Remembering Terrible Tuesday

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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On this day in 1979, was named “Terrible Tuesday” for the tornado outbreak that took just about as many lives as there were reported and confirmed tornadoes across the United States. Its also known by the Red River Outbreak of 1979.

This outbreak is noted for the tornado that struck the area of Wichita Falls, Texas at 6:00 PM and caused over 40 deaths and was 2 miles wide.

And it would appear that scientific history repeats itself as every 4-6 years there seems to be a massive outbreak of tornadoes across the United States. The last one either being in 2009, or if you want to count the amount of tornadoes in April-May of 2011.

There were tornadoes along the Texas and Oklahoma borders as well as a half of dozen other states. The tornado was filmed and used for many documentaries.

The Wichita Falls tornado stands firm at #5 in the most costliest in storm damage.

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