The Stance Of Support

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Karen Alloy

“In a relationship each person should support the other; they should lift each other up.”– Taylor Swift

More than a week ago, I checked my mail to find an envelope from Karen Alloy, aka spricket24 from YouTube. I had been following her through her videos for many years now and find that a lot of what she does is hilarious. Especially since the one time early in her YouTube career where she supposedly consumed body deodorant.

Now she currently is making homemade soaps on the side. I’m not sure if this is some kind of extra means of income or not, as she does really well with her YouTube videos. Well enough to have won an Emmy.

But I figured I’d get in on an opportunity where she was promoting her homemade soaps and offering a headshot photograph with any purchase of her soaps.

And so I bought some and purchased some soap and received as promised, the photograph. I was relieved to find it signed.

A lot of people who know me better personally would automatically assume that I support her because of her looks and beauty. But that’s not the case.

Around the same time, I gave a generous donation via PayPal to another YouTube personality that I find fascinating and interesting with her knowledge of certain things.

I think that in our own lives, we all have a list of people that we would definitely stand up and support in whatever endeavors that they choose to do in life. And we have our own list of reasons as to why we do it.

Most people online by now see me as the “mouthpiece” of the band SIX MINUTE CENTURY. In a sense, they are correct. I do talk about the band and their music constantly and whenever I get a chance. Why???? Because I enjoy their music and I support their future projects. I just believe it to be a very great bonus that I have become friends with them all and have been added to their circles.

With spricket24 and the person that I gave the donation to, I just really appreciate their hard work and dedication. As I said, I think Karen Alloy is hilarious. And she’s even a strong woman to deal with the sexually graphic comments that she receives constantly. Some of her responses back to these morons are just as funny as the content in her videos.

This afternoon, I was having a conversation with a “nay-sayer” and needless to say that it was quite ridiculous that I found myself in that situation to even entertain their thoughts and feelings. Their suggestion was to chill out and cut back on the amount of support that I give to certain people.

And yes, I thought that was quite ignorant, irresponsible, and honestly dumb.

When there is something or someone that makes us happy, we all have the tendency or feeling to want to shout it from the top of the mountain. I do not believe that there’s anything wrong with that feeling. However, one must understand that once you’ve climbed up there and started shouting that you are going to eventually cry out to someone who disagrees with you for whatever their own personal reasons may be. And while you are up there, sometimes its good to analyze the point of WHY you are shouting. Is it because you want the world to know that something or someone has made you happy, or is it because you want to be heard and noticed? If by chance it is the latter, then perhaps you might not want to shout so loudly.

Am I trying to get the attention of spricket24? Nope. If I wanted to do that, I can just e-mail her or send her a letter. Am I trying to get the attention of others? No. I already received it in some way or another, and I simply support those who I care about. A majority of them that end up being some of my best of friends.

But again, there’s nothing wrong with sharing with one another your joys and your blissful moments. I don’t believe that anyone should have the right to tell you what you can and cannot like or support. Its your life.

Life is too short to be someone else’s puppet. Do what you feel is right in your heart. And support whatever and whomever you enjoy!!


  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I think it is really cool of you. I know how much hard work and dedication goes into writing daily. I am sure producing a video can be equally hard. I have been on both sides. I am sure she appreciates your support.

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