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“There is no ghost so difficult to lay as the ghost of an injury.”~ A. Smith

You probably should not read this blog post if you are:

  • A fan of the band, Ghost.
  • Not a fan of heavy metal music.
  • Not a fan of music with dark, satanic lyrics and images.
  • Have a weak stomach with topics of Satan.

About a week ago, I was introduced to yet another band from the area of Scandinavians.

Next stop: Sweden.

Ghost (or Ghost B.C., depending on legal battles in the courts) is a band that got started in 2008 in the town of Linköping, Sweden.

I had heard about this band, and did some research on them. Finding that they had a censored and uncensored version of their music video that has come from their latest album. When I found the uncensored version, it was nothing but a group of women down frolicking around naked, from the young to the mature to even the elderly. And then at the end the lead singer pulling up his evil robes to flail out his giggleberries and skin submarine. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over??????

I sent this stuff to my brother since he had the guts to “proclaim” himself an experienced professional in the realm and genre of heavy metal music.

Usually when I am writing to him, and I tell him that I think some band sucks or whatever… he will write me back and debate me about it.

But with the band Ghost, he did not argue or debate. Rather he said that it didn’t sound like metal at all, but rather some random pop style of hard rock with melodies oozing from the nose.

It was basically his way of saying that if you listen to the CD, you’ll end up with a nose bleed.

Personally though, I can only withstand so much.  tumblr_

I understand their gimmick. Their garb and dress as if they are members of an undead, evil, and Satanic order of monks for live performances on stage or other public events. The idea of hiding behind the mask of anonymity. And of course their lyrical content heavily surrounding the idea of Satan.

Whatever. Bands from that area have been doing that for many decades. Some still very popular, some not so much.

However the band members themselves don’t even consider their music to be as such. I seriously question the thought or idea that Ghost is a “heavy metal” band. Their own words (if you find the right interviews online) call it Vaudeville-type of music. Something coming from the mid-1970’s said another interview.

Ghost does not have the dirty or “cookie monster” vocals as many bands from that area have. Bands I should say that are still around today. The vocals are clean. You can understand what is being sung. And they aren’t intimidating either. The vocal range isn’t dark and scary. In fact it is closer to a tenor’s voice, or even higher! I think THAT is the scary bit.

For example, “Body and Blood” which talks about the Christian ideology of The Last Supper where the disciples of Jesus Christ are to consume the “body and blood”, establishing what the Christian church calls “Communion”… the lyrical content is downright disgusting! Its abhorrent. But the vocal style is of a young man who has had a bad day, but then all of a sudden found a puppy and is allowing the puppy to lick his face and he’s happy to have the opportunity.

You don’t knock down the religion of Christianity with specific vocal words such as “defecate” and expect to be having the best day of your life! Geez.  Ghost-BC-300x196

Unfortunately for me there are a few things that I can let go and accept.

I think that the whole idea of evil monks and an “Undead Pope” as it were, is a terrifying idea to behold. Especially on stage. I think that the anonymity of the band members is cool. After all, American bands such as KISS and Slipknot attempted their own reign of their identity being kept secret. But eventually KISS and Slipknot would fall. I for a change, hope that Ghost is able to keep it going for their entire career. I think that the Satanic lyrics are nothing but show. Band members have specifically admitted to this fact. Their own beliefs are not what they sing about. They admit to it being an act, just something to entertain.

But I cannot take this entire force of darkness and evil and Satan and have it flow into my ears like a soft-spoken willow of a man.


I cannot let go of their gimmick when they look as silly as this.

I’ve seen live performances of the one and only song that I can stomach. The lead singer DOES have a good singing voice. But everything does not match up with their dark and evil gimmicks. What bullshit do I call!!! Their summoning of the various demons and beasts throughout various religions and mythologies can send chills down your spine. But then as soon as the first few musical notes hit, you’d believe that you were some 1960’s southern California carnival.

Anton LaVey would be soooooooooooooooooo tickled.

But this is NOT metal. Thankfully I have not seen it labelled as Black or Death metal. I’ll flip a lid and be writing another post about it if I actually find out that it is being called that. Its BARELY metal at all. And I would have reservations even saying that much.

Come on guys…. YOU ARE FROM SWEDEN!!!!!! You’re supposed to know better than this if you are coming out as a “metal” band. And if you did not have the intentions of coming as a metal band but a rock band, you should have said something.

I do not know how long this band will last. They’ve been to the United States of America a few times. But I don’t know how long that will make them stick around. Like I said, I HOPE they can keep up with their mystery of who’s in the band. Although there are rumors of who the lead singer is already and based on facial recognition programs and pictures of him in his corpse paint, it might not be that hard to figure out.




City bus drivers must have the worst jobs in the state.

I used to use them all of the time. But now, they’ve changed their rules and its no longer free for me to ride any more. So in general, I quit riding the city buses to get where I need to go.

This morning was a different situation. I figured that I would make an attempt to ride a bus to get to the grocery store before the  heat of the day kicked in.

A bus that actually drives up in front of the property and I can get on and get dropped off with relative ease.

So when I got on this morning, I was not prepared for the three hour detour from hell that commenced.

From where I got on the bus to the store should have taken about 25 minutes. It took almost an hour. The bus driver was brand spanking new, and always referring to a clip board rather than watching the traffic on the road. He was worse than a 15 year old texting and driving at the same time.

More than once the driver would slam the brakes on. More than once would I go flying out of my wheelchair and land on the floor of the bus HARD. The bus has no lap belts, and the wheelchair wasn’t built with a seat belt. The bus driver never looked back when I would go flying and land hard. Even though the other passengers were more than willing to be vocal about how many times the driver was making mistakes and going the wrong way.

They were insisting that he listen to them in directions from point A to B, but he would disregard them. And that only pissed them off even more.

One of the passengers was a two war veteran.  Yep, fought in two different American wars. And he was the most vocal of all of them on the bus to let this bus driver know that he was a severe dickhead, as he kept calling him.

When at last we finally reached the store, the bus SHOULD have stayed for about 20 minutes before moving on since it was at the end of the run. But he had gotten so far behind that he dropped off the passengers on the bus, picked up the passengers waiting for him, and took off.

I was simply done with my shopping excursion in under 15 minutes. I SHOULD have been able to get back on the bus and go back home. But no.

I missed the cycle too because of the inexperienced driver.

The bus swings by every 60 minutes. We were there in 50 minutes. It took 15 minutes to shop. So do the math and realize that I sat there in the early afternoon heat with my food melting in the sun waiting for another bus to come pick me up. And that took almost another hour.

From the time that I left the apartment complex to the time I got off the bus and was back home? Three full hours.

I was NOT happy.

Yet  still, there was a part of me that felt really bad for the driver. He didn’t know what he was doing. And yes he was making mistakes. But for crying out loud he was new to the route.

How much of a break do you give a person when they are new? Apparently around here, society does not give any breaks to anyone.  Its called being selfish.

As much as I wanted to throttle the bus driver for slamming on those brakes every time he messed up and throwing me across the bus, I said nothing to him because I knew that he had never driven that route before.

He’s probably lucky I didn’t get severely hurt or injured. That would be a mess and a half.


“Right now, I’m as single as a slice of American cheese.”~ Nick Cannon

I think I’m done for a while! A LONG LONG LONG WHILE!! 

Not to say that I am not open to the possibility if it presents itself on its own, but I’m done with the whole game of chase.

This past Tuesday I was out and about and long story short, I was being flirted with the woman behind the cash register at the restaurant I stopped in for lunch.

I saw two VERY obvious signs of flirtation and so I went in for the kill, so to speak.

I simply asked if she was busy at any time during the rest of this week. She said she was free Friday and I suggested that she and I go do something together.

Yes, I asked her out on a date. Something I normally wouldn’t do. One probably should have checked me for a fever. But that wouldn’t have mattered much as she said YES.

Shocked as I was, I was not turned down. I wanted her to more or less “speak closer into the microphone” but that would have made me look really stupid.

So I waited for Friday evening.

I must note that I listened to a radio program on the Internet who had interviewed Jodi Ambrose. The person to whom I am forever in debt for many things.

55 minutes of relationship goodness. Some laughs, some cries, you know… the whole nine yards. I’m biased in saying this, but I think it would be so much fun to actually talk with her.

I digress, moving on to the date.

I was honest with this woman and told her that I didn’t drive. She said that it would not be a problem and we would meet somewhere in the middle and go from there.

And we did that.

But we sat there in the vehicle for at least ten minutes butting heads and arguing about what to do. Either I didn’t have the money or she didn’t have the desire. It was always something. But all of that head butting caused the both of us to be hungry.

It was a decision better suited for choice and a lot easier.

We sat there really close to one another, and I talked so much about sledge hockey, and this blog, and other things about me that my food got cold. I ALWAYS do that!! Dang!!!!

But she sat there in interest and amazement as  I set out to show her that even though I am in a wheelchair, that I can still have a full and productive life. Anyone who thinks otherwise can just suck on it.

She was admiring my sense of humor as well. But I noticed that she was beginning to check the door every time someone came in. And then she would stare and watch as they walked by.

Suddenly piece after piece after piece of hunkalicous male eye candy walked through that door. And I have no idea where in the world they came from.

We are talking about the male specimens that ANY woman is going to notice. It does not matter whether you are single, married, in a relationship, divorced,  or half-dead…. these men would make ANY woman purr like a kitten even if its only inside of her head.

Okay, fine. I’m not as “hot” as these guys who were coming in. But my date kept staring at them so much that it got to the point where she kept asking me to repeat what I just said. If I would have kept count, I probably would have killed her.

Why? Because I was uncomfortable and angry.

What she did not know is that the radio interview with Jodi Ambrose briefly discussed just that, and how men should never do that in front of their woman. Well of course it goes both ways.

I was no longer having fun any more. And I was stuck with not knowing really what to do. Should I tell her that her staring at these men was making me feel ill or should I just grin and bear it??

I decided to go with the honest, brutal truth. I told her that because she keeps staring at these men, it is drawing her attention away from me and it was insulting.

She asked me what I expected her to do about it because they were so hot. I just told her that I was finished and it was just better to take me back home. bad-date

As I got out of the vehicle and attempted to speak to her as a human being, wanting to let her eye-humping activities go… she decided to fight back.

Okay…… WOW!!!

This girl went on and on and on to excuse her bad behavior by justifying the fact that these men were much more attractive than I.

She included the fact that she believed that these men are so attractive that they had more money than I would ever dare to dream of having.

Yes, she really went THAT FAR with her campaign of protecting herself by attempting to put me down. And this came up because I told her that I wanted to go home if she was not going to stop looking at these men and was not going to pay attention to me talking with her.  guys

There is no joke to this. I wouldn’t dare of making something like this up considering the huge length of time in between now and the last time I went on a date that was actually considered a date.

Intimacy even has a longer timeline. But we will not discuss it.

However, this meme says it all.

It really sucks to know that this woman was the person to make the first move. She flirted with me first. She agreed to the date. And then when it was sabotaged by her own lusts, she turned out to be a royal pain.

And so armed with the relationship advice of the powerful and mighty Jodi Ambrose, I caught on to what she was doing. Hell, I cannot even be sure if she really or truly wanted to be there. But if she didn’t then why did she agree to the date?

So now I dunk my sorrows in the cookies purchased from The Cape Cod Cookie Company that was received today. Chocolate….. YUM!

I highly suggest you look them up and order yourself a half or full dozen today.

Meanwhile I’m done. I know that it doesn’t pay at all but I might consider a career in misanthropy.

People today STILL are this abhorrent and cruel, and its uncalled for.

I’ll heal. But will I be scarred????


“It’s nothing you’d understand, but I do have something to say. In fact, I have a lot to say, but now is not the time or place. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time or breath. But what the hell? As for what is said of my life, there have been lies in the past and there will be lies in the future. I don’t believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society. I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, hater, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards–truly trematodes of the Earth, each one in his own legal profession. You maggots make me sick– hypocrites one and all. And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the name of God and country or for whatever reason the deem appropriate. I don’t need to hear all of society’s rationalizations, I’ve heard them all before and the fact remains that what is, is. You don’t understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil, Legions of the night–night breed–repeat not the errors of the Night Prowler and show no mercy. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all. That’s it” —Richard Ramirez’s statement before he received sentencing at his trial.

Ricardo Muñoz Ramirez, the serial killer also known as The Night Stalker died by natural causes. He was 53 years old.

He had been on California’s Death Row for at least two decades awaiting his execution. But now there is no longer a need to suffer the citizens of California for their tax monies to be able to take care of this person while in prison waiting to die.

I’m not sure of what the cause of death is at this point. 53 years old is very young in this world to die.

But I remember the times where he taunted the jury with gestures and actions and words of Satanism. I wondered if that was really what he believed in or was he just trying to scare up some court room drama?

When the jury gave him death, I was sure that I was going to see it happen within my life time. There were plenty of other people who were eagerly awaiting the news of his execution. But now, that will never happen. The remaining family members of his victims will have their closure but not in the way that they were expecting.

Ramirez didn’t die inside of a prison hospital either. In a sense, he was “out of jail” when he died.

The Night Stalker  became one of those serial killers that many people (including myself) became fascinated with. His crimes were so horrible at the time that it seemed implausible. But Ramirez made it into a nightmarish reality.


Doreen Lioy (wife of Ramirez)

And so now I wonder what next for everyone involved?

I even remember the story of the wife of Ramirez, Doreen Lioy.

She and Ramirez were married while he was in prison. And they both decided to make a pact that when he was executed by the state that she would commit suicide on the very same day.

So is she still alive? Or did she kill herself??

And there’s even talk about them being divorced. Of which information I could not find to prove or disprove.

If someone knows where she is now, let me know. And if she did kill herself or did not, let me know that as well. I thank you in advance!!!!

As we get into the days ahead, I am sure that we will find out more information about the death. I just hope that the media doesn’t give him as much coverage as they did during his criminal trial.



“I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.”~ Freddie Mercury

Here we go again.

I guess I was not finished talking about prostitution as this story was brought to my attention via Facebook this afternoon.

Of course with anything, I don’t always BELIEVE in everything that I read on Facebook. But this story had me wondering what just happened??

There is an online petition that is aimed at the Texas Attorney General because of this story to change the laws based on what happened in court recently. But the other parts of the petition are inaccurate and don’t give the full scope of the situation and story.

So let me fill you in on what I am blabbering on about.


She took Gilbert’s $150 in cash, but did not provide any services and attempted to leave his home with his money.

Ezekiel Gilbert was facing life imprisonment for the murder of a prostitute.

Gilbert had gone to Craigslist and hired a prostitute for the evening, paying $150 for her company and umm, services.

The prostitute then had a change of heart and decided that nothing was going to happen between the two of them and left Gilbert’s home to be picked up by her pimp who was waiting in the car outside. ak47

As Gilbert was obviously upset for not receiving any services, and the fact that the woman took his money and left, Gilbert went outside after the vehicle and started to fire his AK-47 at them in order to stop them from leaving and retrieve his money back.

But the bullets that were fired killed the prostitute.

And so he went to court because of her death. He was acquitted and not found guilty of any crimes.


The state of Texas has a law that states that you are allowed to use force in a situation when at night, if you are being robbed or your property is being stolen. You are allowed to use said force in order to stop the criminal from stealing from you.

This is what Gilbert stated what he was aiming to do. Killing her however was not the intention.

So there you have it. Gilbert was within the law to do whatever he could in order to get his money back since the prostitute did not give up on her end of the deal. That is what the court decided.

Many people are outraged. They are so outraged and pissed off that they are attempting to make this a gun control issue, in which it isn’t.

Granted, I personally feel that AK-47 could be seen as overkill, but if that’s what he had to use in order to protect his property… then so be it.  The property in this matter obviously being his money after the prostitute pretty much called off the deal.

I have seen far too many links to this story in which whatever media outlet or journalist has taken the general basis of this story and blown it so far out of the water that it no longer has proportion. One going as far as to be so bold to accuse the state of  Texas to be sending a message that it is “okay” to kill prostitutes.

No, its NOT okay to kill….. anyone. elite-daily-selling-virginity

It is ridiculous that those who had nothing to do with this story or had any connections to it could turn it to be so ugly on its head.

The story is tragic enough that a woman is now dead.

Prostitution in the state of  Texas is illegal. Protecting your property in the state of Texas within the letter of the law is not illegal.

And after all, this is TEXAS we are talking about. Second largest state in the nation. There’s going to be a lot of laws that are strange and peculiar.


‘Gimme back my money, you darned ho!! Come back here and cum to daddy!’

I am also going to guess that this law was signed in place during a time when bandits would steal horses and cattle from neighbors in the middle of the night. This law would obviously give them the protection that they needed to shoot someone in the ass and keep them from rustling and stealing.

So if the laws are so awful, then the people of Texas needs to stand up and let their lawmakers know that they want a change. Although I would have to be honest with you…. I don’t see that happening. This wasn’t even on the news this week. This came to my attention from some people who are “out there” if you know what I mean. And of  course they are crying foul. And to top it off, they are NOT from Texas.

This is a state law, not a national law. So please: calm the hell down!!

Gilbert is going to have to have to deal with this for the rest of his life regardless of whether or not he is behind bars. He stated in court that murder was not his intention. And whether or not Gilbert was lying about that… well, that’s going to be on his conscience as well.

Nobody won in this case. The stealing prostitute is dead. Gilbert has dug himself inside of an emotional hole from which he cannot get out of. And the law stands where it does today.






“You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.”~ Martin Behrman

Yeah buddy! Just as soon as I thought I have heard most of everything in life, there’s more.

After having a huge laugh about the dumbest things that we “celebrate” on specific days of the year, I came across one that I never knew existed. Good grief!!!

Ohhh yes indeed. The second of June is International Prostitution Day. And what better of a place to celebrate the oldest profession in history than Brazil, where prostitution is 100% legal.

Brazilian ads were actually removed as of recently due to what appears to be an outcry of the moral population. Signs that said “I am happy to be a prostitute” were promptly removed by the government.

And now those who are a part of this business in Brazil, are starting to learn how to speak in English. The wild thing is that these language classes are being offered to them. kjhf7

Why? Two major economical reasons.

In 2014, the World Cup will be hosted in Brazil.

And then in 2016, the Olympics will be there in the country as well.

So major mark up on an industry that is old as dirt. These prostitutes now learning English will definitely attempt to bring home more than just the gold.

I do not know how Brazil has a handle on its nation’s prostitution. I do not know if its like Germany and prostitution there or not. I am sure however that the government does have some kind of involvement.

Just a little scary in a sense as Brazil seems to be giving all the prostitutes even more room to earn more. I mean after all, English lessons for FREE?

I had a hard enough time as it was trying to talk to a woman from Brazil. And she ended up just being simply crazy.

But I cannot help but wonder if she’s working as a prostitute in her home city or not. She said she was a cleaner, or probably a closer translation would be house keeper or maid. But my brain just won’t let it go…. maybe that was code for HOOKER.

Now we know of International Prostitution Day. Finding this to be a legit holiday and something that is celebrated in Brazil opened up the gates again for me to consider having another blog that would deal with sex in the 21st Century. M_Id_344785_Brazil_prostitute

I am quite sure that there are plenty out there already. What is one more, right????

Is it possible that I could add to this world’s knowledge of the subject? Who knows!!!

I have always wondered that.

And I am still in awe and wondering what else is out there as far as these most ridiculous holidays are concerned.

The first Friday in June is Donut Day. So there you have that coming soon.

What is the weirdest, most ridiculous celebration day that you have ever heard of? And what is the wildest celebration that you participated in? Let me know in the comments below.


Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your books to page four. Thanks!

So I must make a fuss today in honor of the birthday of author Jodi Ambrose.

Jodi has been around just a little over a year now. At least to my knowledge. However (and with absolutely no complaining from my end) Jodi has turned into one of those kinds of friends that I cannot fathom being without by any capacity.

Why is that? Pretty simple: Jodi’s personality is infectious. It is so infectious that you WANNA get bit by the bug just to see what its like. And once you do, you just never think about leaving because it would be like leaving home.

This cool and charming sassy mouth has put her own mark into my brain. She’s definitely someone that I cherish having a friendship with. And for those of you who have been around even longer knows exactly what that means!!!

So as Jodi turns twenty-ish again, I decided to take time out and wish her a wonderful day and hope that her birthday is as beautiful all-around as she is.

You guys need to subscribe to her blog and join her on Twitter and  Facebook pages. Missing out on this wild and crazy gal could stand to be a horrible day.

Her books of course are still up for grabs as it is tied in with the fundraising website for the tournament in Boston. As well as available on Amazon.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JODI!!!!! YOU ARE MY ROCK STAR!!!! Stay vulgar, stay beautiful, stay …… you!!!!

jodi and grant 1st anniversary 2010

Jodi and her husband


“Nobody ever won an election by spitting at his political opponents.” ~ David Frum

It has been a hard and very long road, but I think I’ve got it covered and beaten. After surpassing one of the worst habits I ever picked up, I’ve not succumbed to that habit in over three weeks.


However I am spitting because that crap comes up a lot.

And it got me to think about what would actually happen if a person hocked a loogie while they were outside.

Let’s first explore the legality of the situation. Is it illegal to spit in public?


Back in the 1800’s with the spread of consumption (tuberculosis) it was illegal to spit in public as the disease was thought able to be transferred through spitting.

What happens if you are caught spitting?

Virtually nothing in the United States of America. It all depends on the circumstances and if whether or not the law enforcement officer wants to deal with it or not. But if the officer is going to deal with it, you are going to receive a citation and that will mean a hefty fine to pay. In some states (such as Kansas) the fine is $500 or more.

But in places around the world such as Singapore, if you spit in public…. you can go to jail!!!!

It isn’t considered to be so serious in the United States of America. It is up to the people in certain sectors whether or not they want to criminally prosecute offenders for spitting in public. So people are not really subject to imprisonment for spitting in public.

Now, spitting ON someone is a totally different story. Justin Bieber is about to find this out first hand real soon!!

Spitting on another person is assault and is a crime.

So think twice before you let go a loogie. If there’s anyone with authority around that sees you do it, you could be paying through your nose.





“I’ve got one of four known Davy Crockett rifles. It’s fantastic just to know it’s one of the rifles that he actually used. His cousin had it.”~  Phil Collins

Today is a day that I just wanna run up the to the tops of the mountains and scream until I pee in my pants.

After many years… more than a decade of searching for my cousin, she popped up on the radar again.

The last time I actually saw my cousin face to face was around the time of my grandmother’s death. I was only days away from turning 18 years old.

So yeah, its been a long time!!

I recall attempting to establish communication and a connection with her for many years. My younger brother and I would constantly bug that side of the family (which happened to be my biological mother’s side) in order to find out where our cousin was.

Come to find out, she had gone off into the world and just never really stayed in one place to call home. My brother and I had always had the impression that her family was keeping her whereabouts a big ole secret.

However the reunion happened. She surfaced and I was able to talk with my cousin.

It was a long struggle, especially being allowed to think that my brother and I were being blocked with information to where she was at and how we could contact her.

But now I am happier than a tick on a hound dog. Hopefully my cousin and I will stay in better contact.

Wish me luck!!!