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“Escape the ordinary.” – Unknown

This blog has had a lot of silence to it over the past couple of years. But it is still here.

And I am going to touch up on a subject that I could have sworn that I have discussed in a previous blog post. However, going through more than 800 posts to find out whether I am right or whether I am crazy is a daunting task. So if I actually have discussed this, then I must say that this is a topic that apparently needs repeating. As well as give anyone else who might be “newer” to the blog an opportunity to catch up on something that they might not want to dig for.

Over the past several years, I have jumped into the rabbit hole of taking photographs of people and then went even further and started taking selfies. Particularly when I am attending live music shows or going wherever there is a group of people to any event.

I do take a lot of selfies with musicians at shows. There are times when someone will volunteer to help take the photograph which allows for me to be in a photograph with more people, or the entire band.

Most people are willing to do so. And they will tell me so. But other people are not so willing. Even if they end up doing it, I already know that they do not really like it.

Photographs as a whole are taken because the person wants to help preserve a memory, a moment in time.

And the selfies that I have taken have been no exception. Yet there is a stronger point that I am attempting to make when I take selfies with people, whether colleagues or musicians or whatever.

I want to show the world that even though I am living with a disability, that I am not allowing that disability to overcome who I am. I want to show that I am getting out and away from these four walls and doing what I love. And meeting people along the way while doing so.

So I take photographs with people. And that is to also show the world that disabled people can be friends with those who are not. Or in the very least exist in the same space as one another.

Throughout the years, I have posted these selfies on my personal social media pages. And the same type of comments are always posted by some people, or the same comments posted by the same people. And let me say that jealousy, is a very ugly monster.

I just want to prove to the world that I can do just about anything that anyone else can do. I can make friends. I can make acquaintances. I can meet new people. And do so just as easily as the next person who may not have the same disability or not a disability at all.

So I preserve the memories, and I give a big middle finger out to the world who has ever doubted me, or has tried to keep me bottled up in the corner because it is convenient for them.


“What? WHO IS THAT?!??”

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Today I was intending on returning here to discuss the largest severe weather event which is known as “The Tri-State Tornado” as it happened on this day in 1925.

But I scratched that idea as it a very bleak and tragic story. So instead I will write about one of the most precious times that has ever happened in my life. Full of hope, love, and in my own opinion, rather funny if one thinks about it.

This happened on the 18th of March in the year 2017.

But for those of you who are not subscribed to this blog and are new, a bit of a back story.

I had effectively stopped writing show reviews some time in very late 2014, with very few exceptions here and there throughout those years. Needless to say that was a bad idea. New show blog coming at some point this year.

But in mid March of 2017, the SXSW Festival was happening. Most importantly what was called “Heart of Texas Rockfest” was going on. The evening of the 18th was the grand finale of the entire SXSW experience.

At this point, I had gone out thirteen nights in a row. Each night of SXSW, and the nights before leading up to SXSW. But the 18th was going to be the last for about two nights before I went out again.

On the 18th I pretty much stayed around Rockfest all day long. One of the bands that was going to be towards the end of the night was Raven Black, a metal band from Los Angeles. I had heard about them from a colleague and since they were coming to town already, I decided that I would check them out.

But as many of you live music fanatics know that when you go for one artist, you end up listening to a different artist that you like. And so you start to follow them. And the cycle repeats.

This was no different with a rock band that I would discover that night.

In all honesty, I just really wasn’t paying much attention to the live music that was happening. I was preparing for Raven Black to get on one of the two stages that was set up. I began to wonder if Raven Black would even have people come to see them.

But there was a rock band on stage, and Raven Black was scheduled to play next.

I recall engaging in conversation with some random gentleman who was enthralled with my skull rings that filled every single finger at the time.

My back was actually turned to the stage. As I said, I was NOT paying any attention at all.

Up until one moment where the music began to play the next song, and the crowds who were there started to cheer and scream and most importantly, began to howl!!!

I wondered what in the world was happening. Was there something crazy going on stage that I was missing? Did some idiot in the crowd get so drunk that they tore off their clothes and started to run? What was the noise about???

I was in mid sentence with my conversation and just stopped to turn around very slowly.

My eyes would behold a sight that would change my entire life forever.

The band that was up on stage? An all female rock band called “The Mrs”.

Mandy on guitar and vocals.
Jenny on bass guitar and vocals.
Larissa on keyboards and vocals.
Andra on drums and vocals.

Four gorgeous and (soon to be finding out) talented women all in black and rocking some choreographed moves on stage to a song that is called “Bait And Switch”. 17388908_10154430023716453_8664476018360684040_o


I pretty much abandoned the poor guy I was talking to right then and there.

I moved cautiously towards the front of the stage as to not to attract attention by the band. But keeping it that way was a failure as I scrambled for my digital camera that I had at the time to take photos of these stunning women who were out there and rocking.


I had nothing but tunnel vision as I watched the rest of their set play out.

I noticed the large screen behind them kept flashing the band logo “The Mrs” and immediately put two and two and two together. For about five seconds, it equalled about 40 and a half, until six was the right thought.

I thought to myself: This band must be called “The Mrs” and they must be called that for a reason. And I was right on both assumptions. I knew right away to behave and not to engage in any shenanigans.

They played a song called “The Beast” and I just kept screaming out loud : “Wow! Wow! WOW!!! WOWWWW!!!”

Each of them looking at me, then smiled and continued on with the set.

As they bowed to the crowd at the end, I nearly forgot about Raven Black!!! And so that band started to play. I had to rush over towards that other stage to be front and center and watch them as well for the first time.

Even though I enjoyed Raven Black’s set and became a fan of theirs that very evening. I couldn’t stop looking around to see if the members of The Mrs were still around. I wondered if they were going to hang out the rest of the night or if they, like many other bands during SXSW, were going to up and split. Between checking my digital camera for the next shot of Raven Black and looking around for The Mrs, I can think back and realize that I was no longer focused.

The whole time I was thinking, “Please don’t leave. Please don’t leave. Just lemme get a photo… PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!!”

At the very end of the night, I spotted members of The Mrs walking around, some were talking to other people, and others just hanging out.

I quickly took the opportunity to take selfies with members of Raven Black, talked with them, but kept an eye open for The Mrs to appear some where …. ANY WHERE.

Then Raven Black left the area, and I had spotted Jenny once again. I slowly began to gravitate towards her. 17358882_10154430021006453_2181635018379226095_o

But here I was wanting to take photos with The Mrs, but being scared to death just to ask and lacking the testicular fortitude to do so.

I put myself in a difficult situation by doing that.

Then I saw the rest of the band members. They were all still there, talking to people, taking photos, shaking hands and kissing babies… the whole nine yards.

This was my chance!

I grabbed my digital camera and opened the shutter, so to be ready.

First person to spot me was Mandy. She came up to me and asked, “Did you want to take a picture?”


I temporarily lost the ability of speech. So all I could do was nod. What the hell?!??

Mandy said she would gather up the rest of the band and to just wait. Then she disappeared. Like literally, I had no idea where she went.

The next person to come up to me was Andra, then Jenny the same way.

So for as long as I live, I will always remember that three out of the four members of The Mrs… their first words to me were “Did you want to take a picture?”. And bonus fact: Britny Lobas from Corbella (formerly Nomad City) said the exact same first words to me when I met her at SXSW 2016.

And each time I sat there, mouth open, and unable to use verbal communication. Not to any of them.

However with each of them coming up and asking, they were not nearly as quick and successful to fulfill the request. One kept running off, or someone interrupted. Anything you can think of that would have temporarily prohibited getting the photo taken… happened.

With the camera shutter open for so long, I ended up draining my batteries that I had to switch them out….. twice! Yep, I killed two sets of batteries just waiting for the opportunity for a photograph.

Finally at long last the band was assembled and they came up from behind to pose.

Normally while posing for photographs at that time, I would put my arm around the other person. But there were four of them and only two arms. Plus I did not know who these women were at the time and in my absolute fear and awe, I just did not feel like having my arms ripped off of my body. So I clasped them together and prayed for the best photographs to come out of it.

A few photographs were taken and the task was done. Everyone dispersed into different directions. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s the moment that my ability to speak came back to me. But when I spoke up to thank them for taking the photograph with me and for having a rocking show, I was shouting out into thin air and nobody heard me.

Ugh…dang it!!!

I still went home that night feeling accomplished. Also feeling quite stupid that the “cone of silence” had fallen over me like that. I figured that The Mrs must’ve thought I was some kind of jerk.

It would be the last night of going out for a while as my wheelchair broke that Sunday evening. But I made sure that I looked up the band on their website and followed all of their social media accounts. I knew I wanted to see them perform again and didn’t want to miss any opportunities in doing so. And I knew that the second time that I would see them, I would be FULLY focused on them and their music to really see if I liked what I was hearing.

Their next gig was a while later for a benefit. So I quickly looked to see how much tickets were going to be.

$249 a piece!!! Holy crapolita!!!!!

Well, it WAS a benefit. So I couldn’t go.

I struggled for a full year before SXSW 2018 came around. The Mrs was playing during that time at what was being called “Kindnesspalooza.”

It was only at that time that the intimidation and fear had began to disappear because I never attempted to add them individually to social media until the night before that show in 2018.

A chicken… was I!! These four beautiful and talented women had my ticket and punched it without knowing it.

But I showed up rather early for Kindesspalooza all dressed up. I was out to make a statement with the band, and anyone else who I came into contact with.

I stopped by the corner store and bought some flowers, because apparently I am so old school that people like me rarely exist any more in the 21st Century.

Does anybody remember that you give roses to a stage performer at the end of the show?? I am guessing not.

I waited most of the morning and much of the afternoon for The Mrs to appear. I went through their merchandise table and picked up their three song sample EP as they were on the verge of releasing their EP “Five Minutes” later that year.

I took off towards a back door and sat in a stair well and plugged the three song CD into my discman and began to listen.

I wasn’t paying any attention to my surroundings and I began to cry when I was listening to a song called “Lullaby”.

Suddenly, arising the stairs came the entire band as they were moments away from taking the stage.

There I was trying to wipe away tears to hide any evidence of them ever being there, Andra asked “What are you listening to?”

I replied, “YOU! The new songs are fantastic!!”

My voice cracked when I said that, and I thought “You dummy!!” But I guarantee that none of them noticed. I barely noticed it after it had happened. I was just more focused on them NOT noticing the tears flowing from my eyes.

I followed the band back inside and forced my way towards front and center of the stage. Ready to put my full attention to this band. Even though I had been listening to their music on the Internet from either download sites or YouTube.

I felt prepared for this.

The Mrs started playing and wouldn’t you know it, I was distracted by some young model who was rolling and crawling around on the floor all around me, posting video clips to her Instagram page and various other social media sites.

I had to finally ignore the flailing woman and focus on the band. There’s a photograph of me floating around on Facebook of me watching very intently that was taken by some unknown photographer.

When the show was over, I had grown more fortitude than I had a year prior. I went up to each of the band members and requested that they autograph the CD. Then as they were writing, I pulled up the digital camera to take selfies with them.

Then I remembered that I had flowers. So I went up to Jenny to hand them to her. And she suggested that I hand them to Andra. She walked me up to Andra so that I could be “re-introduced” to her.

I handed Andra the flowers. Four beautiful roses. And I quickly disclaimed that she could do whatever she wanted to do with them and there was no intention behind them. Andra burst into tears and thanked me.

I thought I had done something wrong. But Andra was rather filled with joy and appreciation.

Throughout 2018, I would start to catch the band at other shows. I was able to build a relationship with the members of the band.

Shortly after that, I had an opportunity of a lifetime. I was invited by two of the band members to take part of their music video for “My Tribe.” But I got intimidated and flaked out. A mistake I still regret to this day. I went back to zero testicular fortitude.

What the hell is it with me and this band and losing focus and forwardness?

I would be there in attendance when they had their EP release show for “Five Minutes” in the fall of 2018. Front and center, baby!! From that point any and all shows that I have been to have been up front, if not front and center.

I attest that I got caught crying when they played “Lullaby” but I am told over and over again by them that they didn’t see it. (I think someone is bluffing!!!)

A few short weeks after that I suffered the fire.

Within hours, members of The Mrs reached out to me to find out what was going on and to ask if I needed any help. Jenny asked if a GoFundMe campaign would help and I allowed her to do that. Mandy came over with a food because I hadn’t eaten anything all day.

I noticed how quickly this band was ready to help out in any way that they could. And they would show this kindness over and over again in their own individual ways. After all, why would they do all of that for “just some fan”? Other than human kindness, that is.

In three years I would go from fan to friend to essentially family. I refer to each of them as “sisters” to this day. And I love them all as such. I am super blessed.

It is just too bad that I have repeatedly come across as some major dork. But I think that deep down, none of them mind.


The Mrs can be found on all digital downloading websites across the Internet. Their most recent releases “I Am Enough” and “The Fight” can be found on Spotify.

sxsw-2020-cancelled-coronavirus-south-by-southwest-cancel“Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.” ~ Anonymous

In the first time of its 34 year history, SXSW Festival is cancelled due to concerns about COVID-19.

The news came today from Mayor Steve Adler.

When asked about the ramifications of this historic decision, Adler said that “the ramifications are secondary to ensure we are safe as a community.”

In recent days, there was a petition signed by thousands of people who wanted the city of Austin to cancel it to begin with. However the following day the local newspaper would report that the city of Austin would press forward with plans of keeping SXSW active.

Looks like they bowed to the will of the public hysteria and changed their minds.

Yet I cannot help but wonder if the city of Austin is actually thinking about the long term ramifications that are going to come because of this decision.

Hotels get booked a year in advance for this event. The moment it ends one year, is when they start booking rooms for the following year. You cannot find a hotel anywhere to stay in throughout the city of Austin. It just does not happen!

Another thing that I have thought about are the local venues who were expecting a rise in sales and business.

I have read on social media that the UN-official SXSW events, some are going on as planned. But again, sales will probably not be as they were if the OFFICIAL SXSW event was going on as they are.

I’ve been told that the city of Austin has really done a number on many venues and businesses that are located in the downtown area.

For one example, a venue along infamous Sixth Street recently has been hit with a drastic rent increase. One that I have discussed in past blog posts as I have attended live music shows there.

When rent goes from $10,000 a month up to $25,000 a month, how does the city expect any business to thrive??

The cancellation of SXSW 2020 will definitely be felt by those businesses and venues who are experiencing these ridiculous rent increases.

Downtown Austin in the long run will be going through some changes.

Local people are pretty upset right now. And rightfully so. And if some how the city of Austin pushes against the UN-official events, then I suspect that all hell will break loose.

But I have to personally take a step back from all of this. 

All year long, I have been waiting for certain local bands to post their SXSW events. Whether official or unofficial. And nobody that I know of said anything. Not a word!!

So therefore, I am not planning on attending ANY events at all. Even before this cancellation was announced. In addition to that, I’m still healing from several surgeries that I went through last November. And I would not be in very good shape to attend to begin with.

So what’s the good in all of this?

I had to stop and think really hard to answer that question.

First and foremost, the traffic. I am sure that traffic will be bad enough during that time. And I am sure that people who had planned to come will be defiant and come any way. But the traffic will be far less than usual.

I wondered about the parking. Commonly on any given weekend (or any given night for that matter) parking can be anywhere from $20-30. But during SXSW Festival, parking goes $40-50 and way up!! Will the city of Austin keep things as usual or will they still continue to bleed people dry?

I personally have not heard of any cases of COVID-19 in the city of Austin. So as it stands right now, the hysteria continues to win over the minds of people. I believe that most people are smart and know how to take care of themselves and not get sick. Just like during the flu season.

There will come a day when these “secondary ramifications” will eventually down the road become “primary” and the city of Austin will be in a giant world of hurt.

492 Days

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I thought that I would take some time to create what is the first post of 2020.

It’s been a very difficult time over these recent months. So let me clue you in on what has been going on with me.

The 17th of October 2018 is where I will start. I already wrote a post shortly after this date that my apartment caught fire. Everything was lost. But thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.

I spent two full months homeless, living in a hotel and living off of donations that were graciously provided from friends and strangers alike.

In early December 2018, I had found an apartment complex who had taken the last two people who hadn’t found something more permanent. Myself and another neighbor.

It took some adapting to and eventually I would meet people and build relationships with a few of those who lived in the sixteen story high rise.

After the brutal Texas summer had passed and autumn was creeping in, I started not to feel very well at all.

Imagine being in warm weather and still having your body shake and shiver. I knew something was going on.

I thought that it was “just another infection” as I get them commonly because of the Spina Bifida.

By the 11th of November, I could no longer withstand whatever was trying to keep me down. It turns out that whatever it was… was not trying to keep me down, but rather it was trying to take me out. This infection that I had was trying to kill me.

So I went into the hospital that evening on the 11th of November.

After at least a dozen surgeries, the infection had eaten a hole on my body and was going deep towards the spine. Doctors said that just by looking at the wound, that they could barely see the bone of my spine because the hole was that deep down.

A dozen surgeries and all of them done within two weeks. The last one being an attempt to close the wound with a skin graft. And it was serious. The plastic surgeon continued to threaten to amputate my leg so that he could use the skin to cover the wound.

The amputation however did not happen.

My last surgery was on the 26th of November. Then began the difficult task of basically being in bed for 30 days without getting up or even sitting up. I had to be flat the entire time. Not a very easy thing to do.

I think that I was more upset about the fact that I was starting to spend holidays away from home and either a hospital or in a rehab hospital.

I had only been in the hospital for a week before I received a call from my brother that the apartments that had been rebuilt. ONE week!!!!

Christmas was difficult. And my birthday in January was coming soon. I had made plans for that day to go to San Antonio, Texas that day. And I was afraid that all the money that I had spent would go to waste.

In early January, I was sent to “skilled nursing.” But don’t get me started on that because I will bitch and complain from start to finish.

But I did receive some medical and wound care there. Then finally, on the day of my birthday this year, wound care said that my wounds were all gone and they had nothing to tend to.

And yet I missed my trip to San Antonio, Texas. In order to save myself from financial destruction, I had to sell the tickets to the concert that I had. I lost about $60 USD in that adventure.

Finally in the month of February, I started pushing staff about a discharge date. While I was there, I was receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy as well as the nursing care.

I pushed and I pushed hard. Asking just about every day when I would be released from both types of therapy. And I had done so until I was given a date for discharge.

I was focused to do whatever it was that I needed to do to make sure that I did in fact LEAVE on that date.

Family flew in from Atlanta to give some extra help in those first few days but after 492 days since the fire, the apartments were rebuilt and I finally returned to a brand new apartment.

And at the time of this being written, I am on my second week of being here and still trying to get used to things. I am happy to be out of the care of any medical facility and back to a life of independence as much as I had before.

I’ve learned so many things about my own personal health and I learned about how other people in my life, no matter how big or small, actually love and care about me.

But for now, it is very slow. I cannot be sitting in the wheelchair for very long. After a few hours, I have to lay down. And I am hoping that soon that I will heal from the inside as well as the outside and I can get passed this current situation and get on with life.

Going to shows for a while, are going to be very few and far between. I’ve been to two already and heavily paid the price for doing so with fatigue and pain.

Also moving forward, I’ve put out a poll on social media. The response is that I should go back to doing show reviews. So every show that I attend locally or whatever, I will be doing blog posts. But I will start fresh and create a new blog specifically for that purpose.

I’m looking forward to putting all these days behind me and leaving them to be nothing but a faded memory.


jamie-simpson-weatherman-e1559032206524A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”~ Christopher Reeve

On the evening of the 27th of May, WRGT-TV meteorologist Jamie Simpson interrupted the television broadcast to warning viewers that a dangerous storm was approaching, with a CONFIRMED tornado that was on the ground.

And then he blew up in frustration while on the air.

He said on the air that he was checking social media and people were already yelling at him to get off the air because he was interrupting their show.

At the time of the live broadcast, “The Bachelorette” was on. And viewers were annoyed that they were missing it because of the weather interruption.

The tornado that struck Dayton, Ohio was a confirmed EF-3.

I recall a couple of decades ago that KSNW had a similar “problem” with their viewers. Each Friday evening, they read viewer mail on the air and addressed the issues of the day.

The one issue important that is relevant here is the fact that western Kansas was dealing with several consecutive nights of severe weather, with the threat of nighttime tornadoes. And those storms were definitely an issue for my family and I at the time.

So there had been those nights where television was interrupted.

Viewers had been pouring in the entire week complaining of the interruptions and found it ridiculous that they were doing so. Especially since the storms that were happening were 250 miles (384 km) away.

Thankfully, the news station and the weather crew stood firm and said that when lives and people’s property are at stake, that they will ALWAYS be there to interrupt and broadcast any important weather information so that people can stay safe.

The fact that Jamie Simpson did the exact same thing WHILE broadcasting live in current day, makes him my hero.

And even though I am a tornado and severe weather enthusiast, tornadoes at night are a wreck on my nerves. The fact that one person has been reported dead and over 90 people were hurt turns my stomach.

If these idiot whiners would have had their precious way, more people would have got hurt. Or worse.

So hats off to Jamie Simpson. Go off on these viewers any time!!!!


Well this was different for a change.

For weeks I have been hearing about how some of the other neighbors here like to play Ping Pong. And the fact that they really get into it.

I actually stuck my head in to take a look, but I refused to join in the play.

I haven’t played the game since I was able to stand. So I didn’t know for sure what it would be like playing from a wheelchair.

I would continue to run into one of the people that likes to play, and he finally was able to twist my arm last weekend to at least give it a try and see how I felt about playing.

So for about an hour and a half I played with the guy. No score kept, no pressure. Just casual back and forth. And a couple of hints and tricks taught along the way.

He invited me to play a few days from that point and I accepted.

Little did I know that he was putting together a tournament of sorts.

So I showed up for my first match.

The match was a little bit different than usual. Ten games to ten points. So essentially the first one to reach 100 wins. But with brief breaks in between after someone reached the first and the next set of ten. And so on.

First match was won 100-89.

My second match? Well, that was a forfeit. And here’s where the controversy begins.

I was first told that my opponent wasn’t able to make the match due to conflicting schedule. Then I was told that my opponent just was not able to make it when they scheduled the match. Had it been earlier in the day, they might have.

So quickly I was in the final match. And I was told that it would be a while before that was to be played because my opponent had a strenuous schedule and they would schedule the match as soon as they could.

During that wait, I would find out the truth behind the forfeiture of my second match.

The winner of that match would go on to play someone that really excels in the game. And so my opponent automatically assumed that they would play against that person. And that leaves their insinuation that they would have beaten me. And they were certain of it happening before even meeting up with me.

Talk about a bunch of bullshit.

But I finally met the final opponent before playing him. I watched him play against someone else, who were just playing for fun.

It was a very fast paced game. I started to worry, but then I realized that worrying wasn’t going to do me any good.

So the day came where I was in my final match.

The match rules had changed again.

Five games to ten. Instead of ten. So the first person to reach 50 points.
No trash talking to your opponent.
No foul language or profanity.
Only need to be ahead by one point to win.

If caught using foul language or profanity, your opponent would be awarded one point no matter where you were in the match. You were not allowed to even curb the language down to words like “heck, darn, shoot.”

I would be penalized only twice on that rule. Because I know you are reading this, wanting to know how badly I lost to this.

The match was well underway but my opponent received a phone call and had to stop playing and leave.

I was doing great up until that point. I was told that the remainder of the match would be played at a later date. Starting with the score with how the first part had ended.

I don’t know why there was no forfeit. I guess they didn’t want it to end like that.

But it didn’t end by reaching 50 points either.

The last and final part of the match got started. And my opponent noted that there was a crack in the ball, but it was still good enough to be played with.

I was finding it simple for whatever reason to mount a comeback and get ahead in the score. And then his serve came to me and I gave it back. Then his volley went higher than he had anticipated, and I slammed the ball into the back corner of the table. My point!!!

But…. that broke the ball. Match over.

It was finally finished, winning with a score of 19-16.

The guy who orchestrated the whole gathering was kind of pissed off the ball broke as it was his only one that he had. But he held it back and I could tell that he was trying hard to do so.

My opponent just grabbed his belongings and walked out.

Later in the evening, I ran into the guy who started this mania in the first place and he came up close and admitted that my final opponent decided that he was going to “take it easy on me.”

I don’t know what it is about these opponents doing these things. It’s crap!! And even though I won, it doesn’t feel like a victory to me.

I didn’t earn anything. No trophy or anything. Just some bragging rights. And yet knowing what I know now, bragging rights seem worthless.

At least I was invited to come again in a few days to play around. No score, no pressure. Just play until either person can play no more.


“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”~ Orlando Aloysius Battista

Another year, another GRAMMYs Award show that I did not watch. Come to find out that if I had, I would have been rather pissed off.

The 60th GRAMMYs Award show happened. I haven’t watched it in I don’t know how long, but they have a pattern in which the show is displayed on television across the world.

Then this happened.

The GRAMMYs have never been kind to the hard rock/heavy metal music community even though the category has existed since 1989. (And do I even have to go off on a tangent about who won that first year? I think not.)

But for a Memoriam, one would think that the GRAMMYs would have their shit together.

I have never been more wrong!!

Again, I’ll say that the hard rock/heavy metal community isn’t very well liked by the GRAMMYs and it shows. But to constantly omit those who are pioneers in their respective fields and genres is a disgrace. More reverence and credence was given to those who passed away in the last year that aren’t so much legends.

This legend was on the program, but not in the FINAL program.

Seriously, how much effort does it take to add one person? This happens all the time with award shows. Why isn’t there some body hired to make sure that everyone is included?

As I said, I don’t watch these idiotic, circle-jerking, self-absorbing television programs. And for good reason. Forgetting a legend is one of them.

Hollywood, step up your game!

The Second Chapter

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”~ Winston Churchill

The next part of this crazy journey since the fire is off to a good start. And just in time before Christmas.

I am so glad to be out of the hotel life. I found a new place to call home. And there’s so much going on around here that it appears to be even more social than SGC ever used to be.

But here I am and this is where I am to stay until SGC rebuilds.

Today I bought a new desktop computer which happens to be an “All In One”. I will admit it didn’t make too much sense to me at first, but I caught up.

There has been a really good response to my needs. I think that people are beginning to understand that when I say that I lost everything — I mean “everything.”

Dishes, towels, and soap and other assorted toiletries keep coming in. I also received a brand new television, a microwave, and other things. So after that, I connected internet services. But I had blasted away the data on my cell phone. I am happy that I don’t have to worry about that any more.

Things are really looking up and forward at this point. I am able to return to this blog and write as much as I want again.

I am looking forward to getting through the rest of 2018 and enter into 2019 with a new chapter in life, ever hopeful that it will be more positive.

There are some other stories that I am contemplating discussing on this blog. More of the same head-shaking nonsense that I have come across. Life does not stop because of tragedy. And apparently neither does stupidity.

Merry Christmas.


Well hello Dambreaker Nation!!

I am finally able to return to a keyboard and computer where I am able to write this to you.

There’s plenty to talk about. So let’s start at the beginning, which is the 17th of October in 2018.

The attached image was taken from my cell phone on that day around approximately 4:00 in the morning on the 17th.  My apartment building was on fire.

I was awakened by the sounds of someone screaming “Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!…” over and over again.

The first thing that I remember was that I could smell smoke. But I did not identify it s such. I thought that one of the neighbors was burning incense or something and it got out of hand. But that didn’t make sense at 4:00 in the morning.

As I opened my eyes, my window was just filled with a bright orange glow. Something was in fact, on fire.

I got up and went to the window and looked out, expecting to see the apartments on the other side of the fence burning. But I saw nothing but darkness. Then I looked up above and saw more of the orange glow. The neighboring building was not on fire…. I WAS ON FIRE.

I ran for my desk and quickly had to make a decision on what was most important and vital for me to take with me. Keys, wallet, cell phone, rings, cash, coins, etc. Thankfully these items were all in the same spot.

My wheelchair did not have the foot rests attached so I reached for them in the dark, the smell of smoke was becoming more and more apparent.

But I could not see in the dark what I was doing. My next thought was to quickly turn on the light to see. However, as I turned I noticed another bright glow from the ceiling inside of the air conditioning vent. Inside the vent in the ceiling was in flames.

It was at that point that I had decided to abandon everything else and get the hell out before something serious happened.

As I approached the front door, I felt around to see if it was hot. When I realized it was safe to exit, I opened the door slowly and was met by much more fire and smoke. Once I opened the door, I went as fast as I could to get away from the building. And in the process of it all, I felt and heard snapping noises from beneath my wheelchair.

The frame broke.

The neighbors began to pour out onto the sidewalks and I noticed that it was starting to rain. I thought to myself: “Great! From fire to water!!”

The fire department and the police department was swarming all over the property. A police officer made the suggestion that we leave the area because the smoke was about to get worse.

A school bus was sent to pick up the neighbors and I and take us to a local high school gymnasium in order for us to get away from the area and out of the rain.

There are eight apartment units in each building here at SGC. With the exception of two buildings. In the building where I was, there was one unit vacant due to a move out, leaving seven residents living in that building. Four people with walkers and three wheelchairs.


The displaced sat inside that gymnasium for just under an hour before they brought us back to the property and placed us inside of the community building where the offices are. It was a mad house but at least we were back.

The apartment manager made some phone calls for those of us who were displaced. My sister and brother were called.

Within the next hour, my sister arrived to SGC. She was ready and willing to help out with the immediate needs. By then I was mentally gone.

I remained inside the community building with only one thought running in my head, “I need a place to stay. How the hell am I going to pay for it??”

The American Red Cross was there and they gave some aid to the displaced. It was not a lot, but it was more than what I had before now that I had lost everything to the fire.

I am thankful for my sister and her efforts to help me. Especially during those first few days. She and her son was in a fender bender the month before and it seemed like their situation was just as bad in their declined health. But she came out to help me.

My brother in Georgia jumped into action as well. Making phone calls and talking with connections to see if he could help in some way.

By the end of the day on the 17th, I still had no idea where I was going to go. The apartment complex just kept asking if I found a place to stay. And I just had to ask them for help.

I was going to use the funds that were donated by the American Red Cross for a hotel for the night, but after that I had no idea where I was going to end up. The social worker found a hotel and tried to use the funds but it was refused. So the apartment complex used a corporate card and paid for the first night of hotel. My brother paid for a second night. It is the one and only time that management paid for a room.

My sister taught me how to connect the Wi-Fi to my cell phone. Thankfully it has been free. So it is a struggling and learning process to figure out how to remain on the Internet with a cell phone.

Nobody who was displaced had insurance. The fire was determined to be an electrical problem in the roof.

During the day, I had people reaching out to me asking questions and what not. And one of the local bands here in Austin, whom I cherish and love so much, created a GoFundMe account. And it was shared around the Internet those first few days.

Those first few days were brutal. But today, is just a memory of hardship. I stayed in the hotel for a few more days after that. But after paying over $325 (before taxes) for just three nights, I knew that I needed to find some place else to stay.

The GoFundMe account has really saved me. I am so thankful for each and every person who decided to donate.

I left the hotel and my sister and I went hunting for something more affordable. Something that I could do from week to week. We went all over Austin and couldn’t find much.

After a reservation finally was made, we went to the front lobby and immediately was met by a woman who said that they had NO ground floor rooms available and there was no elevator on the property.

But eventually, we found a place to stay which had much more room and was on the ground floor. And I have been there since. And I will remain there.

In the meantime, my sister has given me help in transportation so I could find a more permanent place to stay. I have applied everywhere in Austin. But it is all the same. There is a waiting list. And those lists are usually six months up to three years.

Eventually I was told that there was a place willing to open their doors to those of us still displaced. However there is a massive pile of red tape and paperwork ahead and I just don’t have any idea when this opportunity is going to open up.

It would be nice as far as the social life is concerned as it is only about a mile away from the downtown area. And I could stay there until SGC rebuilds. The word on the street is “six months” but nobody believes that time frame. Everyone has their own theory that the rebuild will take about a year.

In the meantime on the day that I am writing this. It has been 34 days since the fire. I’ve been blessed to be able to get out of the hotel and still see live music. However taxis are super expensive. So I have to really pick and choose who I want to see.

I find it necessary to go because of my own mental state, which is shot by now. So it provides me with a distraction from this awful situation. AND…… it is important that others see me at their shows, so that they know that I am still alive and unharmed.

But I can’t afford to go to every show that I had originally put on the calendar to attend before the fire.

This morning I jumped on a city bus and returned to SGC because they are having a Thanksgiving meal. This is usually the only opportunity that I have to do something for the holiday. Usually November and December holidays are just another day.

So I arrived early and had some coffee, spoke to some of the neighbors, and sure enough the gossiping still thrives around here! As if I should have been expecting that.

Today, Day 34 since the fire, I have learned that out of the seven people who are displaced. Two people have left the area and found a place to live. Three people remain to displaced (including myself).

And to my surprise the remaining two residents displaced have been moved into other apartment units that were vacant at the time of the fire.

I am pissed!

Like…. SUPER pissed off!! But I am trying to hold it together because I don’t know just how these two residents were selected to stay here and how the others were left to fend for themselves. I don’t know and I don’t get it. And that is frustrating. Why them and not me? And so on.

While I am back in the neighborhood, I’ll stop by the stores and markets to help myself out as much as I can.

But because there’s no ending in sight, it is a massive struggle so I have included the GoFundMe page below. I hope that the URL works.

I only ask that if you cannot donate that you share the campaign as much as possible. This campaign is the only thing that is keeping me afloat. Nobody else is giving aid. I fear that because nobody wants to talk or give answers as to what’s going on in the near future, that if those funds run out that I will be in deep trouble.

The GoFundMe account is keeping a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. And sometimes food in my stomach.

Not knowing is the worst part. I have to have faith that the light at the end of the tunnel will soon be brighter. I’m doing my best to stay living in Austin, Texas for the time being until this situation gets corrected.

I know that this will come to an end eventually. However once I get out of the hotel and into a place more long term, I’m going in there with literally NOTHING. And I am going to have to start over again.

It still is true today since I started saying it on day one. I am not in any position to say no to anyone who wishes to help.


GoFundMe Campaign

PayPal: send funds to the e-mail address:



“I want chicken
I want liver
Meow Mix Meow Mix
Please Deliver”

Just when I thought I was done  writing blog entries about concerts and shows that I have recently attended, I became eyewitness to the weirdest thing I have seen on stage.

I know that there are some bands out there that have done stranger things, but this was something I personally saw.

September Mourning was the touring headliner. But local band, Resisting Vegas, was the winner of the night.

Costumes and props are the standard, but this will take it to the next level.


Rico Kallirgos of Resisting Vegas

Resisting Vegas was in the middle of a lengthy guitar solo, and lead singer Rico Kallirgos stepped off stage briefly and when he emerged again, he was struggling to lift a very large bag of what looked like to be pet food of some sort.

It was dry cat food.

He knelt down and began to tear into the bag to open it. When he got it open, his fist plunged down deep inside of the bag. The audience was intrigued and some where terrified as they did not know what was going to happen next.

Fistfuls of cat food were then placed into a plastic container.

Then he stood up with the container in hand and he reached for a large wooden spoon, and proceeded to eat it until the end of the guitar solo.

He ate so much of it that when it was that final moment to say thank you to crowd, he still had cat food in his mouth.

One band stole the entire show.

After it was over, many people said that they were scared that he was going to throw the cat food. But none of them had expected him to actually eat it.

He admitted that he never told the rest of the band of what he was going to do. Some of them not really knowing what was going on when it was happening.

“Keep Austin Weird” they say.

Well done, Resisting Vegas. Mission accomplished in keeping that city tradition proud. The bar has been raised.

To the other local bands out there: It’s your move!