“Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.”~ C. S. Lewis

Reader Request.

 Okay so I can only guess that most of us have seen this before already. This Facebook photo has already received over 280,000 SHARES alone.
Why though?
This man evidently was on a train bragging to other passengers about his “dalliances” with so many other women. And none of those women were his actual WIFE.
How stupid can you be?!?!?!???
So then the person who dares to put this photograph on Facebook gets offended by his rambling and encourages everyone to share the photograph and spread the word about his alleged cheating.
So before I go on, I must admit that the first time that I saw this post being shared by someone, I clicked on share myself. Now I realize that I probably shouldn’t have.
#1- Unless we were there on that train, we do not know the entire truth. This could be someone just jaded and wanted to start shit.
#2- We do not know if the man is actually married. And if he is, whether or not HE is telling the truth. If he is married and this post is for real, and he has been talking a lot of shit, then he gets what he deserves.
So we don’t know who is actually telling the truth, the person talking or the person posting.
#3- I personally do NOT believe in everything that I see posted on Facebook.
If you are on any mode of public transportation and you are talking that loud, then your privacy goes out the window and quite honestly your consequences are deserved based on your choice to be loud.
This post is buzzing and becoming viral. I do not know whether I feel sorry for the person talking in this photograph or the person who took the photograph.

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