“Never, never, never give up.”~ Winston Churchill

 Earlier as I sifted through the dozens of blogs that I find myself following… one struck me kind of hard and up close and personal.  

One that has a rather small following and that is probably because the blog is fairly new. I mean, you could read all of the archived posts in a day if you wanted. 

Its not a bad blog at all. But it is the personal struggles and trials and tribulations of one woman dealing with life. 

Blogs are just that way any more. Its either life struggles or poetry. Neither of which are a bad thing. 

This however was (in my book) this blogger’s personal growth.

She realizes where she went wrong and she’s more than likely not going to make that mistake ever ever again. But its hard to sit back and read what is going on. Especially since I am fairly recent in her situation and its similar and can totally relate. 

But as you can plainly see I told her to get back up, dust off, move forward. She knows what the issue for that situation was and she CAN fix it from there. Just because she made an error doesn’t mean to put a fork in her. 

So I’m doing what I can to offer her moral support. 

We too in our own lives need to remember to ALWAYS GET BACK UP!! No matter who puts us down, no matter who hurts us…. we should always strive to dust off and try again. Failure is temporary. So is pain. But we should also keep in mind that we should never live a life of regret because we didn’t try. pickupcarryon

When our lives are down and seem to be out– life betrays us, our friends deceive us…. NEVER throw in the towel. But throw away the garbage and rubbish that leaves us to lay there on the ground. We should not let these things control us, but rather we should be the ones in control. 

It is always best to pick yourself up and move on. That is honestly the hardest part. But after you’ve had practice, then you will know exactly what to do. 


If you like Stacia’s blog, then be sure to follow her. Embrace the Bliss. Thanks!! 

  1. Stacia says:

    THANK YOU !! for allowing me to be a part of YOUR blog and space!! Wowsa!! I just love how the blogging community can share and connect just be telling our everyday, life stories. It means so much to me!!

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