The Best And Worst Pranks

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized


“Ulysses, obviously. It was an elaborate prank, and our supposed intellectual elite continue to fall for it.”~ Orson Scott Card

With yesterday being Easter Sunday for many, and today being the first of April for everybody. There are some things in this world that the simple-minded or unplanned people have to realize.

Some pranks just don’t fit or belong.

And with every good prank actually does begat huge responsibility.

The horrible (and yet still a bit hilarious) story of the couple that went to spend their Easter Sunday with family.

Guy had been dating girl for a couple of years. Girl was in active military and had been called to duty. So guy is left alone back at home to press on with each holiday without her.

Taking in the comforts and love with family and home, he did not realize that his girlfriend had been returned back home so soon due to a medical issue. So she wanted to surprise him during the festivities of celebrating Easter with his family.

It was all planned and set up perfectly to surprise him. But that is as far as it went with planning. She had not taken into consideration that he didn’t like surprises much. Nor did he care for people sneaking up from behind him.

So as the guy was in the back yard just enjoying the day with smaller family relatives, frolicking in the grass and what not…. his girlfriend showed up at the house, wearing an Easter Bunny costume. 566761

She came up from behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. What happened next was funny for about a split second before it turned into a disaster.

He turned around and obviously he was startled. But then he went into defense mode and started punching and kicking the person inside of the costume.

Children fled screaming, adults stood there frozen as they watched in terror. The man kept on wailing on the assaulting rabbit.

The beating didn’t stop until the Easter Bunny laid on the ground. He then took the head off of the costume because he thought it was someone ELSE from his family that knew about his weaknesses and attempted to exploit them. Only to find that he just beat up the love of his life.

This story was probably the worst that I had ever heard of.

But I can tell you what would be considered the BEST prank that was pulled on ME!

My best friend and his newlywed wife was just days away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary. I knew that they had to be excited to know that they had been married for a year.

Then late at night on the last day of March around 11:30 PM, they called me.

Having a call late that night only meant one of two things: Either was them calling. Or something was wrong.

Luckily, it was the previous.

But it was a bit unusual for THEM to be calling ME. It was usually I who called them! But still I sat back to talk to them. After almost an hour of usual chit-chat about music, television, girls, and whatever else have you … the tone of the conversation had changed.

Keep in mind that my friends are very notorious for talking about something that happened that day, but once it turns midnight… they are quick to say that it was “yesterday” when it happened.

The conversation spilled over from the last day of March into the beginning hours of the first of April.

But the tone got heavy, serious, and unpleasant. These two…. my best friend and his wife, were screaming at one another. They were shouting that they hated each other and they wished that the other person would just die. And since they didn’t believe in a lot of things that could be done about it, they were going to be divorced soon.

They had me going for about a half an hour before I realized:

A- What day it had turned into.

B- My best friend’s wife was the Queen of Pranks.

I just sat back to listen for clues. Were they serious or not?

Not once did my best friend call his wife names. Not once did I hear her call him names. I thought that would be a for sure sign of contempt and hatred. They were shouting but not really screaming… basically talking to one another but in louder voices. And in that time, it didn’t make sense for them to do that as they were living in an apartment building. It definitely would’ve alarmed the neighbors in the small town that they lived in.

Eventually, I figured it out. It was an April Fool’s prank. They weren’t going to be divorced. I didn’t let on that I figured it out. Instead, I played along and told my best friend to “ditch the bitch and bring the beer” … more or less.

When he heard that, he was shocked at my foul mouth. And game was over. They both got on the phone at the same time and revealed that it was only a prank. But they knew at least for a little time, they had me going.

They tried it again the following year. But I answered the phone with “I don’t care if you are getting divorced. Hello?”

Right away they knew to abort that mission. And they had to scramble with the a Plan B. They said that they were going to have a child. And I just didn’t fall for it. No matter how hard they tried to get me to believe, I just left them thinking that I didn’t care whether or not they had a child. And then they had to give up.

But they knew that they had me from the year before.

So I suspect that they will attempt to call me sometime later this evening with a new trick up their sleeves. Although they are several years out of practice. They’ve been married now for almost 20 years and actually do have a child.

I also suspect that I will hear from others. They too will either be getting a divorce, breaking up with their significant other, or sharing the news of pregnancy or shaving their head.

Whatever prank you decide to pull on people, just make sure that you think everything through. Don’t end up like the girlfriend in the Easter Bunny costume. Please do not end up like that!!!

Have fun! But BE SAFE!!!!!

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