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“It is my own firm belief that the strength of the soul grows in proportion as you subdue the flesh.”~Mahatma Gandhi

It has come to my attention that I need to break the news to a few of you about who I am.

Countless times in the past year I have heard someone utter the words “Oh, I didn’t know you _____________!!” No matter what it was, from where I’ve been to where I am going and what I have done and what I am doing.

I understand that people who are in my daily life right now are not going to know every single thing about me and my life. It would be an impossible task to get everyone “up to speed” with everything that I have done that was note-worthy or of interest.

 Parts of this blog actually contain such moments or events, but not every single moment in time and in life that would be fascinating for the world to know is known in this blog. Nor will it ever be because even some of the most spectacular moments in life are best kept in secrecy. (Like how I’ve obtained personal contact information of certain musicians and celebrities.)
I suppose that I often think of certain things that I’ve had the life experience with, isn’t all that cool, that someone is going to want to be all ears.
The other day, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and I started singing aloud. People started to gather to listen. Then I was told “I didn’t know you sang.”
I responded (that time) with kindness, explaining that I have been singing for all of my life and even had been a participant in some musical projects, including my own band in the 1990’s. And then I heard “I didn’t know you were in a band!”
“I didn’t know you did that!” ….. “I didn’t know you knew those people.”
Really?? Why is it so hard for people to think that it just might be possible that I CAN sing, or have been in a band, or have played a musical instrument, or rubbed elbows with “celebrities” or whatever the case may be???
And I am not about to go into who I’ve met and who I know, because some of you are going to come flying at me with your messages and your e-mails. So I am putting a stop to that before it even begins. Shame on you to begin with.
I could be very wrong in this, but it has begun to feel like discrimination. Just because I’m in a wheelchair- all of a sudden, I cannot do any of these things?????? WHY????????????
You pretty much freaked out when I told you that I played sledge hockey. But you researched it, or allowed me to tell you about it. And got used to the idea. But these other things are just beyond the line of your comprehension… and so I ask, why is that?!?!?!?????
You certainly don’t see me questioning you when I hear that you have done this or that and it was a personal milestone for you. Why can’t I have them as well in my own way and terms?
It is MY life!!!!
I can do anything that I want. And so can you!!!!!
The saga continues. People suck.

224635_10150171981716453_2596009_n“A human being is a being who is constantly ‘under construction,’ but also, in a parallel fashion, always in a state of constant destruction.”~ Jose Saramago

I’m not one who gets sucked into the world of fashion. I have deaf ears towards those who tell me what I should and should not be wearing season by season, year after year.

In fact, I get on the nearest soap box when I am shopping for clothes and I find something that I like, and the price tag is well over $20.

And boy do I get LOUD.

But this purchase of many years ago landed me a nice comfortable button up blue shirt that I had actually found in a Chinese shop in a shopping mall. Complete with gold stitching of Chinese dragons.

Under $20 (even from a shopping mall) and there was another one that was red in color. I wanted both but could not afford them both. So I bought the blue and made plans to go back and by the red at a later date.

Unfortunately it was more than a year before I would return to that same shopping mall. And that Chinese shop was gone and replaced with a GNC store.

I never got the red. But I had the blue. And I have been wearing it only during special events or important dates or whatever. Now I wear it whenever I go out to a show whether its local or out of town.

Over the years, it has had its ups and downs. It’s been mended and sown back together again in the shoulder area. Thanks to the mother of the woman that you do not see here in the photograph, who is wearing the blue leopard print style dress.

However during the first “date” that I wore the shirt on, I noticed that the woman would not keep her hands to herself. She kept rubbing all over wherever there was this soft silky-feeling material.

I observed her hands and her eyes throughout the rest of the night. She just found something about it to be irresistible.

I wore it again at another official function and people were coming up to me, placing their hands around my shoulders and up and down my back, softly drawing their fingertips up and down my spine.

Nobody else was doing this but females. When I button up this shirt and I head outside…. apparently I am unstoppable and irresistible.

Feel my Chinese silky wrath!!! Oh wait… you already do.

Never mind.

I have about a half a dozen nice looking shirts where this has happened when I was wearing them. But none so much as the blue shirt. I finally had to name it: Lady Killer #1. And it went up to #3 but 2 and 3 were destroyed or discarded by the foolish and careless.

When women see me in it, they can’t help themselves but to touch it. Some announce that they are about to, others just get a free feel.

When I was out the other night, I promised I was going to write about this….. but this past Tuesday, I was sitting outside on the sidewalk getting fresh air and some random drunk woman just totally attacked me from behind. She grabbed as much of the shirt that she could in her palm and began to pull.

With the PTSD that I get to deal with…. it wasn’t the best of ideas for her to have. But she suddenly and mysteriously let go as she had grabbed it in the first place. As I pulled away from whomever was attacking me, this woman rolled her face and chest all over my back. Her hands all over my arms, neck, shoulders, and chest……. IN public!!!

I was in very close range of her face to find her eyes totally red and bloodshot. Her breath smelling like the lethal mixture of high grade alcohol and tobacco.

Vyper Lily stepped up to remove the woman from her attachment to my body however her male counterpart actually had her by one of her hands and pulled her back in line to continue on their journey. I heard her shout at me as she walked off “Oh my God!! I fucking love that shirt!! I WANT IT!!” to which the answer by her male companion was “Shut up and keep walking.”

Over the years, women have been discreet or secretive about putting their hands on me, or rather the shirt instead of just asking me about it. There have been times when women have asked if it was okay to touch it. And then we had this drunken sow.

So its been all over the place. Touched by countless women, married, single, divorced, or otherwise. And it doesn’t discriminate either. All kinds and manners of females have felt the shirt. If there was a way to charge people to do it, I would do it. But you just cannot stop someone from wanting to come up and start feeling around. Especially like the drunk who came from behind.

I guess that I should be feeling lucky that nobody has gone “Beatlemania” on my butt and torn the thing right off my body.

It still reigns supreme. Nobody can resist it.



“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”~ Friedrich Nietzsche  

What did I get myself into? What rabbit hole have I fallen into?

Its the 2014 version of the go-go dance troupe here locally at one rather small venue.

I introduce to you The Hell Katz.

Every Tuesday they have their rendition of Ta Ta Tuesdays. I just happened to come in during the Easter Edition. I was promised sexy bunnies.

What I ended up with, was a mild orgy of flesh and tattoos and wild hair…. with the periodic plastic bunny ears.

It was something I had no experience with and so calling it a learning experience is beneath the definition by a long rimmed shot.

But it was also something that had been to my attention for at least a month now, ever since meeting the one they call “Vyper Lily” at the 2014 SXSW Festival at a different venue, doing a different job.


Vyper Lily

Ironically, she and I found one another on social networking sites and we have become somewhat of strange friends.

It is what it is though.

And so I’ve known about this dance troupe for a while, I just couldn’t get out for one reason or another to decide for myself what it was all about.

Last night, those discoveries would be unearthed.

I didn’t know what to really expect, other than these girls were going to be dancing throughout the night and most of them dancing while on top of the bar.

This ain’t your Coyote Ugly!

I thought that it was going to be a very bad night as I couldn’t find the place to begin with. Apparently Headhunter’s don’t have the smarts to put a sign out front to show their location. They are running under the disguise of “Metal and Lace” still, and I don’t know why.

I went by that place at least five times before I realized that I was needing to go inside of it.

I finally established where the venue was and found it to be pretty empty. The first band was still kind of hanging out and warming up, not quite set up on stage to go for it. Just laid back and relaxed.

I had a few conversations with the barmaid who seemed to be pretty nice. But her evil side came out when it came to leftover Easter eggs. More on that later.

I realize that I was really early, and I needed to just calm myself and relax a little before any of these Ta Ta Tuesday dancers showed up. Especially Vyper Lily.

I think that I definitely should have known something was up when I looked and saw that this film was being played called “Watership Down.”


Why are the rabbits being bloody and violent??

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of it. I know that I’ve not seen the animated film. But geez, whoa, whiskey tango foxtrot, over?????

When you have scenes like these, you realize that you are not in your safe little bubble of animated features that you grew up to know.

I heard someone there excuse it because it was British. But that didn’t cut the fat with me.

I complimented the barmaid about her hair, and she turned such a deep shade of red that you thought she was going to turn into a tomato. Needless to say, she avoided me much of the rest of the night. And it was  still way too early. Bands hadn’t even started yet.

As the first band played, I wasn’t sure what I got myself into. It definitely was not the kind of music that I would choose to listen to. And now I was to understand that Vyper Lily wasn’t coming until later in the evening.

So much for in and out and back.

As more of The Hell Katz began to come in and then I saw Vyper Lily, I knew that I was in for the long haul. hellkatzIt wasn’t all that bad.

Let me tell you what it was NOT: There was no nudity. No stripping. No topless activity… no matter how hard one of the bands on the stage tried to see some titties.

That isn’t what The Hell Katz are about.

Although they shake what their mama gave them….. that’s all part of the job. Bring in more customers, earn more tips. Rinse, wash, repeat.

After awhile of watching these girls do their thing, and realizing that people were getting drunk and were not watching what they were doing… I stepped outside to get some air.

Vyper Lily was out there, and I took advantage to take some photographs with her. There was another dancer that I took photographs with. She had been talking to me like we were the bestest of buddies in the whole wide world.

And that’s cool. Suddenly, she makes the request that I find her on Facebook. And that was a first.

I asked for a photograph and she agreed. We found someone to operate the camera and then she slithered onto my lap like she freaking owned it and gave a pose like she couldn’t give a damn. Gotta love it!!! Thank you, Vyrus McDisco. (Where do these stage names come from?)

After the flash went off, I barely had time to thank her as she jumped off and went back inside. helllz

Then shortly after that, I took even more photographs with Vyper Lily. And then I was assaulted by some random woman walking by. If I have the time, I’ll write about that in my blog separately. All I have to say is, she could not resist to put her hands on me. Even while she was being dragged away by her significant other by the hand.

The music never got better but the dancing by The Hell Katz was in rare top form I think.

It’s hard to shove cash in someone’s stocking when there’s the ever present danger of being kicked by a dancer’s boot who is doing her job on top of the bar.

Sometimes I hate being at this altitude.

I wonder what these girls can make in one night? The crowd seemed to be pretty small so maybe not a whole lot. But just enough?? I don’t know. I’m not going to ask either. That’s their personal business. But I am curious.

Probably the one thing that I will remember most about the night is how Vyrus McDisco manhandled some drunk trying to get in for free, claiming he was late for work at the bar.

Surprise is on YOU, jackass!! The Hell Katz have been dancing there every Tuesday night for a long, long time. They are going to know who does and who does not work. But she grabbed him by the shirt and kicked his ass out into the street.

Awesome, awesome display of female power!! I for one, will not be messing with Vyrus McDisco…….. ever.

So at the end of the night, Vyper Lily gave me probably one of the sweetest hugs I’ve received since the invention of fire. And I had no idea how I was going to get home. But I said my farewells, I introduced myself to the barmaid finally and she was talking to me at last. 10177388_10152064592396453_9037689596011211580_n

She walked behind me with her confetti eggs and I moved away. She said that she was using me for cover. And I think now that was probably just some trick to get me to sit still. She then attacked someone with a confetti egg and I began to move away. But she came up from behind me and smacked me like Little Bunny Foo-Foo over the head with one of those confetti eggs. I had been hit three individual times by those stupid things throughout the entire night.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get her back unexpectedly in the near future?

So I made some new friends. Took a lot of photographs. And then found that my luck was still running on GOOD when a taxi cab turned down the block and just parked- waiting for a customer.

I was trying to get the driver to understand that he was too far away from the curb and a drunk couple tried to intervene. The guy said that he was going to through my ass into the cab so hard that I would stick. And I was NOT okay with that.

I watched his every move.

When we finally got the vehicle close enough, I climbed into the taxi cab and the drunk guy was attempting to hail a taxi for him and his +1 AND help with my situation at the same time. It wasn’t working well. Why he didn’t let his woman go get the taxi is beyond me?

But he threw NOTHING. I made sure of that.

I came home knowing that I made some new friends. I finally figured out my camera that I got as a gift. And I posted photos on Facebook.

Geez, when I woke up this morning…. my Facebook had gone down the toilet with people looking at my photographs of me hanging on to the dancers and the dancers all over me. That was the POINT!! I’ve received mixed reviews about my night out based on those photographs.

Dear readers, understand this: I was NOT there to try and take one of them home with me last night. Most (if not ALL) of the dancers have boyfriends or significant others. So it would be fruitless. I was just out to let my hair down and be happy for once.

But I got out for a night, it did some good too. I am thankful to Vyper Lily and her constant badgering of Ta Ta Tuesdays.

I might not make it out for a while though.

The cab fare was $19.00 and I gave the driver a $20 bill. The look on his face was if he wanted to kill me. He drove all that way, for a dollar tip. Sadly, I didn’t have anything else to give him. So I paid him, bid him farewell, and got the hell inside of my home before he decided to pull a stunt.

It was fun though. Now that I have some kind of learning experience as to what to think or expect. I hope I get the chance to return.


“I got obsessed with classical music; I got obsessed with Chopin, with playing the piano.”~ Gary Oldman

Classical musical composer Antonín Dvořák, has got to be spinning in his grave in better fashion than Miley Cyrus at the MTV Music Awards.

Yep. This one is incredible, ladies and gentlemen!!

Classical Twerking twerk22m456ws

The Belgium B-Classic Music Festival produced the video to composer Antonín Leopold Dvorák’s ‘Symphony No. 9,’ published in 1893. The festival aims to expose modern audiences to classical music.

By sending in attractive women from South Korea to record a music video of them dancing and twerking to classical music.

It is the most incredible thing that I have seen so far this year! twerk22m

And its horrible to admit that I’m not even focused on the classical music when I watch this music video.

Just when you thought it was safe to return to YouTube and casually watch videos again. Even your run of the mill videos of women you think are attractive…. this comes up as some marketing ploy to get people to dig classical music again.  twerk22n4

Like I said, it doesn’t work. Not with me at least.

The only thing that really came to mind were the following things:

#1- These girls ought to be lucky that it was done in SOUTH Korea and not NORTH Korea. Otherwise, they’d be in jail or executed.

#2- Are these girls that serious? twerkiimage (2)

#3- Where could I find them?

I did not have to look far at all.

This is an actual dance group in South Korea. A professional dance team.

They are called “Waveya.”

I don’t know that much about them, other than that’s the name of the group of girls that did this music video for classical music. And they’ve been around for a little while.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say… twerking in 1893 seems a bit ridiculous. But it was all to get the public’s attention back to enjoying and appreciating classical music again.

Who’s next? Mozart?? Beethoven??

In fact, I DARE them to do all 55 minutes of Mozart’s Requiem… how about that????

Perish the thought!!! Mine eyes hath already behold enough of this Asian booty  buffet as it is.




Tonight I am reminded by the film quote from “Shawshank Redemption” where Morgan Freeman’s character says “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

I know that the quote from Dr. Froth is far better, but I don’t remember where it was placed or what exactly he said word for word.

Nonetheless today on this quiet Good Friday evening, history was doomed to repeat itself to drive home the fact to me that life moves on whether I want it to or not.

People are getting married. People are getting divorced. People are even dying and leaving this life on Earth. And it has been feeling like I’ve been watching all of it happen through a window while munching on snacks, sitting back lazily as everything just keeps going!!!

Often I have been finding myself at a loss because the people that I watch grow up, and live on, are doing so without me. Or in the very least, with minimal influence or contact.

That’s not the best pill in the world to swallow. park_rides_MO_89

Guitarist for the band BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, Auggie Del Ray, almost daily gives everyone a reminder about how we should take life by the neck and hang on until it comes down into submission and we can control our destinies again. He also has wonderful insight on other facets of life that causes me to want to pay attention as well. I’m begging and pleading for him to come out with his own personal blog.

But we’ve had control all along I think. Yet what have we been doing with that control? Are we taking our lives and doing what we want to do with it OR are we allowing others the control and watching our lives spin round and round and round without knowing where to get off the amusement ride of life??

My doomed attitude of life got a swift kick in the pants tonight. Especially after seeing certain people from life either becoming the tops of their perspective fields or watching them dust off and jump back on and rise to the top again.

I don’t have to live a life that I am not happy with. I can change my life to true happiness because life will go on with or without me and one day, I will spend my last day on this Earth. And what will I have to say about it or to show for it before the presence of others? DSCN2600

If you are not happy with life, remember you are not a tree. You CAN move in any other direction that you want. And you can return to the path of happiness, wherever it may take you.

Be in charge in your life. Be in control of your destiny. If you do not like where it is going, then change course. And do not fear the change that comes with it. For you never know what rewards await you on the other side.

Understand though that life will not wait while you decide. If you wait for too long, it may be too late.

Don’t be tardy to the party, that is your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I have no words.” ~ Dambreaker

After almost one full year since the bombing at the Boston Marathon, the brilliance of one idiot has come out in full bloom.

Kayvon Edson be thy name.

He was found near the finish line of this year’s Boston Marathon, shouting and parading around. He had two backpacks and then he simply left them (or at least one) behind.

One of the bags was being carried by a barefoot man who was wearing a long black veil and screaming “Boston Strong.”

What kind of idiot is this?

Turns out he’s a 25 year old “performance artist” from the Massachusetts College Of Art and Design.

Is it just me (and it probably is) or what the hell is it with 25 year old people going on right now???

The hoax literally scared some people to death and the police took action on taking care of the backpack. Only for it to have a rice cooker inside full of confetti.

Again, I say… idiot.  idiot

This is NOT art. This is NOT a funny “ha ha” joke. This is NOT amusing. People died last year and many, many others were severely injured. And you wanna stroll around Boston calling this art?

This isn’t art. It’s illegal. What it truly is, is a FELONY!!

And now that Edson is now in the custody of Boston Police, I hope they let him have it while they can.

This isn’t funny at all. A ceremony had just finished taking place to remember those lost and/or hurt from last year’s tragedy. And this buzzed-out boner of a brain comes prancing around without shoes and pulls this prank.

The 2014 Boston Marathon will take place on the 21st of April with thousands of people participating in hopes to march (or run) forward leaving this adversity to Boston behind them. And strive for a new and brighter future.

And I will add, although it goes without saying, they will do this WITHOUT having to deal with people like Edson. Good riddance and please throw the book at him!!!!

funeral-6-600x450Jack Robinson, four years old. Diagnosed with cancer that was inoperable. And given about a five percent chance to survive and live.

His parents however put together a sort of “Bucket List” for their ill child, and pretty much ALL of Jack’s wishes came true. Including the biggest wish ever a small boy could ever dream of having.

A Star Wars funeral.

Jack did not survive the cancer and passed away. But his family kept their word and gave him a Star Wars themed funeral that was fit for any member of the Jedi Council.

This funeral even surpassed the funeral held for Darth Vader!


I am very sad to hear how young he was to have been diagnosed with such a disease.

Those who have been with me since the beginning know that cancer has been the thief that has taken many of my family members and friends, which include my own mother when I was a child.

However I am exhilarated to see that this family came together for Jack and gave him the tremendous memorial that he requested.