Justifying Stupidity To Make The Ends Meet

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“After the first blush of sin comes its indifference.”~Henry David Thoreau

Recently in the news, rapper Eminem said something so outlandish, so insane, and so lame to defend his use of the word “faggot” in his lyrics.

Needless to say that the homosexual community has taken notice of this. But his arrogant rant led him to more or less attempt to show that the end was only justifying the means. And in layman’s terms, “faggot” didn’t mean anything derogatory towards any class of people, ever.

Son, what in the world are you snorting?!?!? He knows that he is wrong for doing what he did, and he’s only trying to save face. That is all.

There appears to be this inherent gene floating around inside of certain people that say and do really stupid things, but for their own self-gratification, they find a way to justify their actions. And they strictly adhere to it to the point where they begin to believe their own bullshit.

I recently found myself being attacked on more than one social media website. One of which the attack kept repeating their lines of insanity over and over and over and over again before moving on with their point and attacking me and my personal space.

I knew what they were doing. Their clueless repetition was just their way of helping them believe that what they were saying (over and over again) was the honest truth. In other words, they repeated the words to make themselves believe it.

After they became comfortable with their load of hot air, that’s when they used it as ammunition to attack me. But I did not respond any more to them as it was an exercise in futility.

What is astonishing is the things that people are being told by others or to themselves, far enough times for them to believe in it whole-heartedly. Its actually quite scary. And for them, their means were justifying their end for their senseless behavior.  article-2322611-01C18F0E000004B0-102_634x423

It didn’t take a Sheldon-type genius to see what I had to do with these people.

These are your kinds of people that argue for the sake of arguing. That they will believe and fall for anything the world around them tells them to believe… for as long as it gives them something that they want in the end.

Stand clear of these kinds of people as they are never happy in life. And they will not hesitate to drag you down as well.

Don’t be a victim. Be a hero.

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