Jumping Off The Facebook Wagon

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”~ John F. Kennedy

For anyone who spends any amount of time on Facebook, you’ll know right away what I about to discuss.

There are some major nasty scams out there. They con you into actually dividing your attention to their post for their own personal gain.

They are always asking you to click like and share if you agree with something. Usually what they are saying is pleasant and agreeable, but then they turn the screws on you by saying that if you disagree and want to be a big jerk, to just ignore it.

Whatever it is that they want you to agree with, they want you to spread it around like the plague. And I personally am putting a stop to it.

Just because I am not clicking like or share on a photograph of a cute little basket of puppies doesn’t mean I want them to drown in the nearest river. Or just because I am not in favor of a particular political candidate doesn’t mean that I want the world to die in an inferno. I mean, these people who come up with these are just so hardcore about their statement to the point where I have seen it in religious posts that if you ignore it, you want to burn in Hell forever. And that my dear readers is utter and complete madness.

Sad to say that I have seen it arise in other places other than social networking sites. Even in my own e-mail have I seen something similar to this and its downright intrusive, disgusting, misleading, and rude.

So I totally REFUSE to acknowledge their little mind games. I refuse to take part in their campaigns of mental terror. I mean after all, am I supposed to lose sleep because I moved on and didn’t share a photograph of a horse licking a cow and therefore that must mean that I am against animals? Well, I am NOT against animals, and I don’t find your photograph all that much entertaining, amusing, or interesting to either click like or share. So I won’t do it.

People who come up with these need to be dragged out into the streets and covered in mud.

I’m not allowing anyone to control what kind of content is shown on my Facebook profile so you can just forget it!!!

Don’t let others treat you unfairly. Post what you want but also be aware of the rules and regulations of Facebook so that you will avoid being in trouble.

Take your click like and share and stick it!!!

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