National Honesty Day

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Really? I mean, really???

The last day of April is evidently National Honesty Day. Does anyone know how or why this became a holiday and how it is national??

How does anyone celebrate National Honesty Day?

You cannot force people to be honest with you. Especially if you are the kind of person who isn’t honest with themselves.

Who comes up with these insane ideas? This holiday is about as worthless as Talk Like A Pirate Day. Some people will actually talk like a pirate but it doesn’t last long at all.  How do you celebrate being honest?

Is cake involved? Are we supposed to throw a party or go out to a restaurant to eat? And then the following day after today is May Day. Does anyone know how that holiday is celebrated??

I keep referring to a poster that I had hanging on my wall as a teenager: JUST IN CASE YOU NEED AN EXCUSE TO PARTY!!

But #1- it was a joke. #2- It actually was more of an educational tool as it explained how certain people were born on that day or if something that we all know and use today was invented. And even some funny facts about our nation’s history. #3- IT WAS A JOKE!

Holidays are usually made to commemorate certain things and people. We celebrate our parents, our families, our birthdays, our anniversaries, our most important events in our history. We even have our own personal events in our lives that we reflect upon when the “anniversary” of the event arrives. But nobody goes out of their way to attempt to make it a national holiday!!

National holidays usually are not set aside for a specific personal attribute.

National Honesty Day shouldn’t be a holiday.

It is ridiculous. Honestly it is.

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