The Best Day To Break Up Is Valentine’s Day?

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well, I have heard it all now.  Halfeti-black-roses3

The perfect day for a colleague to break up with his serious girlfriend of eight and a half years, will be Valentine’s Day 2014.

He has spent over $129.99 in an arrangement of black long stemmed roses to be delivered either to her place of work or to her home.

Yep. Over $13 a piece!!!

Because he wants to break up with her.

The story seems to be cold-hearted and unfair and totally uncool.

Until you hear the reasons as to WHY he wants to break up with her.

He’s very well off, financially. He has everything he wants and more. But he got caught up with this woman so long ago, and has been losing his money like a broken pipeline from BP. Take that and you add the fact that her infidelities are insurmountable. She even attempted to crawl into my own pants once before. But Dambreaker Don’t Play Dat!!!

It sounds as if she’s been doing this since the beginning. But now he’s reached his limit. And this money that he is spending on delivering the black roses is nothing to him. As long as she takes the hint and leaves him alone for good.

I attempted to personally stop him from doing this. But he would not listen. I told him to break up with her personally. I even made the suggestion he use that money a lot better than black roses. But none of it went into his head.

So ladies out there, who are preparing to celebrate Single Awareness Day …. count your lucky stars that you are not this woman.


  1. Sonel says:

    Goodness me! Well, I can truly say I don’t feel sorry for her. She should have appreciated him more. I’m curious to know what happened when she received it. 😆
    Great post Joel.

  2. I reckon breaking up with her personally would have been better, but there is obviously more to the situation.

    • Dambreaker says:

      As in any situation, there is always more. But I decided to keep the truly personal affairs out of it and focus on the main factor which caused him to decide to end it.

  3. Krystal says:

    Oh the drama! He should’ve just broken up with her and been an adult about it. I feel bad for the roses that were destroyed for no reason. Haha! They could’ve gone to someone who’d appreciate them like me. 😉 Black roses sound super intriguing, I had no idea they even existed!

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