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“I do not stalk my crush. I simply gather information for specific purposes.” – Unknown

Meet my front door as I found it Sunday morning after returning from my trip to Houston over the weekend.

When I walked inside I instinctively called the police on my cell phone and didn’t touch anything until they got here.

Evidence was picked up and gathered and it led to an arrest of a woman who goes by the name of Jane or Janeece if you catch her on a good day.

This is a woman who apparently does not live that far away from me geographically speaking.

She had found out my name based on the amount of comments left on this blog in various posts. She had taken the time to read through most of them (if not all of them) to figure out who I was. She found me on Twitter. She found me on Facebook. And then the scariest thing of all is that she found out where I lived. Or she thought she did, I never confirmed anything.

I did tell her that I don’t invite strangers into my home. So she wanted to meet me in person because I was just the most awesome guy on the planet.

Well yeah of course, but no you are not coming into my home. Neither am I going to agree to meet with you somewhere when you are telling me that you wanting terribly to have my children. stalker-broken-window

You go into the crazy pile and labelled a “stalker.”

What else did you expect?!?!?!?!??????

So she insisted on setting up a date for us to meet in person. She went on and on and on about how great this blog is and how helpful it is for people, if they would only read it.

But the whole having my baby bit was too much.

I told her no. Emphatically no.

She asked why and I told her that I was going to Houston for a few days and I wouldn’t be here even if I wanted to meet her.

BIG MISTAKE on my part.

Nothing was broken. Nothing was stolen. Nothing was out of place. But plenty of evidence left behind to tell me that she was here, short of writing it on the walls.

She was arrested and now there will be charges filed. And there’s one less stalker left on the streets.

I suppose that I should be a lot more freaked out about this than I really am. Right now I am more focused on the fact that I had the courage to stand up to this woman and face her down and have her put in her place, which is jail. And perhaps one day I will be. But for now, there’s now one less crazy woman that I have to deal with for a while.

Never underestimate me. Several people have. And look where it got them…………..

Physically I am fine. So those who are reading this that know me personally: Fear not. I am okay.



“I’m scared to death of being poor. It’s like a fat girl who loses 500 pounds but is always fat inside. I grew up poor and will always feel poor inside. It’s my pet paranoia.” ~ Cher

I finally went to my mailbox and got my pre-order for the new album by CASKET OF CASSANDRA.

I unfortunately missed their big release party because I was too busy working on the new Dr. Froth project. More about that later.

But this is for CASKET OF CASSANDRA.

I can say with full confidence that I am scared to death.

Some of the things that were recorded on this album were so creepy! And not that kind of creepy that makes the album stink, but more of a creepy that tells you “I should have seen this coming, but how could I have?” kind of punch-in-your-face-this-is-still-heavy-metal.

Everything about “Day Four” just drives me crazy with pleasure and contentment.

After only hearing about them a few short months ago for the first time, I really found myself drowning with interest in their music and I got to know the band personally which was really cool.

My favorites are still “Soltaria” and “Bury You” but now I’m going to add “The Egotist” since I had an interest in it when I heard it live back in March I think it was… the studio recorded version of the song grabbed me by the neck, slammed me into the chair,  and wouldn’t let go until the CD was finished. COC24

So not only am I really proud to say that I know these guys, but they really do put out some quality stuff for what they know how to do. This is one incredibly freaking awesome band.

And I must add before I forget, the back cover image of their new album “Day Four” is quite a trip- and still scary as shit.

“Nail To The Eye” is another song that is becoming a favorite of mine, simply for the chant in the middle of the song:

“Glass bones
Paper skin
Fragile as fuck
Faced with sticks and stones
You’re shit out of luck”

Lyrics that I never would have dreamed to have written!! Whomever came up with that line… I bow in respect, because in the world of heavy metal, it doesn’t get any better than that.

“You Shouldn’t Have Done That….” had so many wild turns in it, that I thought that I was experiencing a horror film IN REAL LIFE.. I literally turned it down because I didn’t want anything jumping out at me. I freaked out so bad.

The album as a whole is put together as one awesome unit. The entire thing from beginning to end is unbreakable. COCAM

I am going to ask permission by Amanda Maddera and Riles Olacsi if I can do a Q&A session with them, and then post the “online interview” on my blog… if they agree to it, then it will be something exclusive for just this blog. If they say no, then I’ll move on.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have listened to this at night? I don’t know. I just know that I’ve gave it the maiden voyage and now…. life is a little creepy.

But like I said, not horrible creepy. Just scary-what-the-hell-was-that?!?!?!?!?

CASKET OF CASSANDRA could not have done a better job with this album. They are going to really pick this up I hope. Because I think that if they do, they will really make it in the business and do very well for themselves.

Get your own copy of the album. And you’ll agree!!


“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein

Yes. Finally! The opening day of the long awaited film by global fans (particularly Americans) of GODZILLA.

I know that for the United States of America, that it just opened officially yesterday and so many have not had the opportunity to see it yet, so I promise that I will not provide any spoilers in this blog post.

At least not intentionally.

But its not about the film necessarily. It is about the seats inside of the theater that I was in and the experiences that I went through WHILE watching Godzilla.

Now I have no idea where this came from but now there is something called D-Box technology in the theaters here.

But its not offered across the entire United States of America.

It is only in selected theaters at this moment in time, and I just happened to go to one of them last night when I went to see Godzilla.

There are 22 D-Box theater seats inside of the movie theater that I went to.

The theater with the most D-Box theater seats is located at Carmike Thousand Oaks 14 in Thousand Oaks, California and Carmike Rosemont 18 in Rosemont, Illinois with 36 D-Box theater seats each. Godzilla- 2D-BOX Technologies Movie Seats

As I settled in, there were already scores of movie goers inside the theater. For the smallest of moments I struggled with the decision of whether or not to stay in my wheelchair or transfer into one of the theater seats and attempt to get as comfortable as possible because Godzilla’s run time is over two hours.

I made the attempt of transferring smoothly. But Mr. Smooth was nowhere in the building. I am just thankful that I didn’t fall down on my face. The one thing that I had kept in mind is the possibility of hearing someone shout “You want some help?” … of which never happened. And strangely enough, I was okay with it. godzillaalaxy10

So as the film moved on, I noticed that the entire seat was shaking, vibrating, and rumbling every time some door got shut, or every time that Godzilla stomped, slammed, kicked, or even roared.

What the heck??

And it didn’t matter if Godzilla was doing something or not. If some other actor was punching his way through the crowds or whatever he was doing to make some kind of “impact” then the  seat would just go psycho!!

It was actually pretty cool. However, I am not really the movie goer any more. Not since theaters decided that greed was the best way to go.

Godzilla is only the third time I have been to the movie theater ever since 2009 when I went to see PUBLIC ENEMIES with Johnny Depp on the 4th of July.

Nonetheless, do some research to see where the nearest available D-Box theater seats are in your area. It definitely is a really awesome treat. Made the moving going experience a little better. Even though Godzilla just steals the show.


arian1“If anything, we should feel sorry for the people who want us to feel bad about ourselves, because they are the ones struggling for approval. In middle school, bullies tortured other kids because they thought it would make people like them more.”~ Ariana Grande 

As of lately, I’ve been rather annoyed with the ads that Facebook has decided to include into everyone’s wall that mixes up with the newsfeed of every day shenanigans.

It ranges from celebrities to new cars to even Viagra (or at least generic forms of it that claim to be even more potent than the orginal.)

And then there was this ad, showcasing the new single called “Problem” by singer Ariana Grande:


Ariana Grande – “Problem”

Say what?

Again, the single is called “Problem” and now I have a personal one. Holy smokes!

She may have one less problem without me, but now I have a new one. One REALLY BIG one.

So in an effort to find out who she was and all of that, I looked her up on the Internet. Come to find out that she’s been around on the scene for a while.

Ariana has been on Broadway for a while a few years ago. She’s starred in a few television programs that was picked up by Nickelodeon. And she’s even starring along side Jeannette McCurdy (from iCarly fame) in a television program called “Sam and Cat.”

Her career met big time success when she recorded an album and released a song called “The Way.”

After that, she’s been quite the charmer and quite the crooner. She turns 21 years old this year and a lot of people that I have talked to cannot believe it.

I finally broke down and listened to her song “Problem” and I fell right out of my wheelchair. It just didn’t sound like the voice of a 20 year old. But rather the voice of a very experienced artist that can run with the big girls!! It reminded me of Mariah Carey…. of which Ariana gives credit to looking up to growing up. Wallpaper-HD-Ariana-Grande-2013

So here’s the point of this post and the dilemma that has naturally followed.

Ariana Grande’s character is apparently a redhead. So for the taping of the shows, she has dyed her brown hair red.

And then she’s bleached it out and brought it back to her natural color.

Back and forth and back and forth she has done this for the sake of the Nickelodeon show.

Before she knew it, she found herself in the midst of a very minor crisis from the general snob public’s opinion about her hair.

With all the back and forth between dying it red and then getting it back to the natural color… the damage was great enough that her hair started to fall out. Now there’s hair extensions to cover up the damaged hair and she’s just waiting for it all to grow back.  ariana

So as I am starting to learn more and listen even more than ever, I went to eBay to see what was what over there and find out just what I could buy if she had her albums sold or not.

What I would find would horrify me.

Some eBay seller from right here in the ATX is claiming to be selling Ariana Grande’s hair!!!!!!!!

I do not know if this means that this is the hair that has been professionally cut or its a huge mass of hair that has fallen out due to the hair damage or not.

This is ridiculous!! Not since the great eBay hype of 1999 about the auctions being posted over real human organs has this subject matter come up. And no matter what the truth behind this story is… it is disgusting.

Someone needs to report this. I’m pretty sure that Ariana Grande isn’t endorsing this. And I would think that it would not be her selling it herself for a profit. $5.00 … really? She’s making tons more than that on iTunes with the selling of her single. It went #1 in just 30 minutes of it being released on iTunes.

So it doesn’t make sense that she’s selling her own fallen out hair! ariana_grande_twitter_sad_face_blue_shirt_6cm48LF.sized

The chances of it being legit and real are very low. The only way that we (as the eBay customers) are going to be sure that its Ariana Grande’s hair is through DNA testing and that’s expensive.

So unless someone’s got a lot of cash we can just automatically assume that this is bullshit and someone’s using the name of Ariana Grande in efforts to make some kind of money.


“Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.”~ Jack Hanna

Finally! At long last!! I was able to convince my neighbors and members of staff to actually go to the zoo.

Working this project for almost four years, and going through three different social services coordinators… the hard would work pay off.

OR would it?!?

Everyone knew that this was “my baby” and everyone knew that I had been trying this for a long, long, long time.

So it was put on the calendar and suddenly there was more talk about what to do while we were out. Some of the rest of my neighbors saw to it that we would stop somewhere on our way to the zoo to stop and have lunch.

And so we would stop to eat.

It wasn’t bad. This new Mexican food restaurant.

Probably the only thing that would be worthy mentioning about this place is the SNAFU that happened when some other waitress placed before me someone else’s plate. And throughout the rest of our time sitting in this restaurant, I just would not hear the end of it.

Until I finally embraced it and fired back. Yeah, don’t barb on Dambreaker. Dambreaker will get you back!!!

So on to the zoo which is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy the hell out there! It probably took more than an hour to drive. And that was ridiculous point #1.

Another twenty minutes, we could have been in another city and visited THEIR zoo.

Upon arrival, you could hear the wild animals screaming. It was just slightly disheartening as it sounded like someone was screaming “help!” for some reason. Turned out to be the peacocks that were roaming around on the property towards the front entrance of the zoo.

These loud mouth fowls were everywhere. Although they did not spread out their feathers on display.  peacock

Yet they were the ones that were screaming.

Inside the main office building was their basic central operations.

Admissions, business, administration, and of course gift shop.

And what do we know about me with gift shops?

Yes… you cannot leave me unattended. And the group of five other people did just that in the gift shop area of the building.

They have a sign up about their policy of if you spend $50 or more, then you get a FREE zoo admission for future use that will expire in about a year.

Yes, I have that FREE admission.  But I am about to tell you why I am not going to personally use it. I’ll either just let it go to waste or give it to someone who wants it.

Going out the back door to go see all the animals, there was already a problem. Gravel, dirt, and hills.

Geez!! I couldn’t really get up the first hill that passed into the main part of the zoo where the majority of the animals were. I had been found by a stranger who asked if I wanted help. It took three adult women to get me up that stupid hill.

And going down the hill was not fun either. Whomever designed the zoo and constructed its pathways is a complete and total idiot who had NO regards to the elderly or disabled.

None whatsoever!!

No, I do NOT care how old this zoo is… this was shady and ridiculous. rsz_41rsz_2165

I have no idea how many animals I missed getting to see because of this. But I saw some of the major animals that zoos normally have on display. Needless to say that before I left the office I asked about eagles and they admitted to not having any.

In an effort to be very mean I said outloud, “Then why am I here?”

Yeah… I absolutely did.

I probably should have been paying more attention as it would have been a giant red flag for me.

Simply put, the zoo is NOT a place for those who are disabled or have difficulty walking or other mobile issues and this would include the elderly.

Even one of the neighbors came back through and immediately complained about the place, especially for people like me and older people. The thing about her is that she is a REAL LIFE nun!! So people actually pay attention to her.

She was given someone’s card with information on it. And given an apology and the lack-luster excuse that they do not have the money to construct an accessible zoo.

I want to get my hands on that business card!!!!

And then it struck me. This zoo is not just your normal big city zoo. This is an animal sanctuary for rescued animals. Every last animal and species in this zoo has been rescued at one point or another. This is NOT just a zoo.

So I will not be returning again. And for several factors that would include the long distances.

I had more fun at the Houston Zoo a couple of years ago and I STILL didn’t see everything there either.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

“I don’t have a formal home recording studio, but I can record tracks on my computer upstairs in my office.”~Huey Lewis

I am just a few short weeks away from embarking on a brand new journey which will take me to an experience not yet had before.

And I can barely contain myself!!

Words are just not there to describe how excited that I am to know that soon I will again go to Houston and instead of enjoying live music by any of several bands there that I enjoy, I will be in the creative process of making music by the direction of Dr. Froth and his brand new project called “Gathered In Darkness.”

Yes, you read correctly. I shall be inside of the record studio and on the other side of the glass recording whatever it is that needs to be recorded.

You don’t know what I am talking about?

Well read about it herehere, and here.

Did you see? I told you!!! This project is happening and its making waves and getting noticed. And it just blows my mind that I am going to be a part of it, no matter how large or small the part. I still will be able to connect myself to this.  drfroth1

Not since my days of being a part of F.M.R. have I been this thrilled and honored at the same time. And terribly excited to actually get to do something as cool as this.

My endless thanks goes out to Dr. Froth for his request that I partake in this adventure with him. My heart knows no ends to my appreciation that he would decide to include me in this.

More squealing updates as they become available. You should also follow Dr. Froth’s blog as well if you want to know what the down and the low is on the project.

ROCK ON, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! I’m about to be a recorded entity soon. And on the same album as big time names in music today.



“I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.”~ Muhammad Ali

More Dirty Dog Bar.

I’ve become the rolling version of “Norm at Cheers” at that place as staff and patrons alike both know who I am or who I come for.

Even the guy at the door said to me that he had a feeling that he would see me there last night when I came through.

Man on a Mission.

After taking advantage of the opportunity for a ticket to the show to be brought TO me, and very well discounted I might add, I was getting ready to attend the my third ever show with RESISTING VEGAS. And the second time where I was paying close attention.

In a span of less than two months time, I made friends with the band, they know who I am and they know what I do and they know that I love what they do and I spread the word like your nasty uncle’s STD.

I bumped into the one they call “HOLLYWOOD” and I settled in. It would turn out to be a night of free drinks at the Dirty Dog Bar (too bad I couldn’t get that same deal at Shiner Saloon a couple of hours before!)

At any rate, members of RESISTING VEGAS were already there and waiting and to be honest they saw me first before I saw them.

I finally got my hands on a physical copy of their newest EP that just was released. That made for Dambreaker to be one helluva happy and cheeky monkey.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been growing and learning more and more about lead singer, Maranda Vegas. She’s been quite social with me via Facebook. And I think that is cool. She understands that my favorite song of theirs is “Limbo” although the band outvoted her to change the name of the tune to “Should’ve Prayed.”

Ugh. Leave it alone, guys.

But I would learn more about her and her likes and dislikes. I never thought that I would find a woman who didn’t care for flowers. But I did. So I asked what else she liked. She had no clue that I was actually paying close attention. Or she probably just didn’t suspect that I was.

The social convention for stage performers are flowers. But since she doesn’t care for them, I had to go with the next best thing. And that would be donuts.

She’s got a sweet tooth apparently. But honestly who doesn’t? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

However I got both. Roses AND donuts. I decided white roses so that there was no misunderstanding involved.

Then very quickly it was time for them to set up their stage to perform. It was just so fast. I was trying to take a photograph with Maranda but batteries were dead and now they had to set up. I ran across the street, bought more batteries at more ridiculous downtown prices and ran back across the street to and back in.

So I set up camp. And nobody else came forth. It was strange. I was the only person within miles of the stage no matter from which angle that you measured.

It had to be upsetting for the members of the band. Maranda even just came close to me and simply said “hey thank you for coming!” because it honestly looked like I was the only one there. Anyone else was just there doing their own thing and ignoring the stage.

Of course I sat there, I figured that something had to give and soon both Maranda and Fernando was able to convince about eleven more people to approach the stage and that included lead singer to Black Heart Saints who played first before them.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After that everything was set on cruise control and the night just rocked itself until the end of the set.

Although I was kind of proud of Maranda. The only thing that matters for her is that I think she’s got a terrific singing voice. I could listen to her sing all day long. And I wouldn’t even mind if she wanted to try a lullaby to put me to sleep. I do think she would end up being successful at it.

During “Limbo” I totally forgot about the shout during the middle of the song by Fernando. He crept up to the microphone and belted it out and I about shit my pants in terror. This is what I get for not paying attention to everything going on around me.

Later, I took the EP that I had and tossed it to guitarist Cameron Stewart. He pointed out that everyone in the band now had stage names and he was intending on autographing the EP with his stage name. The CD was then passed along to other band members with him insisting the stage names be signed. And so there you have it. My first RESISTING VEGAS CD and its signed with stage names.

The night was capped off with band shenanigans. And I got to witness every last one of them. I believe that the members of the band forgot that I have a blog. Or did they????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I could list their activities, but then again maybe I won’t. All I have to say about it is that if you are in the area and you don’t show up to one of their shows ….. you miss out. Period.

I laughed so hard that I totally forgot about that one time last week about that one thing that made me sad for a few hours.

I laughed so hard that I totally forgot about the disappointing results prior in the evening at Shiner Saloon.

That’s how hard I was laughing. Nevermind the lack of oxygen, the drool on the corners of the lips, the tears welling up in the eyes, and the skin turning red. I laughed so hard I started forgetting stuff.

The next band that was playing on stage while I was in the midst of ruckus laughter was called Downfall 2012. They finally got my attention when they did a heavy metal cover of the R&B classic “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Think about that one for a moment: heavy metal version of “Baby Got Back.”

Yeah, you’re welcome…

It was fun to listen to. Not a single person in the place was NOT singing along to it, even HOLLYWOOD was “Quick to retrieve it.”

I did not stay for FILTER as I made the stupid mistake of deciding to go back to the Shiner Saloon. So I said my farewells and left. Shocked all of the members of the band in the process of departing.

In a few weeks RESISTING VEGAS will return to the Dirty Dog Bar and I am hopeful that I will come back as well. The Dirty Dog knows me and I, it. Is it possible that I am turning into a regular??

Wherever RESISTING VEGAS shall go in town, I shall make quite the effort to be there. Hell or high water.

shinerssaloon1“I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.”~ Cat Stevens

I thought that last night I would kill two birds with one stone. Actually in this case, it would have been three total stones in one throw.

My plans for the evening last night included two bars, two separate venues, and keeping two separate promises to two different people.

First stop: Shiner Saloon.

I had been there before during the 2014 SXSW Festival to see BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE play. And it was there that I would meet a particularly interesting bar maid.

Long story short, BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE killed it. Gained some new fans from the scene.  I ended up taking a couple of fun photographs with the bar maid. And to top that all off, I gave the bar maid, MY number and walked away.

Only to find that that any and all photographs that I took at the Shiner Saloon would be lost. Forever. And that included Miss Interesting. I did however tell her that I would return to say hello to her again in the future.

I was irritated and pumped up both at the same time. I hated that I lost the photographs of her and I in the same frame, as well as the kick ass photographs I took of BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, and all I could think about was to return to the Shiner Saloon to get the bar maid to pose again to replace what I had lost.

Not an easy task. Especially since when I gave her MY number and contact information, I wrote a note stating that I was looking for friends. And I wrote that thinking that it would increase my chances of her corresponding with me.

I still have a lot to learn!!

So then I was in correspondence with the bar via social networking websites. I was going back and forth with them mainly on Twitter, but some times on Facebook. I had found myself telling whoever it was that was running the sites that I promised to return to the venue for a good drink and a good time. Lightly prefacing the fact that the bar maid (whom I will call “Lil R” throughout the rest of the post) had made my first visit very welcoming.

Because I was going to go out any way yesterday I decided that I would hit two venues in one night, hold both of my promises to the people of Shiner’s Saloon and let be what would be.

During the daytime is a little tricky. All windows are open and its freaking bright. Does not make for good or decent photography. There’s always a glare with the digital camera that I have when a window in the daytime is involved.

But Lil R wasn’t there. Where was she? I was promised she would be working. I showed up relatively early but not so early that I was waiting for them to unlock their doors.

The only other thing that I seriously have every right in the world to bitch about is the fact that this bar is upstairs and there’s the need for use of an elevator to get there. But I couldn’t get it to work. I could not get it to function. How the hell was I going to get to the Shiner Saloon if the elevator wasn’t working??

Come to find out that through a beer distribution employee the floor on which Shiner Saloon is located, it is locked from that floor by the good folks of the bar. I either have to wait for someone to use that elevator from that floor OR tell someone to go up the flight of stairs to the bar to tell them to send the elevator up to them and HOPE that I am inside of it. shinerfurniture

It seems a little unnecessary in my own opinion.

I have heard of “bucket seats” but I cannot decide on whether or not making bar stools out of wooden buckets is a genius idea or a lame one.

For sure its nothing like I have ever seen before.

When I finally got into the venue, it was bright as freak in there.

Very low key as it had only been open for just under the first hour of operation.

I got my first Thirsty Goat and wouldn’t you know it — $3.75! Usually I am paying $5 for this beer. A couple of times I’ve paid $6. So I don’t know… Happy Hour perhaps? Or the guy just thought I was cool enough or whatever. So yeah at $3.75 hit me up!! 1 (1)

Lil R was nowhere to be found. And I finally just had to ask. She wasn’t scheduled to come in to work until 9:00 PM.

Ughh…!! I’ve got plans starting at 6:30 PM. Now what was I going to do? Shiner Saloon was expected me and I was there, and I am sure that they told Lil R over and over again that I was coming to see her.

Devastating news? Bartender, hit me again please!

Well not really, just expectations were not met and it caused grief.


half devoured. But still there’s plenty left! $9.00 !!!

I ended up meeting the person behind the social networking sites. He’s a really cool guy!! I’m glad that he was so accommodating as it led up to what would be my second visit.

I ate what was probably the most expensive hot dog that I had ever actually had the weird pleasure of paying for.

$9.00 chili dog. But it comes with potato chips. Its slammed with secret spices and garnish and everything else one would hope for an epic chili dog. Plus the size of the damned thing was enormous.

I don’t think that I will be able to duplicate it at home.

So I ate, I drank, I stewed in weirdness and frustration. And so then I struck up conversation with the rest of the employees there without having to mention female counterparts. It was straight up guy talk.

I think that the coolest thing inside now is that there’s a cuckoo clock that comes from the Shiner company and its attached to a certain beer on tap. Whenever someone pulls the tap to fill the glass, the cuckoo bird comes out and the clock lights up!!!!

That was cool. I hope that they are able to keep it for a long time.

However, time was not on my side and I had to go to the “main event” of the night. The employees of course were more than inviting for me to return, especially once Lil R had got to work.

I foolishly made the decision and then told them that I would return to see Lil R and their entertainment that was lined up for 10:30 on the basis that they would assist in helping me find a taxi to go home. They agreed.

I took off for the reason that I was out to begin with but would come back and fully regret the decision in its entirety, filled with the grief of late night expectations left unfulfilled. But not before some good times were had elsewhere.