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“People still think of me as a cartoonist, but the only thing I lift a pen or pencil for these days is to sign a contract, a check, or an autograph.”~Walt Disney

A huge lesson was learned today about autographs. More specifically receiving them.

I was excited to see that a certain person was offering a deal on autographed 8×11 shots. I say “deal” because they were not free. All in all with shipping and everything else in between, I paid nearly $30 USD for two 8×11 shots that were to be autographed.

And let me go ahead and add a factor of weather that it has been exceptionally warm in temperatures over 100°F(38°C) as well as it should be since it is summer.

But for the past two days, I have been stalking my own damned mailbox for this “opportunity” to come my way. I really hate those e-mails that they send you that talk about approximate shipping dates and when it could APPROXIMATELY arrive and be delivered.

Screw that…. tell me when it WILL BE here! Not when it MIGHT be here.

So finally I believed that these two photographs would arrive today. But our mail was delivered pretty late. Like after business hours late. New kid… what are you gonna do?!?!?!?!?

And I waited for him in that blistering hot heat and sun at the hottest part of the day just so that I could find out if my evening was going to be better or not because I had those autographed photos.

I saw a large white envelope and I guessed that it could be it. I was right.

But before I go on, let me ask this: What part of DO NOT BEND do people do not understand? This was written on both the front and the back of the envelope. It just got wedged right into the mailbox slot. That little fucker.

But I am sitting there patiently, with sweat pouring everywhere on from my body and then the guy just up and takes off without as much as a SEE YA!


Want my autograph, baby??

I reached down to move forward and damn near burned off the palm of my hand because that wheel had been sitting in the sun just long enough for me to notice and scream obscenities.

I grabbed the envelope from my mailbox and came home, feeling relieved after two days of being stuck in high anticipation of its arrival. I entered into the calm of the air conditioning of my home and tended to my hand to see if there was any physical damage. There was none.

Then I slowly and carefully opened the envelope. My mind began to wonder if I should record the action and make a “reaction video” to it all. But this wasn’t exactly of that caliber.

I pulled out the first sheet and it was a receipt. I pulled out the next sheet from the envelope, and it was for the protection of the photographs.

I pulled out the actual photographs and looked.

I then stared. Then I blinked. Then I stared again. Then I blinked. Then I blinked some more.

Oh dear, what have I done?????????

In one corner is the actual autograph. In the direct opposite corner is “Thank you!” written.

Does anyone now believe me about what I have  said about PERSONALIZING an autograph and how it makes it much nicer for the recipient???

There were others that I could have purchased. But now I am pretty sure that if I were to do so, that I would receive the same results, and for what? More money to pay for it.

I learned my lesson. I will take this lesson into consideration if I ever stumble across an opportunity like this where I must purchase an autograph.


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