9 – Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls. Here are dates for future FPW campaigns: 2013: October 6-12 – 2014: October 5-11 – 2015: October 4-10.
October 10 – World Mental Health Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 10 – World Day Against Death Penalty, recognized by the WCADP
October 13 – International Suit Up Day
October 13 – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
October 14 – World Standards Day
October 15 – World Blind Day / World Sight Day
October 15 – International Day of Rural Women (Recognized by the UN)
October 15 – Global Handwashing Day
October 16 – National Boss Day (Boss’s Day)
October 16 – World Food Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Recognized by the UN)
October 20 – International Day of the Air Traffic Controller
October 20 – World Statistics Day
October 22 – International Stuttering Awareness Day
October 24 – United Nations Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 24 – World Development Information Day (Recognized by the UN)
October 27 – World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (Recognized by the UN)
October 29 – Sleep-In Day
October 25 – 31 – International Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness Week

First Monday of October – World Habitat Day (Recognized by the UN)

If you want to laugh, then laugh. Some just don’t seem all that legit. But to some parts of the world, they truly are. There’s a reason for them, which is a scary thought if you allow your brain to mull in it.

So I’ve changed my cover photo on Facebook for Spina Bifida Awareness, personally.  And I still believe that the yellow ribbon associated with it, goes well with the pink. I’m hoping that you will wear both.


“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. “~ Michel de Montaigne

This afternoon, I heard the horrendous roar overhead. I was annoyed because I was taking a nap. So I went outside and looked up to see what was going on.

There was an airplane flying low in the sky, carrying a banner for someone’s marriage proposal.

It circled by time after time after time.

But I noticed something very strange. There was no name attached to it. It didn’t specify who the marriage proposal was for OR who it was from.

I watched as this plane cruised towards downtown.

I was horrified. How many other people saw it? And worst of all, how many romantic couples had seen it AS a couple?? Men all across town who are taken are in grave, grave danger!!!

I would hate to be in downtown today. Who knows what kind of trouble that simple error which could have been avoided, has caused??

I’m all for creativity. And I’m all for love. But blank proposals like this could destroy the reputations of people. And I wonder if the person for which it was intended had actually seen it? And even more curious- did she say YES??

C’mon guys! I know that it can make you nervous to pop the question to you girl. But you’ve gotta be a little more thorough than this.

And ladies tell me truthfully: Whether your man forgot to include your name on the aerial banner, if he pointed it out that it was meant for you, would you say YES?

What is the most romantic proposal that you have heard of? Was yours romantic or fun?


“If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn’t worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it’s life or death.”~ Morgan Freeman

Even I believe that this story is too good and too funny to pass up to pass around. 

My sister had come by with her children. My nephew and niece. My nephew had noticed that no lights were on in my home. The sun was shining and still sufficient natural light was there, so I didn’t feel the need to use the electricity.

My nephew wanted to know why it was so dark. And his mother literally looked him in the eye, and said that I was a vampire.

I looked up and saw that she had said it with a straight face. She was a wall of all sincerity explaining to her child why the lights were out.

My nephew actually fell for it, it had seemed. But I was so intrigued that my sister said it without cracking up and laughing.

Later on, I would be told that my nephew said to his mother that he did NOT really think that I was a vampire.

Darn!!!!! I wanted to see how long that I could make that one go.

It’s interesting how parents throughout generations have said certain things existed just to get their children to behave. The monster of the bed, the thing in the closet, and the threats of misbehaving children to be taken away by demons and devils forever.

But then we also have things like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Some of the things we are told as children are told to put the fear into us, so that we would end up being good children. At least children that will do what our parents want.

The other side of it, we’re told as children that our good behavior will be rewarded.

As adults, we don’t really have that kind of thing that will curb our behavior. We’re not exactly rewarded for doing good things in our lives. But then again, we’re not threatened by evil for when we do bad things.

Maybe we should come up with something?? A huge group of people from all nations should combine their children’s myths to tie it into adulthood and for those able to talk about it with a straight face, let these adults know that there’s rewards for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior.

Nonetheless, I think that I could have curbed my nephew’s behavior… had he still believed that I was in fact, a vampire!!!

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I guess that this post is going to be one “in review”.

I am not going to fill this blog with a lengthy sob story or how it relates, because I’m not going to waste my time about it.

But it appears a bit necessary to repeat that life is not perfect.

Life is not ever going to be all peaches and cream. If it was, then everyone would have pie and there would be no one left to eat cake.

Disappointment strikes us all at some point in our lives. Some more often than others. But what I am going to focus on is the fact that sometimes when we want to know something, we don’t always get the answers that we were actually looking for. Or we get the responses that we were not expecting.

So then what? What are you going to do?

Most people would actually dust themselves off and press on to find an answer, if they have received none. Others would take up the understanding that they were not meant to have the answers that they really wanted deep down. And of course, they are crushed. But they also move on.

Sitting around and pouting actually gets people NOWHERE. Being rude and acting like a child doesn’t either. That is assuming that you are not still a child. I can honestly say that I am simply astonished on the amount of people out there who are adults that still cry and whine like children whenever they do not get their way.

Either find the answer another way or just move on and forget about it and maybe hope for the day that the answer will come your way.

But for those who get answers to their burning questions, and it ends up being something that they do not like or care for? SUCK IT UP!

Dwelling on the fact that you got shut down won’t get you what you wanted in the first place. In fact, it will only separate you even further from succeeding in your path of knowledge.

Treating others poorly who give you answers you don’t want to hear makes you look like such an undesirable person. And what you will probably end up doing is make yourself look like you don’t deserve what you want. And it will not matter what your worth is or isn’t, you will have destroyed that by your own selfish and immature actions.

Get over it. Life will sometimes tell you NO!

Pick yourself up and find another way or learn to accept the things that you honestly cannot change as stated in the common and popular “Serenity Prayer” that many of us know by heart.

GROW UP because others around you already have. Time to live your life like responsible and sensible adults.



YEAR: 2012


John Calvin-Vocals

John (O.J.) Morris-  Lead & Rythym Guitar

Tim Wayne- Lead & Rythym Guitar

Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap-Bass Guitar


Doom is here!

Yesterday I received the pre-order of the brand new album from Well Of Souls.

I was really excited about it. I didn’t waste any time to put the CD in and play it.

Although I must say that this is a new genre for me. I don’t recall listening to a lot of what is considered “doom metal”. Or it could be that I just never thought about calling it that.

I was really impressed with their show back in August. I really believed in John Calvin’s stage presence. So convincing and it gripped at me. So listening to the new album, I knew that his pure vocal style would reach out again and twist at the strings of my soul to bend.

There are some really awesome pieces to this album. I think that so far, that I’m really into songs like The Pain’s Not Forgotten, Forsaken, and Sorrow My Name.

I believe that this album actually got me to open my eyes to the wide variety of music that is out in the world. Not everything that I do listen to requires a lot of hair spray, shredded jeans, and screaming vocals. As most people tend to believe.

Well Of Souls has a sound on their new album that convinces me that their shit is together. I got to hang out with these guys and just by the way they talked, I could tell that they were all serious about the band and their music. And I find that to be one of the greatest things that many bands are missing today. To other bands, its just something that they do. They have no passion, and only look forward to the paycheck at the end of the night when they play a live show.

But I cannot get enough of The Pain’s Not Forgotten. Even within the privacy and comforts of my own home, I feel like throwing the horns into the air and swaying the Bic lighter back and forth. And then switch into wanting to jump off of my own furniture. However, I do not need to miss a future show because I broke my neck or something.

Throughout the first time that I listened to the album, I had several people calling me on the telephone, wondering what in the world was going on. I did honestly have the volume up so high that probably parts of northern Mexico could hear it.

Probably the most common question I got from people either knocking on my door or calling me was “Who Died?” and I cannot help but find that funny.

Like I said, its not something that I commonly have a lot of knowledge with. But I am so very glad that I got to see them play live so I could see just what kind of an effect their music has on people, including the effect that they would have on me.

I’m totally impressed!!!

And what makes it a whole lot better is that when I opened the CD case, I found it autographed by the entire band. To which I am humbled and thankful that they did that for me.

I am glad that I was able to expand inside my own mind. The album is officially release date is on the 9th of October.