“If she isn’t going to invest and spend time on you, then you should never spend any time on her.”~ G. Franklin

I think that often times I become fortunate to have those kinds of people that have no qualms about speaking their mind. And even when they do, that most times it becomes an awakening.

For the past several months, I’ve been living in a daydream. Or nightmare, whichever you prefer.

But this morning the person who gave us this blog post’s quote popped my bubble and woke me up.

The deep and rocky subject about my social and dating life was on the chopping board and he sliced that bad boy immediately in half, separating the bad from the still yet to be determined as well as the good.

I was discussing the possibility for a date with a woman that of course, I adulate in her beauty until the sun goes down. Then do it all over again when the sun comes back up.

But certain key elements of the date was not looking good or even possible. I was told that I should can the idea in a whole.

So when I asked about a Plan B, that was more accepted than the original concept of the date, which in all honesty the details were screwed up by her misunderstanding something along the way. And I do not know for sure where she got tripped up.  The parameters of the date were out of reach for me. I could not fulfill it even if I wanted to or tried.

Plan B was more beneficial to me. And it still got me the face time with this woman that I seek.

And yet I suffered.


Don’t allow others to stomp on your joy. Be assertive and take a stand to what you feel is most comfortable for you. And if they too are comfortable, they will follow. If they do not follow, they are not meant to be.

Nearly pining for a woman who was never really giving me any satisfaction and my somewhat confused and scattered brain believing that I could be the change caused nothing but emotional hell for me.

And one sentence that was uttered allowed me to break the chains from this internal misery and second-guessing of myself which always was a prelude of turmoil and pain.

Such a waste of time and energy and of course, effort on my behalf when there was very little to draw any kind of satisfaction or fulfillment.

I hope that we all can learn from my mistakes. But even more so, I hope that nobody ever intentionally puts themselves into my shoes at any time at all.

I feel freed from my own dark mental prison. The shackles are now gone and its no longer on my shoulders to bear the burden.

We will see how this updated date turns out, or even if she agrees with the terms of the date instead of what was originally proposed.

I cannot say that I know her that well enough to say that she will sway one way or another.

Time will tell.

But I realize that that in the meantime, there’s no fulfillment of joy or pleasure. I’m not receiving any amount of spent time on her behalf.

And who knows, the time in which we are supposed to be together is so far away that it might not even happen at all.

All I know is that I don’t have to worry about her any more, and if that day comes then it comes.

And if that day never comes, sorry- its her loss.

Therefore ….. so long, redhead. The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

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