Bus Driver Castration

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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City bus drivers must have the worst jobs in the state.

I used to use them all of the time. But now, they’ve changed their rules and its no longer free for me to ride any more. So in general, I quit riding the city buses to get where I need to go.

This morning was a different situation. I figured that I would make an attempt to ride a bus to get to the grocery store before the  heat of the day kicked in.

A bus that actually drives up in front of the property and I can get on and get dropped off with relative ease.

So when I got on this morning, I was not prepared for the three hour detour from hell that commenced.

From where I got on the bus to the store should have taken about 25 minutes. It took almost an hour. The bus driver was brand spanking new, and always referring to a clip board rather than watching the traffic on the road. He was worse than a 15 year old texting and driving at the same time.

More than once the driver would slam the brakes on. More than once would I go flying out of my wheelchair and land on the floor of the bus HARD. The bus has no lap belts, and the wheelchair wasn’t built with a seat belt. The bus driver never looked back when I would go flying and land hard. Even though the other passengers were more than willing to be vocal about how many times the driver was making mistakes and going the wrong way.

They were insisting that he listen to them in directions from point A to B, but he would disregard them. And that only pissed them off even more.

One of the passengers was a two war veteran.  Yep, fought in two different American wars. And he was the most vocal of all of them on the bus to let this bus driver know that he was a severe dickhead, as he kept calling him.

When at last we finally reached the store, the bus SHOULD have stayed for about 20 minutes before moving on since it was at the end of the run. But he had gotten so far behind that he dropped off the passengers on the bus, picked up the passengers waiting for him, and took off.

I was simply done with my shopping excursion in under 15 minutes. I SHOULD have been able to get back on the bus and go back home. But no.

I missed the cycle too because of the inexperienced driver.

The bus swings by every 60 minutes. We were there in 50 minutes. It took 15 minutes to shop. So do the math and realize that I sat there in the early afternoon heat with my food melting in the sun waiting for another bus to come pick me up. And that took almost another hour.

From the time that I left the apartment complex to the time I got off the bus and was back home? Three full hours.

I was NOT happy.

Yet  still, there was a part of me that felt really bad for the driver. He didn’t know what he was doing. And yes he was making mistakes. But for crying out loud he was new to the route.

How much of a break do you give a person when they are new? Apparently around here, society does not give any breaks to anyone.  Its called being selfish.

As much as I wanted to throttle the bus driver for slamming on those brakes every time he messed up and throwing me across the bus, I said nothing to him because I knew that he had never driven that route before.

He’s probably lucky I didn’t get severely hurt or injured. That would be a mess and a half.


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