Loogie Laws

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“Nobody ever won an election by spitting at his political opponents.” ~ David Frum

It has been a hard and very long road, but I think I’ve got it covered and beaten. After surpassing one of the worst habits I ever picked up, I’ve not succumbed to that habit in over three weeks.


However I am spitting because that crap comes up a lot.

And it got me to think about what would actually happen if a person hocked a loogie while they were outside.

Let’s first explore the legality of the situation. Is it illegal to spit in public?


Back in the 1800’s with the spread of consumption (tuberculosis) it was illegal to spit in public as the disease was thought able to be transferred through spitting.

What happens if you are caught spitting?

Virtually nothing in the United States of America. It all depends on the circumstances and if whether or not the law enforcement officer wants to deal with it or not. But if the officer is going to deal with it, you are going to receive a citation and that will mean a hefty fine to pay. In some states (such as Kansas) the fine is $500 or more.

But in places around the world such as Singapore, if you spit in public…. you can go to jail!!!!

It isn’t considered to be so serious in the United States of America. It is up to the people in certain sectors whether or not they want to criminally prosecute offenders for spitting in public. So people are not really subject to imprisonment for spitting in public.

Now, spitting ON someone is a totally different story. Justin Bieber is about to find this out first hand real soon!!

Spitting on another person is assault and is a crime.

So think twice before you let go a loogie. If there’s anyone with authority around that sees you do it, you could be paying through your nose.





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