arian1“If anything, we should feel sorry for the people who want us to feel bad about ourselves, because they are the ones struggling for approval. In middle school, bullies tortured other kids because they thought it would make people like them more.”~ Ariana Grande 

As of lately, I’ve been rather annoyed with the ads that Facebook has decided to include into everyone’s wall that mixes up with the newsfeed of every day shenanigans.

It ranges from celebrities to new cars to even Viagra (or at least generic forms of it that claim to be even more potent than the orginal.)

And then there was this ad, showcasing the new single called “Problem” by singer Ariana Grande:


Ariana Grande – “Problem”

Say what?

Again, the single is called “Problem” and now I have a personal one. Holy smokes!

She may have one less problem without me, but now I have a new one. One REALLY BIG one.

So in an effort to find out who she was and all of that, I looked her up on the Internet. Come to find out that she’s been around on the scene for a while.

Ariana has been on Broadway for a while a few years ago. She’s starred in a few television programs that was picked up by Nickelodeon. And she’s even starring along side Jeannette McCurdy (from iCarly fame) in a television program called “Sam and Cat.”

Her career met big time success when she recorded an album and released a song called “The Way.”

After that, she’s been quite the charmer and quite the crooner. She turns 21 years old this year and a lot of people that I have talked to cannot believe it.

I finally broke down and listened to her song “Problem” and I fell right out of my wheelchair. It just didn’t sound like the voice of a 20 year old. But rather the voice of a very experienced artist that can run with the big girls!! It reminded me of Mariah Carey…. of which Ariana gives credit to looking up to growing up. Wallpaper-HD-Ariana-Grande-2013

So here’s the point of this post and the dilemma that has naturally followed.

Ariana Grande’s character is apparently a redhead. So for the taping of the shows, she has dyed her brown hair red.

And then she’s bleached it out and brought it back to her natural color.

Back and forth and back and forth she has done this for the sake of the Nickelodeon show.

Before she knew it, she found herself in the midst of a very minor crisis from the general snob public’s opinion about her hair.

With all the back and forth between dying it red and then getting it back to the natural color… the damage was great enough that her hair started to fall out. Now there’s hair extensions to cover up the damaged hair and she’s just waiting for it all to grow back.  ariana

So as I am starting to learn more and listen even more than ever, I went to eBay to see what was what over there and find out just what I could buy if she had her albums sold or not.

What I would find would horrify me.

Some eBay seller from right here in the ATX is claiming to be selling Ariana Grande’s hair!!!!!!!!

I do not know if this means that this is the hair that has been professionally cut or its a huge mass of hair that has fallen out due to the hair damage or not.

This is ridiculous!! Not since the great eBay hype of 1999 about the auctions being posted over real human organs has this subject matter come up. And no matter what the truth behind this story is… it is disgusting.

Someone needs to report this. I’m pretty sure that Ariana Grande isn’t endorsing this. And I would think that it would not be her selling it herself for a profit. $5.00 … really? She’s making tons more than that on iTunes with the selling of her single. It went #1 in just 30 minutes of it being released on iTunes.

So it doesn’t make sense that she’s selling her own fallen out hair! ariana_grande_twitter_sad_face_blue_shirt_6cm48LF.sized

The chances of it being legit and real are very low. The only way that we (as the eBay customers) are going to be sure that its Ariana Grande’s hair is through DNA testing and that’s expensive.

So unless someone’s got a lot of cash we can just automatically assume that this is bullshit and someone’s using the name of Ariana Grande in efforts to make some kind of money.

  1. umadyet says:

    I’m not sure how the Facebook ads work, however somehow I think you may start seeing other “hairy ebay sales” in your feed. I would have no doubt the item is fake, just someone trying to profit on someone else’s….. loss. A hair brained idea in my book that should be reported, as you suggested. I wonder if an how Ebay monitors these sales.

    • Dambreaker says:

      I guess I was unclear. The ad was for her new single “Problem.” So I did some searching on her. Then I went to eBay to find her album and that’s where I found the supposed auction for her hair.

  2. Crazy what people try to sell. I believe she is the one I saw on Ellen. She is a really good singer.

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