WTF Award For February 2013

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So it wasn’t enough to have the Idiot Award. Nor was it enough to have the Dumbass Award either. Not even the Douchebag Award can suffice. Now we have the WTF Award. Given to those who’s behavior and actions are so out of this world that we’re left asking that very question.

Lesya, 18 years old from Saransk, Russia now has this facial tattoo that was put on by none other than her boyfriend less than 24 hours after meeting face to face for the first time.

They met in an online chat room previously and finally made the big move to meet one another in person. Suddenly the insanity starts to put its own puzzle pieces together.

And this is a result of what happened. She ALLOWED Ruslan Toumaniantz to do this.

Apparently, Ruslan is a rogue tattoo artist. But they are so into each other that they have both said that this was a way to show their devotion and love towards one another.

And as one could expect, they intend on being married soon.

One would only HOPE so after that kind of bodily desecration.

True, getting a tattoo is a form of expression, and is art, blah blah blah blah… don’t even try to argue that with me. I have three tattoos myself but they aren’t visible unless I actually show them to you. face-tattoo-500x373

This is a very extreme action in which I think very little was considered.

For the optimist though, one would believe that they are going to make a great couple. Then upon seeing a photo of them together, it started to make a little more sense to me.

But it is still mind boggling that it happened in the first place.

He couldn’t surprise her with a diamond ring or even tattoo a ring on her finger?? He had to go in and permanently write his own name on her face. Really?

That’s just not going to come off of her face with water and soap. It won’t even come off with a jack hammer. Not that anyone would attempt to remove a tattoo in that manner.

I’ve heard of people being convinced in Las Vegas to get tattoos on their faces to promote and advertise casinos, and they ended up paying them a TON of money to do it. But I never did hear about what happened to those people and whether or not they kept those tattoos. I would think that to go through the painful process of removing such a tattoo would scar the face pretty bad.  boyfriend-face-tattoo

This tattoo however, if it were ever to go through the process of being removed, I think would scar her face up so badly that she wouldn’t be recognized as the woman she once was. And probably she isn’t being recognized as that now with all that ink in her skin.

But she appears to be pretty happy about it.

Nonetheless, the story still brings up the question:


  1. rebecca2000 says:

    People can be so dumb. She was so pretty too.

  2. loon mc says:

    what does her face say or mean?

  3. BKB says:

    Someday the regret from doing this will be more than she can handle. I hope she chooses to use a large caliber round big enough so there’s no chance of accidently living through it. Because that would be a REAL double whammy.

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