“I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people have written untrue things about me.”~Michael Jackson

Korea. 1996.

Michael Jackson is on the HIStory tour. And he’s performing “Earth Song” when he moves over to the front of the stage. He steps on a platform which was a cherry picker and gets lifted into the air with an industrial fan blowing his jacket, shirt, and pants around for dramatics.


But then suddenly out of nowhere this fan shows up. And now he’s soaring in the air along with Michael Jackson. But he’s on the outside of the cage on the cherry picker.

What happens? The fan eats that shit up with a golden spoon. Meanwhile, he endangers both his life and the life of Michael Jackson as the cherry picker wasn’t made for more than one person to be standing on it.

Honestly…. this happened and I didn’t know about it until today.

I really have to say that Michael was most likely scared to death for this person’s well-being. He grabbed on to the fan as much as he could until the cherry picker was lowered back down and they were both able to get off of it safely.

Meanwhile the fan just eats it up that Michael Jackson is right there and they are in the air for a while and nobody is able to help them.

At the same time, Michael Jackson showed his true-blue professionalism during the entire incident.  In some miracle, Michael Jackson was able to hang on to that fan’s body so that they didn’t fall to their death and he continued to perform and sing the song until the very end.


Now… Dambreaker’s mind has been blown. So there’s questions.

First and most importantly…… That cherry picker was up in the air. How in the hell did that fan get up there???

This incident happened in Korea. What happened when security was finally able to strip him away from Michael Jackson? Because it took at LEAST four men to do it.

He was he thrown out or was he arrested? Do fans that jump on stage during ANY concert get arrested or just thrown out, if they are caught by security people????

What do the Korean police do with unruly fans that jump on stage? Is it any different than what happens in the USA or across the rest of the world???

Whatever happened to that Korean fan? It was almost twenty years ago that they jumped up there and somehow lived while being suspended in the air.

If someone’s got the real true answers to ALL of these questions. I’m buying them dinner!!!!


  1. Hi DamBreaker,

    Well, I’ve got you beat in terms of not finding out about events until long after they’ve occurred. I only learned of this event in June of this year (2015). I also wrote a blog about it; actually, I more or less just ranted in that blog entry.

    I agree with you, poor Michael probably was quite scared for that nit-wit fan. From what I have seen on the video, the fan scampered up the ramp that hoists the platform/cherry-picker. Like over-zealous fans sometimes will do, this fan probably saw an opening between the security team and just bolted for what he saw as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That fan was right – it was something that would only happen once in a lifetime.

    As to what happened to this fan afterwards, I’m sorry that I do not know.

    When I first saw this incident, I was actually quite angry. I watched as poor Michael looked to the stage team for help. The team should’ve brought the crane down immediately. In this situation, I think the team took what probably was Michael’s directive to the wrong place. I think Michael’s directive when it came to live performances was that once the song started, nothing, absolutely nothing would interrupt that song/performance. Except certainly the team could have brought the crane down and Michael of course would have kept right on singing/performing just as he always did. The team did not, in my still-irritated opinion, handle the situation right and certainly not in the best interest of safety for that dumb-assed fan nor, for that matter, in Michael’s best interest.

    Anyway, thank you for your writing and sharing your thoughts.

    Take care out there,

    Cap’n Toni…

  2. Arthur says:

    The team can’t brought the crane down immediately. It’s easier to do a full rotation than to put it in reverse. That’s why they didn’t reverse it

  3. Taker Che says:

    During the second performance of Michael Jackson at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul at 9:20 pm on the 13th in 1996, a Kim ** (19, a college student) suddenly dashed shouting, ” I want to be a singer too. ” He climbed up the cherry picker lift and created the surprise show hugging Michael Jackson. Audiences cheered on this event as an organizer’s act, but it was later revealed that Kim was in a state of extreme excitement. After the incident, MJ said he wanted the reckless fan not to be arrested. MJ’s official said, “It was such a wonderful show that we could not think of.” —— excerpts of the Korean news paper after MJ concert

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