The Next Step From Now

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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5362556718_a8f774db14_z“I can enjoy anywhere, and I can leave it.  Life is about moving on.“~Waris Dirie

Recently the most uncomfortable and the wildest decision was made for me and my life. This included a complete and total change in what I am doing in life, particularly in my spare time. 

It definitely was not easy, and it is not easy to deal with the consequences of making that decision but right now I feel that it is the RIGHT decision for me.

And who knows for sure … I may come back. But for now my hockey career comes to a close. “I’m hanging up those skates.” if you will.

I’m not going to go into what all caused this decision and I’m not going to spit fire at anyone. I just felt that with the entire scope of things for this season and the way things have not worked at all in my favor that I need to step away from it and hope to find something else that will occupy my time and be just as fun and rewarding as possible like sledge hockey was for me. I was trying to look at the bigger picture that was standing behind the picture that was in my face.

My sledge is already returned and so I have nothing holding me back. I’ve told those whom I felt needed to know and now its just time to move on. 

Of course I shall miss being a part of the sport. The people that I’ve met throughout the years because of it have been phenomenal. The experiences that I’ve had from the sport were once in a lifetime. Including being a part of a team that would enter their first ever tournament in 2012 and face difficult opponents and come out  with a 3-3 record and winning 3rd place and earning a bronze medal. 

My one and only award for sports. And nobody that knew me thought it would happen. But it did. 

However one thing is just eluding me. And that is the possibility of joining Team USA on the national level of the sport. Or at least trying out for the team.  With my absences being noted this year from practices due to one reason or another and my not being able to go to the USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Boston, its all been a huge set back for that one specific goal to try out for the national team. But of course its not just that. And its not worth getting all involved about everything else. I choose not to. 

Who knows though… I may return to the sport later in the future. For now though its time to leave.

For those of you who have been reading this blog and have been supportive…. a great big special thank you goes out to you. Those of you that I know and those of you who stay silent. 

And now as the Paralympics are going on in Sochi and Team USA is advancing closer and closer to the medal rounds of the tournament I cheer that they take it to top! 


So I take the next step from here and now. I do not know where that foot will land. But the biggest part of getting over that reticence. 


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